ok Best Food Franchises in India Under 10 Lakhs

Best Food Franchises in India Under 10 Lakhs

Updated On : 14-Jul-2024

It does not hurt someone to have some extra money in the bank. But one should learn how to invest that money and benefits from it. If someone is looking for some low-cost food franchise opportunities that require an investment amount of 10 lakh rupees or less, they can use the following list of food and beverage franchises in India:

1. Franks Yummerica Franchise

When it comes to fast food, it’s one of the dishes ordered by the fries. Yummerica Fries is a top food franchise in India that focuses on providing its customers with the top quality fries that have such a taste that they will outperform the rest of the fries of the other brands. Founded in 2017, Yummerica Fries is present in more than 10 cities worldwide. The company’s aim is to open more than 100 stores over the next five years in India and abroad. Fries, burgers, pancakes, shakes and waffles are just some of the dishes served by the company.

If the person decides to invest in Yummerica Fries, he or she will receive comprehensive support from the company. The company provides operating manuals as well as training for the franchisee and employees of the company. The company also helps the franchisee choose the location for the store.

The area required to set up a franchisee with Fries Yummerica shop comes out to be 150-250 square feet.

The investment needed by an individual to become the owner of the Yummerica Fries franchise is considered to be range of 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Otherwise, there is also a royalty of 4 to 6 percent to be paid by the franchisee to the company.

The return on investment is expected to be around 40 percent and a franchisee can reach the break-even point in 1 to 2 years.

2. Monginis Franchise

Monginis It is considered one of the best food franchise opportunities in India. Started in 1958 by the Khorakiwala family, Monginis is a chain of Indian bakeries that manufactures and sells pastries, cakes, muffins, etc. The company has more than 1,000 stores in various cities of India. In 2014, the company ranked 256 on the list of trusted brands that most people in India have.

The Monginis-based brand name helps the franchise to attract a lot of customers. The company also supports the franchisee throughout the process of setting up the franchise. Operating manuals are provided to the franchisee and the company, together with its employees, undergo training at the company.

Monginis franchise application guide

The area needed by a franchisee to open up comes a Monginis store to be around 250 sq.ft.

In the early stages, the minimum amount of money required by the franchisee to own a Monginis franchise is around 10 lakh rupees. There is also a refundable security charge of 1 lakh rupees to be paid by the franchisee to the company. Other than that, there are other costs involved such as royalty and franchise fees.

The profit margin per product of Monginis is estimated to be around 20 percent. The franchise is expected to hit the break-even point in about 2 years.

3. Gelato Italiano Franchise

Gelato Italiano It is a leading food franchise in India and one of the best known brands of gelato in India. The company has more than 78 stores in 7 cities in India. The company replaces the traditional healthier with a healthier, low on ice cream that has an air content of 40 percent compared to the normal ice cream with a 100 percent air content.

The area that requires an individual to open the Gelato Italiano franchise comes into play 50-300 square feet.

Are they individually interested in investing in Gelato Italiano and becoming a franchise owner of the company to set up a stake 5 to 10 lakh rupees as an investment.

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A franchisee is expected to earn back the investment amount in 13 to 18 months from the start of operations.

4. Mother Dairy Franchise

Another food franchise in India is low Mother Dairy investment. Starting in 1974, Mother Dairy is an Indian dairy company that manufactures milk and dairy products with the people of India. It is the best food franchise for a small town in India. In 2015, the company was ranked 39th in the list of the top 100 companies to work in India. The company has outlets all over India and because of its high quality products, Mother Dairy has been winning the hearts of the people of India for years. The company assists with that franchise that he or she can set up on the shop. The franchisee does not have to pay any royalty to the company.

An area where approx 5,000 square feet required by an individual to set up a Dairy outlet Mother. In addition, at least one person is needed to run the shop.

The amount of investment required by an individual to be the owner of a Dairy franchise franchise ranges from 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Otherwise, the franchisee will have to pay 50,000 rupees as franchise fees to the company.

In the first year of operations, the franchisee can expect a 30 percent return on investment and will be able to reach the break-even point in about 2 years.

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5. Costa Franchise Roll

Rolla Costa is an Indian food chain franchise making its name at a rapid pace over the past few years. Starting in 2012, Rolla Costa is a chain of stores that provide hygienic and delicious rolls and shawarma to its customers on a daily basis. Apart from rolls and shawarmas, Costa Roll serves pasta, sandwiches, biryani etc on its menu. The company is listed among the 100 franchise opportunities in India. The company has stores in more than 15 cities of India and plans to open more than 100 stores in the next 5 years. Rolla Costa provides assistance to the franchisee in setting up the franchise and guides him or her through the entire process. The franchisee and employees of the store are also put through training by the company.

The area needed to open a kiosk model comes from the Costa Roll franchise 200 square feet.

The minimum amount required to be set up by the franchisee for the Costa Roll franchise franchise kiosk comes to approximately 9 lakh rupees. Apart from this, 1 lakh rupees is also required to be paid by the franchisee as security deposit for the company.

The profit margin for the Costa Roll products ranges from 40 to 60 percent and is expected to earn back the investment in 12 to 18 months of commencing the franchisee’s operations.

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Discover top food franchises in India under 10 lakhs. Start a profitable, low-investment food business with proven success.


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