15 Best Low Cost Business Ideas,Simple yet Profitable

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

15 Best Low Cost Business Ideas

A lot of people have lost their jobs nowadays. A lot of youth are looking for new work at this time so that they can earn a lot of money. So today we will tell you some of the best business ideas from which you can earn a lot of money at a very low cost and fulfill your dreams. If you want to start a successful business then definitely read this article till the end.

List of 15 best low cost businesses

1. Event management

Festivals and festivals are celebrated a lot in our country. People keep organizing events on every small and big occasions like birthday, wedding and such. The biggest difficulty comes that people have to do all the work by themselves at that time, due to which the result is that they are not able to handle the whole system. You can take advantage of these opportunities.

For this, you can form an event management team and take all the responsibility of the event. And in the end, you can take money by adding your company's own benefit to the entire expenditure.

In this, you may face a problem of workers, from where to get so many workers. The direct solution to this is that there are many event managers who only hire workers at the time of the event. So this problem of yours will also be solved. With this business model you can earn a lot of money in less time.

2. Blogging/Websites

If you have good knowledge in a particular field and your knowledge can be useful to the people, then you can start writing your own blog on that topic.

All you have to do is start your own website first. It will cost very little. You can start your own website for around 2-3 thousand rupees only. Slowly and very soon you can earn up to thousands of lakhs of rupees with its help. This can be a really good source of income.

I have seen many such websites which started few months back and today their earning is in lakhs. The best part is that you don't even need to work full time. You can earn good money by working part time. Also it can be started at very low cost.

3. Social Media Service

In today's time social media has changed the lives of people. Many people are resorting to social media for marketing their business, such as: Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

In this era, you can do business of handling the work of people's social sites. You do not need any kind of investment to do this. You just need to have a laptop and some knowledge of social media. Through this, you can handle the social media sites of many companies and people simultaneously and you can create a big company of your own.

4. Professional Freelancer

Although many people do not consider it a business, but it is a very good way to earn money. Many people earn a lot of money by freelancing and opening freelancing agencies.

For this it is necessary that you should have some good talent, such as:

The biggest advantage in this is that in this you can set your own working time, working price and working place. You can also do it as part-time. This is a unique way to earn money in today's era.

5. Interior Decorator

In today's era, everyone wants his house to look as beautiful from inside as it is from outside. And today's interior designers are taking advantage of this.

Nowadays people are often hiring interior designers by paying good money. You can also start the business of interior designing and earn good money from it. In this, a good opportunity can be found for interior designing at home, office, shops etc.

6. Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, as the income of the people increases, his first wish is to take a good plot or house for himself. You can open your own real estate agency. Your job is to keep all the details of all types of properties and plots.

You have to keep in touch at all times with you and the owners of the property. There are many real estate agents who help people to buy a property and in return charge a commission of 1-2% of the property price. With this business model, a lot of money can be earned with very little investment and that too in a very short time. It is considered one of the most profitable business.

7. Translation Service

This is such a type of business in which money can be earned with very low investment. There are many such websites on the Internet that pay people only for translation. Many companies give 10 paise to 2 rupees per word for this work. Your rate is decided based on your experience. All you have to do is to go to the internet and find such websites which do translation work and by going there you have to make your own account.

We are giving you the links of some such websites:


8. Fishery Business

If you take the right training, then you can earn a lot of money in this business. You can build a small pond of your own or take a pond for hire and do fish farming. There is a lot of demand for fish in the market and this It is also very good for health. In addition, it is also a good source of fat.

You have to buy small fish for this business and raise them in the pond. For this it is necessary to use the right information and the right fish feed. This business can spread very fast and earn good income.

9. Business of Herbal Plants

For centuries, different types of medicines have been made from medicinal plants in our country. Ayurvedic medicines made from herbs of many plants have been in vogue and are used.

You should have some space where you can plant these plants. In today's era, they get a lot of price in the market. In this business the cost is very low and the profit is very high.

10. Animal Feed Production

Animal feed means animal food. In today's time all the poultry farms and all the diary farms require animal feed.

Poultry farm owners use it for the physical development of their chickens and diary farm owners use it to increase the milking capacity of their animals. This business idea will be very successful in those places where there is a lot of poultry and dairy farm.

11. Travel Agency

This business is not new in India but still we will definitely keep it in this list because this business is such in which investment is very less and profit is very high.

In today's society, the hobby of traveling is increasing, so in such an environment, the growth of this business is sure to increase with time. If you live in a big city, then this business will add to your earnings.

12. Mask and Sanitizer Making

In today's time it can be a great source of earning. After the arrival of Corona, the consumption of mask and sanitizer is happening all over the country. The biggest thing is that its business was not already on a large scale. In today's time people can earn a lot of money from this business.

Whoever starts the work of making masks and sanitizers, the more successful they can be in this business. You can also supply masks and sanitizers directly to big industries and companies apart from customers. In the coming times, they will need this thing in great quantity for their employees.

13. Hand Napkin Manufacturing

You will not have to invest much in doing this business. A small machine has to be installed at one place. In today's time, a lot of hand napkins are being consumed in places like restaurants, small companies, offices etc. You can manufacture and supply directly at such places.

After Corona, there is a lot of scope for growth in this business as well.

14. Life/Career Coach

If you have a little experience in your life and enjoy connecting with people, then this business can prove to be very effective for you. Today's youth are very worried about their career. Therefore, they need a good advisor, with the help of which they can give the right direction to their career.

For this work, people nowadays are ready to pay the money they want. All you need is some knowledge and some experience in different fields. You can be quite successful in this field by starting your own counseling center.

15. Printed Clothes

Today's youth are very fond of wearing favorite print t-shirts and other clothes. You do not even need a lot of investment for this business. You have to contact any one cloth manufacturer and then order clothes of different designs from people through social media or other online platforms.

After that it will be your responsibility to deliver those clothes from the manufacturer to the customer. You will need a little investment in this work. Once this business runs and you win the trust of people, then no one can stop you from success.

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