20 Part Time Business Ideas That You Can do With Any Job

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Find 20 Part Time Business ideas which can be managed with your existing job or business. Get the all ideas list.

part time business

In the time of inflation, the salary money is spent in running the household expenses.People are worried about how to fulfill the rest of the hobbies. This story is with many employed people, the number of such people is in lakhs, who are not satisfied with their current income.Looking at family responsibilities,we cannot take the risk of leaving the job and Waiting for salary increase gets longer

Today we are going to discuss about some part time business ideas, through this you can earn a lot of money in a very short time and fulfill your needs.

What is part time business ?

Such a business or job that earns money by working a few hours of the day, which is met for its basic needs, such business is called part time business. Today, we can do this kind of part time business to fulfill our studies, hobbies and general needs, through which we can do this work while giving some support to the needs of studies and home.

Why part time business is needed

Whether it is full time or part time job or business, we do it only to fulfill our basic needs.

Part time business is needed due to the following reasons-

How to Start Part Time Business ?

It is very important to have some art, skill, interest to do part time job and business, and it is very important to have dedication towards work with it. Business idea related to part time which more and more people are doing today, and earning money.

There are some ways to start some part time business, which are as follows :

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Checkout 20 Part Time Business List

1) Freelance content writing

There is no field that is not associated with freelance work. You can also find freelance work related to the field in which you are currently working. By working freelance, you can make a better way of earning. You can work well for two to three hours a day. You can get a lot of income. There are many websites related to freelance work on the internet, you can search for work on them from now on, this work can be started with zero investment.

In this business or job, you earn according to the project. This income can also be from 400 to 4000. Here some work is also done on long term basis, from which income can be earned by working part time.

2) Mobile Recharge

Mobile recharge and SIM card selling is such a part time business whose demand can never be reduced, the investment in starting it is also very less, you can start this work with a capital of just 03 thousand to 05 thousand rupees. After that you can increase your earning by giving only 02 hours in it. 

This work can be done only by staying at home. Contact the vendors of different companies, they buy you SIM cards, recharge coupons and top ups. Recharge their mobile phone and earn money comfortably. The profit in this work is a little less, but if the work goes on, then working for two hours for two hours, you will earn good money in a month.

3) Mineral water supply

Mineral and RO water is in demand in every season and everywhere. It is being supplied from office to shops and homes, to supply water, you should contact any RO plant person and take two hours of supply work in the morning, you get 10 rupees commission on the supply of a 20 liter jar. 

You can easily supply 25 jars in 02 hours, the specialty of this business is that it has high profits and people start placing orders on the phone itself, there is no loss of any kind of loan.

4) Yoga Instructor

In India these days, the craze of yoga has spread in every street and locality. Yoga classes have become prevalent in cities from every major and middle class. The number of people who want to do yoga, there are not as many yoga instructors, people go to yoga classes and practice yoga with great interest. Many people call yoga teacher at home due to lack of time.

If you also have knowledge of things like Yoga, Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Anulom Vilom, then you can give half an hour paid yoga classes daily among the people of your area, you can charge from such people Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month You can take, if once people come to know about you, then by spending only 15 hours in a month, you can get an income of 5 thousand rupees.

5) Music teacher

There are many people who have a good knowledge of music, some have mastered playing guitar, some have harmonium and some have tabla. You can become a music teacher by coming home from office in the evening, you can start a music class at your home for two hours.

Nowadays, the fever of song music is rising in the heads of youth and children, in such a situation, if you become a part time music teacher, then you can earn a lot.

6) Tuition Class

If you are in a job, then you will definitely be well educated, you must have done better in some or the other subject during your studies, tell the people around you about it and start daily tuition class of that subject by starting the class. For the first few days, you should revise that subject once again, by giving 02 hours a day in this tuition class, you can earn from 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month, if once you become popular in this field, then there will be no money. There will be no shortage, it is possible that after that you leave it part time and turn it into your full time business.

7) Coaching Class

In running a tuition class, it may happen that you are not getting children to teach, in such a situation, a coaching center can also be a good option for you, meet with any coaching center operator near you and tell that you are well-versed in this subject. If you got two hours of class daily there then you can easily earn 08 to 10 thousand rupees every month

8) Earn money from youtube

Nowadays, YouTube has become a great means of earning for the youth of the new generation, for this first you have to create your own YouTube channel, after that you have to work on a theme, you have to make videos on the topics related to your theme and upload it to YouTube If your video has power then people will watch it a lot and subscribe to your channel

You can work on any theme. It can be religion, spirituality, science, politics, tourism, after getting 1 thousand views on your videos, you will start getting advertisements on your channel, along with this, YouTube will have to be made aware of Adsense and all the information related to it. After that you get a lot of money from YouTube. Today people are earning lakhs of rupees through Youtube

9) Insurance Consultant

Becoming an insurance consultant for part time is also a better option if you have the art of influencing others, nowadays many companies do insurance work in the market, among them Life Insurance Corporation of India, SBI Life, Bajaj Allianz etc.

To become an insurance consultant, you have to take a short online exam of IRDA, after passing this exam, the insurance company you can join, meet people near you and tell the specialty of insurance, every insurance company has many There are plans, get complete information about these plans, the commission in life insurance is very attractive.

10) Share Broker

There are many people around you who have more money than they need, they want to invest this money in such a place, from where they can get good returns, the stock market of such people is a good option, you are a stock broker for them. can work

Nowadays, the work of a stock broker is done from mobile, with a little training and working for hours throughout the day, you can start this work and earn money.

11) Computer Training

If you have a good knowledge of computer, then you can also give computer classes to people. You can take out two hours a day in the time of the day and get a good income.

12) Modeling

If you are handsome and good looking, then modeling can also be a good part time job for you. On searching the internet, you will find many such websites where cheap models are in demand, you can send your resume with your best pictures.

You can be selected for advertising for small and big companies, if once people like your face, then you can also adopt it as a full time career and earn a lot of money.

13) Journalism

In every small and big city, apart from newspapers and news channels, there are many news portals, since the budget of these portals is less, so they search for part time people instead of full time employees, if you have the art of writing, speaking then you You can work for such portals, you can earn a lot of money by working for two to three hours.

14) Selling Local Products

In many small areas, from food to clothing, there is such a quality that is not available in big cities, you can do local marketing of such products, you can do small-scale business from your home, people liked your product once. If done, you can have a ton of orders

15) Social Media Expert

If you are aware of various mediums and tools of social media, then you can earn a lot of money sitting on your mobile. Every small big companies, showroom, shop and politician needs such people who can handle their social media at least money.

You don't need to do much for this. The art of writing two or four line content and after that a little contact with people can earn good money from part time after that.

16) PG work

If there are more rooms in your house or if there is a building available on rent, then you can also start the work of PG i.e. paying guest or hostel, this is a very good option for earning, you can start this work by hiring an employee. For this, you need to take out time for two hours a week, if possible, start it near any college, institute or any office area.

17) Toolette Service

Toolette service means the work of renting a room, flat or house to a needy.

By becoming a medium between the two, you can get good commission. In this work, you get money from both the parties, to start this work, you can put up posters of tool service in the entire area and give your contact number.

18) Delivery Boy

No work is small or big, if you do not feel ashamed to do any work then you can also work as a delivery boy. Due to this there is a lot of demand for delivery boys.

19) Photo framer or book binding

If you have the skill of doing picture framing or book binding, then you can do it in part time. By contacting the photographers and book shops of the area, you can do a lot of work by taking out one hour a day for this work. I can also make good income

20) Property dealer

Property dealers are those people who help someone to buy any property like house, land or any property, and earn money in the form of commission. Property dealers can earn from 50000 to 1 lakh as commission initially.

Hope the above list will help you to find and choose the business. If know more about it out of this 20 part time business, please let us know. We will add your recommendations soon. Thank you

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