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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

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Ambuja Cement Dealership - Investment,contact number,how to apply online.

Start Ambuja Cement Dealership

Ambuja Cements LTD is India's leading cement company.They have 5 integrated cement manufacturing plants and 8 cement grinding units.Right now they have capacity to produce 29.65 million tonnes.They are specialized in Cement, construction, sustainable development, building materials, sustainability, True Value, Water Positive, CSR, Home Building solutions.With strength of 10,001+ employees,it is now one of the most reliable cement company in India.You can earn good profit starting Ambuja cement dealership.However,if you are looking for its alternative then you can go for Ultratech Cement Dealership.

What are the benefits of Ambuja Cement Dealership ?

If you talk about benefits,the company offers multiple features to their clients and dealers.

Ambuja Cement Dealership Opportunity

How to select location for distributorship ?

Location is important factor for any business.Unlike any other business Ambuja does not have any location restriction.You can start Ambuja dealership business in city or village area.You just need sufficient space.We will be discussing more about space in next paragraph.

Cement franchise investment

The typical dealership fees is 1 - 2 lacks depending location.Now comes to shop setup in your area.You can purchase land for starting business or use your own land.If you have your own space , you would save land purchasing cost.

When your business place is ready,its time to stock the products.Initially if you stock 500 bags then approximate investment would be 1.5 lakhs.There are some additional costs like stuff salary 10,000 to 15,000 per month,godown cost and other maintaining cost.

Documents for starting business

What is total area required ?

If you run cement business you will need good storage area.When you stock products in large volume , your godown should be more wide.The starting space required is 1000 sqft to 1500 sqft.It is not mandatory from company side but it will help you to mange your business.

Franchise Agreement

You need to sign on franchise contract papers.It includes all terms and conditions towards running business.The standard agreement period is 3 to 5 years.You can select any of the time period.However,you can renew dealership agreement when it expires.

How to apply for Ambuja Cement Dealership ?

If you are interested to become part of Ambuja cement then follow the below instructions carefully.

  1. Visit Ambuja cement official website www.ambujacement.com and find out the option become distributor. They have inbuilt online application form.
  2. Now at the bottom of the page you need to fill basic details.These are : Full name ,Email address,District,City,contact number and message.
  3. After filling all the details click on submit button.
  4. The franchise team will verify your details and contact you accordingly.

More dealership Opportunity

Faq - Related Ambuja Dealership

Who is the CEO of Ambuja cement LTD ?

Neeraj Akhoury is the CEO of the company.

How can I get Ambuja Cement Dealership?

You can apply online to get their dealership.However,if you face server issue you can directly visit company office address.

What is the price of Ambuja Cement per bag?

The price changes time to time.The price range between 280/bag to 380/bag

What is the profit margin in Ambuja cement business?

We don't have exact profit percentage but generally dealers make profit between 8% to 10% from retailers.

What are the different Ambuja Products ?
They have wide range of prodcuts.You have better flexibility to choose their product.

Ambuja Cement
Ambuja Roof Special
Ambuja Cool Walls
Ambuja Cement Compocem
Ambuja Buildcem
Ambuja Powercem
Ambuja Railcem

Contact Details

Ready to start Ambuja Cement Dealership ? Learn how to apply for Ambuja Cement franchise or distributorship.Cost,contact number,profit - How to apply

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