40 Business Ideas For Housewives - Simple & Profitable

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

40 Business Ideas For Housewives - Know how women earn money sitting at home, low capital home business ideas for women sitting at home

40 Business Ideas For Housewives

Woman is such a natural origin that can attain perfection in all work. Along with handling her household chores, she can also do a good business and can improve her financial problem.Although all the women are so perfect that they can do all the work successfully, even if they know how to do well from household chores to the country's work. You can work from home, but you do not understand who should do such work, which will earn you money with less effort, so today we will talk about such business which a woman can easily do sitting at home.

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List of 40 Business Ideas For Housewives

1) Coaching Classes :

If you are educated, and you are also interested in teaching children, then you can start a coaching class business from your home. According to you, you can decide the class, subject, number of children, fees etc. In addition, you can organize winter camp in winter and summer camp in summer at your home, in which you can train children in calligraphy, mehndi, craft, painting, dance, music etc.

For marketing this business, you can use social media and offline marketing strategy like pamphlets, hoardings etc. Also, you can tell this business orally to the people around you.

2) Tiffin Center :

Every woman knows how to cook, but if you have the magic of taste in your hands, then you can start your own tiffin center from home. For this, you will have to free some space at your home and buy the necessary materials like utensils, stove, packaging material etc., as well as you will have to get a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. To increase this business, you can earn good income by tie up with hostel, hospital and office etc.

3) Artificial Jewellery :

Nowadays the trend of artificial jewelery has increased, be it rich or poor, today everyone likes to wear them. You can also do business of artificial jewelry from home at low cost, and can earn good profits. For this, first of all, you have to find its wholesaler who can provide you good designer jewelery cheaply, as well as you have to keep the price of the jewelery thoughtfully.

You also have to keep in mind that all the jewelery should be kept according to the customer's choice and according to the trend (do not keep outdated jewellery). In the future, you can increase it further and also connect with big brands.

4) Reselling

Nowadays it has become very easy to do the job of reselling. Because you can do this business online. The meaning of reselling is that you get an app from a company to their product on the same platform, from which you can select your favorite item and sell that item to the customer by putting a story and status on the social media site. You will not feel any of these. For example, by putting WhatsApp status, Facebook story and Instagram story, you can easily sell all the goods. The name of those apps is :
SHOP 101

5) Home Baker :

If you have interest in making cakes, pastries, chocolates etc. then you can establish yourself as a home baker and earn good name and money. For this, first of all, you have to learn all the things related to baking well, as well as buy all the things related to baking. You will have to get the license and GST number of FSSAI. You can market it through social media, food festivals and pamphlets etc.

Rad : Employment scheme by Government of India for Poor Women

6) Soap Making :

These days the trend of herbal, designer and aromatic soaps has increased, everyone is preferring herbal and ayurvedic soaps. That's why you can also make soap and sell them at good prices. For this, first you have to take its training, and buy the ingredients used to make soap like mold, herb, base etc. If the business is going well, you can increase it even more and you can also sell by making perfume, deo, room freshener etc.

7) Card Making :

The trend of giving birthday or anniversary gifts and cards is not something new, but yes, nowadays designer cards are very much liked and the matter becomes even more if it is a hand made gift and card. Due to all these things, the business of card making is going on in full swing. Today everyone likes to have a customized card of their choice, so if you have the skill and you can make cards and gifts of people's choice, then this business is just and only for you.

You can also market it by listing it on online selling portals like Amazon, Flipkart, as well as make people aware of the business on social media platforms.

8) Freelancing Content Writing:

Writing skills have become very popular in 2022. Many women are fond of writing, so you can increase your skills through your handwriting and money also comes easily, you will get this work online. Like everyone is Facebook, Instagram and many social media, on which you can put a post of content writing and you can earn good money by picking up a lot of projects from there.

9) YouTube Videos

If you are perfect in any art then the app can earn money by showcasing your art to you through YouTube. If you are an expert in dance, yoga, cooking, sewing or singing, then this business is very good for you. By making videos of all these, uploading videos on YouTube channel, the number of views will come in it and according to the rules of YouTube channel, your work channel will be monetized. Then you will get to see the earning of lakhs. And through this you can also start your offline business, which will earn good money from online as well as offline. 

10) Online Photo Selling :

Are you a good photographer? Do you like taking photos? if yes! So you can also earn from this interest of yours, that too sitting at home. There are many such portals on the Internet today, which can give a good price for a photo of you, provided you have taken that photo yourself and it is accurate and attractive. You can easily run your business by becoming a good food photographer, wildlife photographer, travel photographer etc.

11) Digital Marketing :

In today's world of internet, the need of digital marketer has become very much. Everyone wants to connect themselves with people through social media, so if you become a digital marketer then you can earn good profit from this business.

For this you need to have knowledge of computer, tools of digital marketing, social media and some software. You can also do a good vocational course for good knowledge of digital marketing, and after that you can start your own company from home and do business.

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12) Form Filling and Data Entry :

Due to all the work being done on internet and online nowadays, most of the company needs a data entry operator to do data entry on computer or portal. That's why you too can earn a lot by doing form filling and data entry sitting at home. All you need is a laptop and internet for this. You can find these jobs through internet and job portals.

13) Financial Advisor :

If you have good knowledge of finance and can advise people on money matters, then you can easily become a financial advisor. Financial advisor assists and gives suggestions to the people for smooth running of their finance (Finance Department).

You can do this work for a company or for many other people. By giving them the right opinion on their income, expenses and investments, you can help protect their deposits for the future.

14) Freelance Business Development Executive :

Do you have a Smartphone and Laptop? Do you have a command over your own language? So you can easily start your own business as a Business Development Executive. You can help many companies grow their business and bring in new clients.

For this, you have to make phone calls to clients and companies sitting at home. This is the target base and you get some percentage of the company's revenue on your positive calls. You can do this work for many companies at once.

15) Candle and Agarbatti Manufacture:

Not every woman can do all the work, it is not necessary that all the work can only do the work of reading and writing. If some women are less educated, then this is a very good business for them. And not every woman knows how to work online or does not want to work, that's why you should do offline business. So you can start the business of making candles and incense sticks sitting at home. For this, you can also keep some workers together, so that you can increase the production. You can also make them by hand and if you are able to take its machine, then you can make both these things automatically.

For this you will need raw material, moulds, thread, cauldron etc., as well as access to abundant water and electricity. Before starting this business, you have to register it in small scale industry, and have to open GST, PAN and current account in the name of the company. You can earn good profits from this business and if you want, you can also tie up with any company.

16) Making Pickles:

Even today pickles have a big hand in making food tasty, as well as they are also good for health. There are many types of pickles available in the market today, but there is something else about homemade pickles. If you also know how to make delicious pickles, then you too can start a pickle making business from home.

For this you will need spices, oil, utensils, cookware and clothes. In this business, you can make seasonal pickles of chilli, gooseberry, kerry, mango, turmeric, lemon etc. and earn profit by selling it.

17) Making Papad :

Who does not like moong and gram papad, it is mandatory to have them with food. So if you know the method and art of making papad, then you can easily start its business from home. For this, you can make papad in two ways, one is by rolling it by hand and the other by buying its machine. For this you will need different ingredients like spices, flour, oil, rolling pin, chakla.

18) Organic Farming :

If you have a big garden at home, and you are interested in gardening, then you can grow vegetables and fruits organically at your home and earn good profit. For this you will need things like vacant land, manure, soil, seeds, water, sunlight etc.

Nowadays the trend of organic fruits and vegetables has increased, you can easily do your business by growing them at home. You can also tie up with some vegetable vendors to sell vegetables.

19) Marriage Bureau

The business of marriage bureau is also going on a lot. Because the problem of all the people has become in search of a good boy and girl but there are many apps which help in finding boys or girls for them by filling all the bio data. But many people do not believe in these things. Because sometimes many things are not known right, it doesn't feel right. So you can do this work with confidence right here in your locality, which in a way is also a work of social service, along with you can also come with your earnings.

20) Beauty Parlor :

Beauty parlor is one such business which is running in a lot of trending. Like any small to big party function, girls or women are fond of it, they can look their best. That is why many women or girls are in search of beauty parlor so that they can look good even after spending money. So my opinion is if you are interested in fashion then you can easily start this business with few parlor items in your homes.

And along with preparing your customers who will come, make videos and upload them on YouTube so that you can become a means of earning from offline to online. Because you have become a favorite of people by watching YouTube videos and all women and girls want to learn something new every day so that they can adopt all these things in their life.

21) Cosmetic Selling :

Cosmetics are in great demand in the market today, in the last few years this sector has earned many profits. Today cosmetic companies like Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbal Life are giving opportunity to earn money by becoming their representative. For this, you have to take its membership, later you have to sell the products of these companies in your network, friend circle etc.

These companies give their product to the representatives at a cheap price, who the representative has to sell to their customers with a profit. These companies also provide various attractive gifts to their representatives from time to time to encourage them.

22) Day-Care :

These days most of the parents are working, in such a situation they have to look for a safe and good place to take care of their child. They look for a good place to take care of their baby, so if you are a housewife and you love children, you can start day care at your own home.

In this business, you have to take care of the children, as well as take care of their food and drink. For this you may need some toys, bed, mattress, books etc. You can also hire a maid with you. The number of staff may depend on the number of children. You can earn good income from this business sitting at home.

23) Sweater and Stall Making :

Hand made sweaters, stalls, shirts and socks etc. are different, even today the attraction of these hand made things remains among the people. If you are also a master of making sweaters and stalls made of wool or yarn, then you can start your business. For this, you can find customers through social networks, friends circle and your groups.

In winter you can order things made of wool and in summer you can order things made of thread. In this the cost will be negligible but the profit will depend on your skill.

24) Soft Toy Making : 

Kids love toys, and if you know how to make them, you can earn good money by presenting cartoon characters and favorite characters of kids in the form of soft toys while sitting at home.

25) Laundry Service

Nowadays people's life has started getting so busy in work that they do not get time to wash or press clothes daily or once a week. So if you live in a big city, this business has brought a lot of golden opportunity for them, from which you can earn money sitting at home.

26) Voice Over

There is a great opportunity for the voice over lady. There is a very big website on which you can earn good money from there by giving you your voice in movies, cartoons, serials and TV shows. If you believe in yourself that you can do this work, then you can easily do this business. There is one more work in this, if you know both English and Hindi language, then you can easily earn money by speaking English videos in Hindi.

27) Painting

If your mind is going to do some different work and you can make good paintings, then this business is very good for you, then definitely start this business. Many women or girls have a creative mind so that they earn their good money by making beautiful beautiful things and batching them in the market. With this, the woman's art also becomes useful, along with it, she also earns money sitting at home.

28) Chocolate Making

Everyone likes to eat chocolate, that is, children, old and young also like it, that is why there has been a lot of demand in the market. If you have acquired proficiency in cooking, then you can easily earn money by starting a chocolate business by watching YouTube videos for a while. And at the same time, she can also handle the household chores.

29) Sewing work

If you know good sewing embroidery then you can easily start this business. Even if the number of people has become customary in fashion or mall clothes. But more than half of the people prefer to wear clothes tailored from boutiques. That is why this business will be very beneficial for you. You can also take this business online. You can also earn good money from people by giving sewing training.

30) Mehndi Application

Yes friends, this business is going on a lot these days. If you know how to apply good mehndi, then you can do it online also. In offline, you can start this business by opening this business in your home and contacting the people around.

31) Yoga Center :

Nowadays everyone is focusing on their fitness. So that he remained very healthy. That is why you should do business of yoga and meditation center so that you can help people to get yoga and meditation done. You can charge money by giving yoga and meditation classes from them. This business is also very good. It only takes time in the morning and evening. In which you can do this business along with household chores.

32) Nursery of Plants :

Plant nursery is one of the very good profitable business, if you have a passion for gardening, then you can turn it into your business, if you have a little space, then you can open a plant nursery there if you need some help in this. So you can contact your nearest Tamukri Vigyan Kendra and from that you will get complete training.

33) Home Catering –

If you have a test in your hands and you cook well, then you can start this business very well from home, nowadays many children, you study away from home, do this job and eat them by yourself. There is a problem of cooking and eating, if someone makes them a good homemade food with cleanliness, then it will not work as a boon for the people and everyone will prefer the same option.

34) Jewelery Making :

Nowadays many different types of jewelery are running in the market like silk, pom pom, tassels, terracotta, pearl, real flower jewellery. The cost of making all this jewelery is very less and it is very expensive in the market. If you want, you can make it your business.

You can also make all this jewelry at home, for this you have to take a little training and with this you can sell it from home at reasonable prices. You can learn from home and start your own business 

35) Gym for Women

Nowadays it is seen that the problem of weight gain in women has become very much and women shy away from going to the gym because most of the gyms have male trainers, so if you open a small gym for women then it is a very can be good business

36) Chips Making

Be it children, all the old people love to eat chips because it is a delicious dish, if you are a woman and are thinking of doing some work sitting at home, then you can make Allu chips at home and supply it in the market. This business can also be very profitable

37) Gem and Jelly Making

Women can start this business from their home by making seasonal fruit jams and jellies and supply it to their nearby colonies and markets, it will be cheaper than the jams and jellies available in the market and people like it more. do

38) Making tomato sauce and noodles

The demand for this item is also very high, so that you can make it at home and sell it at places like small hotels, restaurants, food corners, etc. You can supply them in small packets in 1 to 2 liters gallons. Is

39) Event Planner

Nowadays the planning of these things goes on very loudly. You must have also seen that everyone from village to city now manages the function of mehndi to sangeet. So that people can enjoy the marriage well. But due to lack of planning and well-managed person in every house, their marriage ceremony is not done so well. If you are interested in all these things then you can earn lakhs by doing this business.

40) Spices Business

There has always been a demand for domestic spices like turmeric, chilli, coriander, garam masala etc. You can start this business on a small scale from home. Initially, starting with less quantity, you can supply it to nearby houses and markets. Good response. You can increase the quantity of your spices if available

More business ideas :

40 business ideas for housewives staying at home with very low investment.If you are housewife,check these business list and start doing business.

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