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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

AloeVera Farming Business

Aloe vera is a thorny plant which is slightly bitter in taste. It is a versatile plant that is accepted as a medicine, as a beauty product and even as a food item. The name of Aloe Vera plant has become important in the list of Ayurvedic products. Many people also know it by the name of Gwarpatha. Due to the increasing demand in the market for products without the side effects of aloe vera, the cultivation of aloe vera is considered very beneficial at this time. Many farmers believe that the cultivation of such plants can be a deal of loss, but it is not so. In today's article, we will talk about the topic of 'How to cultivate Aloe Vera and earn profit from it'.

Today, farmers are cultivating Aloe Vera in abundance, due to which they are also earning better profits, especially in the farmers of Gujarat and Rajasthan, many farmers want to do this cultivation but in the absence of sufficient information. He is not able to cultivate it, through this article we will know every aspect related to the cultivation of aloe vera, which includes favorable climate, fertilizer, tillage, irrigation, harvesting of plants, cost, profits etc.

What is Aloe Vera?

Many people know Aloe Vera as Ghrit Kumari and Guarpatha. This plant with a height of about 2 to 3 feet is a multi-year fleshy plant of the Liliaceae family. The stem of this plant is short and the roots are short, deep inside the ground. The leaves of the plant are one to one and a half feet long, thick and fruity and green, both of which are finely cut. The thickness of these fleshy leaves is about half an inch and the width is one to three inches. These leaves are bitter in taste and the pulp is filled inside them, which is considered the main purpose of growing the plant and also the source of earning from the plant. This plant was brought to India from abroad but now grows all over India and mainly in dry regions.

Where to grow Aloe Vera ?

First of all, you yourself must have noticed one thing that Aloe Vera is also grown in many such places where it does not get water. This is the specialty of this plant, it grows easily even in such areas. Remember, whatever land you choose for this, water should not be there in excess, because it can get exhausted due to its excess or there will be a decrease in growth. Along with this, you can start its cultivation by using manure in an area with good sandy soil. By doing this you will get good result.

Climate Required for Aloe Vera Cultivation:

There is also a special thing in the cultivation of Aloe Vera (Guarpatha) that it will not take much effort and expense to grow it. If you live in dry areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana, then cultivation of this plant will prove to be most beneficial for you. The most suitable climate for the cultivation of aloe vera is warm climate, but there are many exceptions to this. There is no special kind of difference, so it can be produced by any farmer of the country.

What kind of soil does aloe vera crop need?

The biggest feature of Aloe Vera plant is that it can flourish in any type of soil, for this every type of soil is a fertile soil, but this plant gives better yield in loamy soil and sandy soil, so almost every loamy soil. This soil is considered to be a fertile soil for the crop.

This soil is mainly found in some areas of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, along with this, the land on which you want to cultivate aloe vera crop, it should be slightly higher than the normal level, the reason is that there is rain in the aloe vera crop. The accumulation of water causes damage to the crop, that is why you should make such an arrangement for this crop, so that the rain water does not stop in the field.

Choosing the Right Plant (Breed) for Aloe Vera Cultivation Which Aloe Vera Plant to Choose 

For the cultivation of aloe vera, you must keep in mind that you should choose the right species of aloe vera plant, like many other crops and plants, there are many types of aloe vera plant. The main profit you get in Aloe Vera cultivation comes from its fleshy leaves and the pulp (gel) that comes out of those leaves. By the way, many species of aloe vera are found, which you can cultivate.

Along with this, there is no demand for all types of aloe vera in the market as well. If you choose the right species of aloe vera plant, then you can earn maximum profit because your whole business depends on the right species of aloe vera plant, otherwise you may also suffer huge losses.

There are many benefits of cultivating hybrid aloe vera.

1) Hybrid aloe vera plants have more disease fighting ability than others
2) Hybrid aloe vera is also far ahead of other aloe vera varieties in terms of production

By cultivating aloe vera according to the market demand, you will not have to face much trouble in finding customers, as well as you will also get a good price for your produce, so that you will be able to avoid incurring huge losses.

Many types of hybrid plant varieties are available in the market for the cultivation of aloe vera, but you should choose this 2 variety aloe vera plant, this variety is given below.

IEC 111269
IEC 111271

If you want to grow aloe vera have these two breeds can also choose any of the potential yield in these breeds, giving good value crops that have this second plant Aloe Variety If you choose, then you will get many benefits from them, as these plants grow fast and there is less fear of getting insects in them. These are the plants that can give you more profit in less time. If the data is to be believed, then by cultivating these plants, you can grow 35 tonnes of aloe vera in 2 acres of land and the cost of one ton of aloe vera is 25 to 30 thousand rupees in the Indian market.

Where to get seeds ?

Aloe vera cultivation can be a new thing for many people. In such a situation, they will not know from where they will get the seeds for the cultivation of Aloe Vera! Actually you will find aloe vera seeds normally in the market. But for special benefits, let us tell you that many species of cowpea plant have been developed by the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Sources. CIMAP of Lucknow has also prepared improved species for the cultivation of Aloe Vera. Apart from this, you can also contact the farmers who have already grown aloe vera. Aloe vera is sown from 3 to 4 month old tubers having four to five leaves. About 5 to 10 thousand tubers are needed for one acre of land.

How to cultivate aloe vera ?

It is very important to prepare the field before sowing the aloe vera crop, so that the crop can get a favorable environment to grow according to its needs, the field is prepared before planting the aloe vera plant in the field. It can be started in any season of the year, as it does not require much water, but still the time from February to April is considered very favorable to start its cultivation.

First of all, clean the place where you want to cultivate. After removing the trees, thorns etc., you will have to plow your field at least once, after that you will have to put 10 tons of cow dung in 1 hectare of land, after adding this, once again do the plowing of the field. Give, so that this cow dung manure gets mixed well in the field.

After this, if the fertility of your field is less, then you can also sprinkle 130 kg urea, 160 kg phosphorus, 33 kg potash in your field, this ratio is for one hectare of land, if you want to do less land and farming. In the same proportion, these fertilizers can be used according to the land.

After that you have to print. Aloe vera is transplanted through rhizomes. Till it grows, you have to water it only three to four times, because we have already told you that this plant does not require much water. Along with this, you will have to take care of it from time to time, because there are many such kits like track pests etc. which can damage them. For this you have to use insecticide on time. Not only this, just like weeds etc. are removed in every cultivation, similarly you also have to protect it so that its growth is not hindered. In this way you can easily cultivate aloe vera.

For those people who live in desert areas, it is very easy to cultivate aloe vera because aloe vera grows very easily in hot temperature and sandy soil like people in Rajasthan and its adjoining areas cultivate aloe vera. Taxes are earning good profits, it is very easy to cultivate aloe vera as compared to other crops because we need less water fertilizer medicine to prepare the land for farming.

When to Harvest Aloe Vera ?

It takes 10-12 months for any aloe vera plant to grow fully. After so much time, these plants are ready for harvesting. Because aloe vera will grow again from the same root and if you cut it from the root, then aloe vera will not be able to grow again and you may be harmed.

Keep this in mind that when harvesting the leaves of plants, do not cut their upper leaves, because these are new leaves and do not grow fully Yes, they also get ready to break, after that they can also break them.

This process goes on like this, by doing this you can reap benefits for 2 to 4 years without planting aloe vera, if you planted plants in one hectare of land, it produced 60 tons of fresh leaves annually. It can be known that in the second and third year of its production, their production increases by 20%.

Aloe vera diseases and their prevention

In Aloe Vera, keep removing weeds etc. from the field from time to time, otherwise weeds can stop their growth, as well as keep soiling in the beds from time to time, which also prevents tilting of plants, along with The possibility of water stagnation also decreases.

Sometimes the disease of yellow stripes is seen on their leaves, this disease is caused by fungi, to remove it, Macozab Readymill, Diatom M-45K can be used. , otherwise it can ruin your crop

Where to sell aloe vera ?

It is important to note that not after cultivating aloe vera, but before starting cultivation, you need to find your customer, but you do not need to worry about it. . Many companies demand for making aloe vera medicinal medicine.

Whoever there are such companies, you have to contact them and sell it to them. If you want, you can make a contract with any company, only then start farming, along with this, there are many companies that make products related to aloe vera, you can also contact them.

Some famous companies that buy Aloe Vera from farmers are
Apart from this there are also some local companies which buy Aloe Vera

Not only this, you can also sell these plants while cultivating aloe vera, because it is used in every household. Not only this, many types of products are prepared from aloe vera like face cream for beauty. Many medicines are also made from aloe vera for skin diseases. Aloe vera juice is also made, you can also sell it for this. You can also market it in the online market.

How much can one earn from Aloe Vera cultivation ?

You have a lot of profit from the cultivation of aloe vera, after cultivating aloe vera, there are two ways to earn from it. Earn up to Rs 8 to 10 lakhs.

This means that you can go on thinking of earning at least 70 to 80 thousand per month. Not only this, you can do many things with this farming, like making and selling some of its products etc. At the same time, the demand for aloe vera juice is also increasing well, so if you want, you can also make and sell its juice, the cost of aloe vera leaves is about Rs 4000 / ton.

If you take out its juice and give it to some other company, then it will cost you 150 rupees / liter, there are many such things available in the market which are made from aloe vera. You can produce its juice. Along with this, you can also sell aloe vera gel for face. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant and aloe vera is the most sought after medicinal plant. That's why you can start a good business out of it.

In this way, you can earn Rs 3-4 lakh annually from Aloe Vera cultivation.

Learn how to start AloeVera Farming Business.Know basic soil requirements,intial investment,cultivation place details.AloeVera cultivation guide.

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