ok Bean Here Franchise,Cost,Profit Margin - 2023

Bean Here Franchise,Cost,Profit Margin - 2023

Updated On : 25-Feb-2024

Learn how to apply for Bean Here Franchise to get started.

About Company : Bean Here is a renowned Allahabad brand that has won many awards (Best Themed Café, Best Stand Alone Café, to name a few) for its distinctive production and offerings. Bean This is a perfect mix of cafes with a wide variety of delicacies including Iced Bubble Tea, Waffles, Live Ice Cream Rolls and many more.Bean Here offers bean franchisees an attractive growth opportunity and assists them in their future endeavors.Bean here offers many value additions that appeal to customer consciousness i.e. A funky and cozy ambiance that gives a lounge & café fusion feel, the Live Kitchen Concept, the availability of Board Games, a good collection of novels & often small events. The place takes a look as soon as you enter the café.If you are planning to get Bean here franchise,this post will help you.

Bean Here Franchise,Cost,Profit Margin - Apply Online

Franchisee Benefits

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Type of Franchise

They offer single unit and master unit franchise model.Besides that they have Standalone Model & Kiosk Model.

Single Unit Investment for BEAN HERE

Important Points for BEAN HERE Franchise

Franchise Area Requirement 1. Model-A Independent: Required area of at least 1200 square feet in the high street area.

Model B- independent: Required area of at least 700 square feet in the high street area.

Kiosk Model : Required area of at least 200 square feet in high street area / malls.

Terms & Agreement

They offer standard franchise agreement which lock in period is 3 years.You can renew it later when its terminated.

Training & Support

Training is provided manually.The field assistant will be available in your location to guide you better.You can also visit their IT head office for any expert guidance.The IT support also provided from their main help desk.

How to apply for Franchise

The franchise form is available on official website of bean here.You can fill up the basic details and request for their franchise.The mandatory fields which you have to fill up are Name , Email ,Message ,your contact number and city.

Website : 


Contact Details

+91 84294 80009 (Franchise) / contactus@beanhere.in

Own a Bean Here coffee shop franchise and serve delightful coffee beverages. Apply now to start your café business journey.


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