Popular Agriculture Based Business Ideas with Low Investment

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Agriculture Business Ideas

These days, the trend of youth towards agriculture or farming business is increasing in the country. New generation is also looking for future in agriculture based business. Opportunities are more available in agricultural business. Profits can be earned, today we are going to discuss some such agriculture based businesses, in which you can make your future.

1. Chicken Farm

Whether it is a village or a city, the demand for eggs and chicken is everywhere, the business of poultry farm or poultry farm has become very popular both in the village and in the city, this business can be done from small to large scale also in view of the profits in this business. Banks are also coming forward to give loan, you can start it with 01 lakh rupees and 01 square feet land and earn good money.

2. Dairy Farm

Dairy i.e. milk business The demand for milk can never be less, yes sometimes milk definitely disappears from the market Dairy business can also be started with 01 square feet of land and 04 cattle, using a little understanding, you can start dairy Can take the business of the farm to the height

3. Mushroom Cultivation

For vegetarians, mushroom chicken is considered to fulfill the shortage of mutton, although it is consumed by all vegetarians, non-vegetarians, nowadays marriage is not complete without mushroom vegetable, it is in great demand even in hotels. Mushroom farming is a better source of income. It is necessary to have enough space for this, you can start it even in 50 thousand rupees and you can move forward slowly according to the demand.

4. Fish farming

The interest of people in the fish farming business is increasing, the main reason behind this is that where one hectare of farmland can earn up to Rs.1.25 lakh from wheat, paddy and sugarcane crops, there is a pond in the same area. If made, up to two and a half lakh rupees can be earned, in this the income is double as compared to investment and hard work, lakhs of rupees can be earned every six months by rearing fish in your pond.

5. Dried Flower Business

Dried flowers are in high demand in foreign markets. Countries like Europe, America and Japan export dry flowers from India. India ranks first in the world in the trade of dried flowers. Dry stems, dry seeds and buds under dry flowers. Come, India sends dry fruits worth Rs 100 crore annually to 20 countries around the world.

6. Fertilizer Business

Farmers need seeds, fertilizers and agricultural related equipment for farming, there is a lot of profit in this, a license is needed from the government for the fertilizer shop, after taking the license, you can start this business of fertilizer business. Requires a godown with sufficient space and an investment of about Rs 2 lakh

7. Bakery Business

The business of making double roti is called bakery industry. The use of double roti is increasing day by day, it is in great demand for breakfast in rural areas because it is digestible and tasty in food. Bakery business can be started with sufficient space and investment of 1.5 lakh rupees. It gives a net profit of about 25 percent compared to investment.

8. Potato Chips Industry

Potato chips are very popular in all classes, earlier many big companies used to do the business of making chips, but now many companies have started this business even at the local level, you can start this business on a small scale as well. Potato chips can be made salty and sold in plain packets in this way, to do business of chips on a large scale, at least one million rupees will have to be invested, apart from this the condition of sufficient space is mandatory.

9. Dal Mill

The business of pulse mill can be done anywhere in the urban or rural area, it is a better profitable business in low cost A special kind of machine comes to do

With which you can extract pulses like gram, lentil, moong, soybean, moong, urad etc. and earn good profits. The machine comes from Rs 01 lakh to Rs 03 lakh, you can buy the machine according to your budget, for this business at least Rs 05 lakh capital will be required.

10. Aloe Vera Cultivation

Almost everyone is familiar with the properties of aloe vera, from small companies to multi-national companies have also jumped into the business of aloe vera, according to the investment, income can be obtained in it, aloe vera business can be done in two ways, one is you You can do farming and by setting up another aloe vera processing unit, you can earn a lot of money by extracting its juice. For the juice plant, an investment of Rs 05 lakh to Rs 07 lakh will have to be made and the earning will depend on your hard work.

11. Flour Mill Business

Flour mill has been a popular business for a long time to make flour from wheat, if you want to start this business on a small scale at the village level, then you can install a small flour milling machine, including electricity, motor and the cost of the machine. There is a capital investment of 50 thousand rupees, there is a big earning in this business, nowadays there is a shortage of electricity everywhere and electricity is available in sufficient space.

12. Beekeeping Industry

Honey is a very nutritious substance, its demand can never be less. Honey is obtained from bees. Beekeeping is a popular business for honey. For this, open space is required, so that you can keep the boxes to keep the bees, if you keep the bees in the boxes from 200 to 300, then you need 04 to 05 thousand square feet of land.

13. Jatropha Cultivation

Jatropha, also known as Ratanjot, is a multipurpose plant. Jatropha is the main fuel requirement for farmers in changing times. For the past few years, Jatropha has emerged as an important source of energy, its cultivation in fields, on farm bunds or irrigation drains. Unusable space is also sufficient for this, the capital investment is also less and the profits are also great.

14. Cultivation of tuberose

Tuberose flower is used for decoration, it is in great demand in the market. It can be cultivated in every part of India, instead of seed, the cultivation of tuberose is considered better by planting a pen, about 12 quintals of tuberose are planted on 01 hectare of land.

The good thing with the cultivation of tuberose is that there is no risk of germs and diseases to its crop, if tuberose is cultivated with better planning, then 02 lakh rupees can be earned per month. Tuberculosis plant can provide crop for three consecutive years. does

15. Cashew Processing Unit

The cashew you consume does not reach you directly by plucking it from the tree, it has to go through the processes of processing, then it is worth eating, it is called cashew processing machine, this machine starts from Rs. By taking raw cashew from cashew producing farmers and making them edible and sold through this machine, then a good special profit is obtained.

16. Ginger Garlic Paste Production

Ginger garlic paste is being used in cooking nowadays in most of the houses, it saves people's time, in such a situation, ginger garlic paste is becoming very popular and its business is also flourishing by investing only 50 thousand rupees. The business can be started, a small machine comes for the grinding of ginger garlic, whose price starts from 20 thousand rupees.

17. Soil Testing Center

Now soil testing centers are being opened in every village. In many states, the local governments have started soil training centers under partnership, it is very useful for the farmers, due to which the soil of their fields is tested from time to time, which maintains their productivity, the government to open soil testing centers Up to 75 percent grant is available from U.P.

18. Rice Mill

Rice mill i.e. rice mill is not a business under the control of ordinary man because capital investment is done on a large scale, but nowadays mini rice mill has become very popular these days, nowadays in the market from 50 thousand rupees to 75 thousand rupees. Small machines are available in the price of

From which rice can be extracted, the special thing of this mini machine is that any kind of rice grains can be extracted from it, gradually the mini rice mill is becoming popular in the countryside. People are getting huge profit from less investment in this business

19. Pickle Manufacturing

Pickle business is considered to be a profitable deal. Thousands of pickles are made in our country. Nowadays, pickle pouch packets have come in the market. No solid capital or experience is required for the business of pickles, but after the taste it is Packaging is the most important, for the business of pickles, a pouch packing machine is needed, the work of pickles can be started with an investment of two lakh rupees.

20. Wood Cultivation

Whatever land you have, you can earn a lot of money by planting trees that give wood like teak, rosewood, there is a lot of demand in the market of teak and rosewood wood for furniture, if the production is less than the demand. If you want, you can earn lakhs of rupees annually by planting these trees around your vacant land or fields, although it has to wait a bit, a tree of teak and rosewood gives 42 thousand rupees after 07 years. 

Find most Popular Agriculture Based Business ideas in India.People succesfully doing these business at very low investment.See the lists

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