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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

19 Low Investment Business Ideas Plan

Today we have brought for you some such profitable business ideas that you can start with very little cost and earn more money.

19 Low Investment Business Ideas

1) Paper bag business

We all know that in the coming time, the use of polythene bags will be reduced a lot,  big shopkeepers use cloth bags which are not completely decompose, the name of their shop is written on the top of the cloth bags so that they Advertisement happens and they earn a lot of profit

We can provide strong and durable paper bags to small shopkeepers at low cost and can also get the name of their shop printed on them, this will not pollute the environment, the shopkeeper will also get strong and durable bags for less money and advertisement for free. Will be done

To start this business, you will have to incur a one-time cost, to start this business, you will have to buy a machine which is available at a very low cost.

2) Tiffin box service

As you know that in today's hectic life, no one has enough time to take out time for themselves, if there is a hostel near your house in which young people live, then this business is only for you. Or can provide food to the people living

You can cook food in your home and deliver food to those people through tiffin. This home delivery food service is going on very vigorously. India is on high growth and you can get a lot of profit in this business. Start this business. You will need very little investment to do

3) Mobile cover business

In today's modern time, everyone uses a mobile phone and also uses a back cover on the back of the mobile phone, which keeps the mobile safe, you can make a mobile cover sitting at home, for this you have to bring a very cheap machine. With which you can make all the mobile covers, you can paste the poster of any person's photo name etc. on the back of that mobile cover.

You will get this mobile cover machine available online at a very low cost, which you can bring at home and take out a very good print, you can sell it at any shop, which can give you a lot of profit, this business is also a unique business. And this business is very profitable in today's world.

4) Career Consultant Business

After passing 10th and 12th, this idea definitely comes in the mind of every student that what they should do. Parents also have an idea that which course their children should get, you can start any job consultant business by starting any business. Individuals can inform students and parents that their child's future will be golden.

To start this business, you only need a mobile phone and you should do your advertisement and tell everyone that you have come to this business. This business can be done very well

For this, you can charge hourly fees, this business is growing abroad in big cities and every person who does job consultant business charges between 5000 to ₹ 10000 for at least 1 hour if your If you have good knowledge of job then you can start business

5) Wholesale Supplier Business

As we know that this world is full of very high inflation, nowadays everyone needs roti cloth house, talk about clothes, today clothes have become very expensive, we know that in big cities like Delhi or Then where retailers sell clothes, clothes are cheap.

We can buy clothes from the retailer and sell them directly to any customer, these clothes are available at a very low price and you will get a lot of profit from these clothes, you can charge your commission on these clothes to any customer at a very low price. But you can give these clothes, even after removing your commission, you can come in a lot of profit.

To start this business, you will need at least ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 25,000 and if you want, you can also use your own shop and by this you can provide good quality clothes to any customer at a very low price. It can also benefit the customer and you too.

6) Labor And Worker Provider Business

You must have seen many times that if someone's house is built or if he needs workers or labels, then he is worried that where to get the labor, you can start an offline business in which you provide labor or workers to the people. Do it you can earn a good commission

This will save many people's time and you will also get manifold profits. This business idea is also very unique, it can make a good amount, the investment is less, this business does not take investment and does not have to work much, just you have to manage Must come

7) Parking Area Service Business

As we know that nowadays the traffic is increasing very fast in the crowded world everyone have bike motorcycle car etc and they do not get parking space if you have any vacant plot or you have rented any house. Where there is free space, then you can do this business, you can provide parking service to any person, in return for which you can take a good amount every month from him.

In this business, you get 10 to ₹ 20,000 for a parking plot, if you have a lot of space, then you can earn a lot of profit in it, even if you do not have space, you can start this business. You can rent the space and start parking there

8) Party And Event Organizer Business

There is some party or event in everyone's house at least 5 to 6 times in a year, people need party management workers to party, you can start this business and provide party workers to this business. To start, you will have to make contact with various different people, you can become a party organizer by arranging food items, decoration items in any party.

You have to take care of everyone, you have to take care of everything, in this business you can get a good amount of money. can be of

9) Vehicle Rental Business

There are many people around us who do not have any vehicle, they use hired taxi or auto rickshaw to go to their nearby place if we have any old vehicle like motorcycle, car, cycle etc. If so, you can use it in your business, you can take this vehicle on rent and earn a good amount.

To start this business, you must have a vehicle, if you do not have a vehicle, then you can start this business by buying any new vehicle, the growth of this business is the highest and this business comes up the fastest. You can earn a lot of money in this business too.

10) Holly Bus Booking Business

This business is very easy and less investment, to start this business, you have to book a bus which only goes to the pilgrimage site, you can gather a group of many people and take you to the pilgrimage site. Accommodation will have to be arranged and your customers will give you a lot of money in return for it and this is a unique business

11) Tuition Center business For Nursery to 5th Class for Children

If you have knowledge, and you can convey your point well to someone else, then the doors of teaching are open for you. This is even more visible. If you are capable of teaching young children, then you can also start your own coaching class.

For this, you will not even need any special investment, you can start a good coaching by investing very little money, for this you will just need some chair, board, and some things related to children's entertainment To teach small children. Many creative methods are being adopted nowadays, if you want, you can also build such classes by investing some more money.

For this, if you choose a room in your house, it will be better if you cannot start a coaching class at home, then you can also take some place on rent for this, for this your investment is not too much, some furniture, Board etc. You can easily start your own coaching class by buying up to Rs.2000

12) Mobile Recharge Coupons and Sim Card Business

If you are looking for a low investment business, then you can set up a shop in which you can sell all company sims, as well as sell coupons for recharge of any company, this business is very easy to open. For this, you just have to keep some important things in mind, like you may need GST number.

Along with this, whatever other necessary legal documents will be required, get them ready, in this way you can open a retail shop, or become a distributor, you can also get a lot of benefit in selling SIM cards, any company will give you every SIM. But gives commission of about 5%

The most important thing about this business is that you do not need any big investment for this, you can start this business with very small investment, along with this you do not even need any special skills for this business. All you need is a mobile phone, voucher, sim card, internet connection, laptop and a shop

13) Photocopy Business

If you want to earn good profit by starting a small business, then you can open a photocopy shop, for this you will not need much machinery, you may just have to buy 2-3 Xerox machines, these machines will also help you easily. Along with this, you will also have to buy paper, just with these two similar ones, you can start a business, for this you will not even need a big room, you can easily start this business from 6 * 6 room too. can

14) Shoe Laundry Business

Like the business of washing clothes is going on nowadays, in the same way you can also do shoe laundry business if you want. There is no time to do, so shoe laundry business has a better scope.

To do shoe laundry business, you will have to take care of some important things like you will need some machines for this, which include shoe cleaning machine, drawing machine, apart from this you will need some solution, so that you can clean the shoes.

15) Tea & Breakfast Shop Business

If you are looking for a very easy business idea, which can be started with very little investment, then you can start a tea and snack shop, it is a very easy business, for this you do not need any degree. No special experience is needed, just a taste in your hands

The most important thing in this business is the location, you start your business in such a place, where people have a lot of access, for this you need a small room, which you can rent, you can do this business 5000 rupees. You can start easily by investing Rs.

16) Fast Food Shop

The trend of fast food is increasing rapidly in the whole country today, people's life is going on very fast, in such a situation, people are demanding such food in terms of food which can be prepared quickly and is also tasty, in such a situation, fast food The scope of related business also opens, if you want to start a fast food business, then its process is very easy.

If you want to start on a small scale, then you will not have to do any registration for this, but for a big shop, you will need registration, apart from this you will need at least skilled people, who are good at making fast food, to start this business. You need to invest around Rs 50,000 to start

17) Fruit Juice Shop

The trend of fruit juice is also increasing rapidly nowadays, people are slowly becoming health conscious, in such a situation, fruit juice is also becoming a part of people's life, if you are thinking of getting into this business, then you Right, because in this business you can make good profit.

For this, you will need a shop, which is in a place where people have access, after that you will need at least 2 machines, which will easily come to you from 20 to 30 thousand as raw material. Fruits, sugar, some glasses etc. will be needed, in this way all the needs related to your business are fulfilled.

18) Mineral Water Shop 

Today, the shortage of water is increasing rapidly, the availability of pure water is also a common problem today, especially if we talk about metro cities, there is a lot of water scarcity here, in such a situation the scope of mineral water shop business also increases if you are a business If you want to start, then you will need some things for this, the most important thing is that you should have availability of water, for this it is good if you have your own borebell.

Apart from this, you will need 2 machines, RO water filter machine and chiller machine, along with this you will need a vehicle, which can take water from one place to another, for this business you need at least 1000 square feet of space. You will need a jar for water storage, in which you can do all the activities, in this way you can earn Rs 10 for every 20 liters of water, if you sell 500 jars of water a day, then you will earn Rs 5000 every day can

19) Cold drink and snacks business

The business of cold drinks and snacks is also very much in vogue, if you do not have money to make any big investment, and still you want to start a business, then this business can be a good option for you, for this you just need one. Will need a shop, which you can rent

If you can open at your own home then it will be great after that you will have to contact a distributor who can deliver you cold drinks and snacks, you can start this business very easily with an investment of Rs 10,000 to 15,000.

Hope this business plan will help you to start your new business,If you have any query , you can contact us.We will help you.

19 Low Investment Business Ideas that can be started easily.Know business details and estimated profits.View the list of these business.

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