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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Agarbatti Making Business Plan - Start a business of making incense sticks sitting at home and earn more profit in less cost

Our country is considered a religious country occur every major religion in the world, almost they worship all also have their own festivals of all religions in India, and that his favored which is different in worship every There is a need for some special things for worship in religion, which includes flowers, water, garlands, etc. Why are you doing it, then let me tell you that the business of making incense sticks is such a business, through which you can earn very well. 

Our India is the biggest market for incense sticks business, which always fulfills the demands of all the countries around the world, the business of incense sticks continues throughout the year in India, whether it is a prosperous or middle class family, in the house. If you are also looking for a good business, then you can also think about the business of making incense sticks, so let's know in detail how to do the business of making incense sticks? How much profit can be made from this business? If you have these questions in your mind that how to start agarbatti making business, then you must read this business plan of ours.

What is the scope of incense sticks business?

If you are thinking about the future of this business, then know here that the business of making incense sticks is such a business, in which we make that which is related to the beliefs and feelings of the people, the maximum use of incense sticks in religious rituals. Apart from this, people also use aromatic incense sticks to spread fragrance in homes, so there is no need to worry about the future of this business, it is a business whose market is always going to be in India, so if your policies are right. And if you work hard, you will definitely be able to achieve a good position in the business of making incense sticks, as well as become a source of good income.

How to start agarbatti making business?

Agarbatti making business can be started in 2 levels, it depends on you how big you want to keep the size of the business, even if you have less capital, you can start this business on a small scale. No registration is required to start, same if you want to produce incense sticks on a large scale, then for this you will have to register your company. 

There are four types of incense sticks:-

Masala Agarbatti
Perfumed Agarbatti
Plain Agarbatti
Mosquito Agarbatti
It depends on you which incense stick business you want to do

Agarbatti Making Business Plan:

1) Choose the right place to start agarbatti business

Sticks Business If you are thinking of starting first of all you get to find any place where you can start a business without any problem to the first place to start this business  if you are a small scale this business But if you are starting then you can also start it from your home, you just need enough space so that you can keep the agarbatti machine and your material safe and if you want to do it in a big way then you should have at least 1500 square feet space. have to choose

For this, you will need at least 3 rooms where you can set agarbatti machine in one room, you can keep incense stick material in another room and in the third room you can keep agarbatti powder mixer machine, if you choose the right place, then you will be from this business. can make maximum profit

2) Select Agarbatti manufacturing machine

After this the main resource ie agarbatti making machine will be needed, you will have to buy agarbatti making machine , you will get this machine at Trade india, Shopeclue, Indiamart and many more

a) Manual Agarbatti Machine (Pedal Type) 

Manual incense sticks machine is a  very easy operating machine which does not have to maintain much maintenance, this machine can be operated by any person without any training,  it is very easy to make incense sticks from this machine just by sitting on the machine. The pedal has to die by foot, it does not even require electricity so that you can make good production,  this machine can make 15 to 20 kg incense sticks in 8 hours and this machine is also cheap and durable, the rate of this machine is from 13000 to 15000 . It happens that the weight of this machine is 100 kg.

b) Semi Automatic Agarbatti Machine

The speed of Semi Automatic Agarbatti machine is more than that of manual machine, it can make 8 to 10 kg incense sticks in 1 hour hour. In a minute, more than 200 incense sticks are made and removed, this machine runs on electricity,  it is very easy to operate the machine. With this machine, you can make 80 to 100 kg incense sticks in 8 hours, you will get this machine up to 85 thousand in India Mart, the weight of this machine is 120kg.

c) 6G High Speed Water Cooling System â€“

This is high speed agarbatti making machine, the speed of this machine is more than all other agarbatti making machine, this machine has a cooling system which keeps the machine cool,  this machine makes 300 incense sticks in 1 minute and leaves 14 to 15 in 1 hour kg incense sticks is made in 8 hours , this machine makes 150 kg incense sticks easily, the cost of this machine is from 125 thousand to 130 ,  if you want to do business of incense sticks in a big way, then this machine is very beneficial for you. The more you produce in the agarbatti making business, the more your profit will be. 

Agarbatti powder mixing machine 

In this machine, agarbatti powder is mixed to make agarbatti masala and with this, 4 types of agarbatti powder are put in this machine, such as if you want to make 5 kg incense sticks masala  . First you need 3 kg Charcoal powder, 1kg Wood powder. 1kg Jigat powder and 50 grams of Chemical powder All this has to be put in this agarbatti mixer machine and after adding water, the machine is started, this machine mixes all the powder very well and in a few minutes the spice of incense sticks. This machine is ready,  you will get 28 to 30 thousand in the market, with this machine you can prepare 15 to 20 kg of incense sticks  at a time.

Agarbatti dryer machine

Agarbatti drying machine is also very useful, when the incense sticks are ready after coming out of the machine, then the incense sticks have to be dried immediately, if the incense sticks are not dried at the right time, then there is a fear of the incense sticks getting spoiled, that's why people use this machine. Let's do  this machine can dry 120 to 140 kg incense sticks in 8 hours and you will get this machine from 25 to 30 thousand in the market

3) Agarbatti raw material 

In the case of incense sticks business, India comes in number one and the materials used to make incense sticks are easily available in India. I have to find out where all this is available, apart from this, if you want, with the help of internet, you can also find out the material used in incense sticks.

All these ingredients are needed to make incense sticks

Charcoal Powder
Jigat Powder
Wood Powder
Saw Dust
Nadwa Powder
Bamboo China Sticks
Chemical Powder
Sandalwood Powder )
Different Types of Aroma Oil
Paper Box
Wrapping Paper

You can buy or order these materials from anywhere in India, as facility is available with you, Krishna Group, Durga Engineering, Shanti Enterprises and Mak Panchal Industries are the names of some companies from where you can get raw material for incense sticks. You can buy some of these companies from Kolkata and some from Ahmedabad, according to your convenience, you can order goods ie raw material from here or from anywhere in India.

 The correct process of making incense sticks (How to make incense sticks)

The method of making incense sticks is very easy, anyone can make it, for this you first have to prepare a mixture by taking the ingredients of incense sticks,  first you have to add 2kg charcoal powder, 1kg wood powder, 1kg jigsaw powder and water in it. Agarbatti masala has to be prepared by mixing it in a mixer machine, this mixture falls according to your 30 to 40 rupees per kg, after that we need bamboo sticks, these cuts are available at Rs 100 per kg.

After this, you have to keep the cut at the place mentioned in the machine and pour the mixture of that powder, after turning the machine on (ON), you will see that the incense sticks will be ready in front of you, after that you can turn the incense  sticks. Dryer machine dry it in the sun, when the agarbatti dries well, then tie it in a bundle of 1Kg,  after that to make the agarbatti aromatic, you have to remove it by dipping it in perfume oil, then you can see for yourself. that making incense sticks is not a difficult task

How to pack incense sticks?

When your incense sticks are ready and ready for packing after drying, then you can start the work of 
packing them – things to keep in mind while packing

*Packing should be good.
* The packet or box you are using for packing should be a bit attractive.
* Your packing will reflect your brand or company name so it will be even better for the sales of your products .
* Your packing should attract the customer to buy your products.

Where to sell incense sticks ?

You can sell your incense sticks at the store, in the shops, in the local market etc.

How much does it cost to start agarbatti making business?

This business can be started in very little money. In the business of making incense sticks, the expenditure is only in buying the machine and its raw material, now it depends on you that what kind of machine you want to buy in 13000 rupees, if you want one You can buy a manual machine, after that if you want to buy a semi automatic machine, then it will cost you around Rs 80000, while if you want a fully automatic machine, then you may have to spend up to Rs 1.50 lakh for this.

How much profit can be made from the business of making incense sticks 

If we talk about the cost in the business of cup incense sticks, then it is very less. Now when it comes to how much profit can be made from it, it depends on how many incense sticks you can produce if you can make 100 per day from 1 machine. If you produce incense sticks of kg, then you can earn Rs 1000 profit from 100 kg incense sticks, the more and more you produce, the more your profit will increase if you have 3 machines and are producing 300 kg of incense sticks daily. So you can earn 3 thousand rupees profit every day i.e. you are getting a profit of 10 rupees in one kg and you can earn 90 thousand in a month.

List of documents required to register the business of incense sticks and obtain license of business :-

* First of all, you should register your company in ROC according to its size, this will help you a lot in the documents process, as well as people who want to invest or invest in your company, they will have trust in your company and you will also have.
* After this you have to apply for the license to your local authority.
* After this you have to get business PAN card from there.
* After this you will have to open a bank account.
* After this you have to get your business (business) registered in SSI (small scale industry) unit.
* After this you apply for weight registration.
* After this, you should also register your mark and brand name so that both your company name and mark are secure.
* If you are doing business on a large scale, then you will get nine for your manufacturing unit from Pollution Control Board and after that you will also get the license of the factory.

Can the business of making incense sticks get government assistance?

If you want to do this business related to incense sticks, but you do not have enough money to start this business, then there is nothing to worry about, the government also has the facility of taking loan from the bank to promote such small business. Just to take a loan from the bank, you have to fulfill some necessary conditions like first of all you will need to register in ROC (Registration of Companies), along with this you have to do incense stick business with the local government of your city to do this business. After that you can apply for a loan in the bank, after that if you have a complete business plan, then the bank will also give a loan for your business so that you can start the business.

Some important plans before starting the business of making incense sticks

1)  Incense sticks business is a risk-free business, in which if you work a little wisely, you cannot be reduced, now if you have decided to do business, then before starting business, do something related to business. It is necessary to make preparations so that you do not have to face difficulties in the future.

2)  First of all, you should make sure that how much capital you have that you can invest in this business, and to determine how much money you will need, you need to know that you need to use incense sticks. What are the things needed to start a business

3) Before starting the business, it is important to find out where you will make and sell incense sticks, because once you start the production of incense sticks, you will also have a shortage of time, as well as goods. There will also be pressure to remove them from you, so find out the market beforehand.

4)  Another important thing that has to be kept in mind is the location of your business, if you want, you can start the business of making incense sticks  from home, but for this it is necessary to have enough space in your house.

Learn how to start Agarbatti Making Business. Agarbatti making process and marketing startegy.Incense sticks cost and profit details.

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