Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise,Cost,Profit - How To Apply

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise - Amul parlor franchise cost,contact number,how to apply online guide.

Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise,Cost,Profit - How To Apply

Amul Company is one of the famous and successful companies of India. Many types of food products are sold in the market by this company and demand of Amul company products always remains same in the market. Apart from this, Amul Company is also engaged in further increasing its business by giving its franchisees like other big companies . Any person can take franchise of Amul. However, Amul has made certain rules to give franchisees of there company..If you are interested to start selling dairy products with Ice cream, Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise is great.

Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise Opportunity

Amul  company profile

Amul Company was started in the state of Gujarat and this company was founded in the year 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel. This company is associated with the white revolution in India.This company achieved the first position in the dairy business in India within a short time and today this company sells many different categories dairy products and fast moving consumer goods in India.

What is a franchise ?

Under franchise, any company allows any person to use their company name and takes money from that person in return. There are many companies around the world, who provides franchisees of their company. Amul company is also offering franchisees in India.You can be the part of their big family.Learn more about franchise and how it works

Why You Should Start Amul Franchise ?

Amul Products

Amul has diiferent products which are available in the market and people love these products . Some of the products sold by this company are as follows.

Amul Franchise Types

Amul offerse two types of franchises and you can take any of these two types of franchises. The names of these franchises are described below.

  1. Amul Preferred Outlet or Amul Railway Parlor or Amul Kiosk
  2. Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor

Amul Preferred Outlet

Amul has certain rules for this type of franchise. These rules are related to the place and area, and these rules are explained below.

Select the location (Franchise Site Selection)

How big should be the shop Area ?

Average returns or commission (Average Returns on MRP)

Amul has prescribed Different types of average returns on MRP.It also depends on franchise category like outlets / parlors / kiosks. If you sell pouch milk, you will get 2.5% average returns on MRP. On selling milk products, you will be given an average return of 10% on MRP. Apart from this, on selling the ice cream of Amul Company, you will be given an average return of 20% on MRP.

NumberProduct nameAverage returns on MRP 
1Milk products10%
2Ice Cream20%
3Sachet milk 2.5%

Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise Details

Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlour

The second type of franchise that is given by Amul Company is Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor and by opening this parlor you can sell ice cream made by Amul to customers.

What is scooping ice cream parlor

The ice cream scooping parlor is also a kind of shop where many types of ice cream are sold. In such a parlor, any person can take the ice cream of their choice inside a cup or cone and can also eat their ice cream by sitting in the same shop. Things like shakes, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, hot chocolate drinks, coffee are also sold in the ice cream scooping parlor.

Franchise Investment in opening Amul Kiosk

Location  selection for ice cream scooping parlor

You should only select the shop to open an ice cream scooping parlor, which is made in places like a school, market and educational institute. Because Amul's company only allows to open franchisees of their company (crowded).

How big should the area

As per Amul terms and conditions, to open an ice cream scooping parlor franchise , you must have a shop, at least 300 square feet (it can be rented or your own too). Apart from this, if you want, you can also start this parlor at any open space.

How much does it cost (Estimated Cost Of Opening An Amul Ice Cream Parlour)

Average returns on MRP (Average Returns on MRP)

On opening an ice cream scooping parlor by Amul, you will only have to sell Amul's products and Amul company will give you a percentage of profit on selling different types of products.

NumberProduct nameAverage returns on MRP 
1Pre packaged ice cream20%
2On other products of the company10%
3Shakes ,  pizzas sandwiches burgers hot chocolate drinks coffee and more50%

Amul's expansion and your growth

Choose any type of franchise of Amul mentioned above. This way you will be helping in every way by Amul company to establish. The company helps you in store opening and buying equipment.

Other things related to taking Amul franchise   

Renovation to be done according to the company -

The shop you choose to open Amul's franchise needs to be renovated. You will have to renovate that shop according to the method and design given by Amul Company.

Brands deposits

The money that you will give to Amul Company as a brand deposit, the company will keep the money with a deposit for one year. If you stop this franchise in between then you will get this money only after one year.

Amul's products will be available from wholesale dealers

After taking the franchise of Amul Company, you do not have to go anywhere and buy the products of this company. Because the wholesale dealers of Amul company will come to your shop and give you the products of Amul company and by doing so you will save a lot of time.

Select the people

At the time of opening Amul's franchise, you will have to hire some people and you will have to pay the salary of these people from your profits. Therefore, keep only those men on the job, whom you can easily pay at the end of the month.

Promotion of your franchise

Amul Company is already a well-known company. Therefore, after taking franchise of this company, you will not have to do any kind of promotion for your Amul shop i.e. franchise.

But when you open your parlor in an area, then you may need to give information about it to the people of that area, which costs a little. However according to franchise contract Amul company, the Amul company will also help you in this type of local promotion.

Franchises open budget and loan

How to apply for Amul Franchise

  1. To take Amul's franchise, you must first go to the official website of this company http://www.amul.com/ . On this site of Amul, you will see Amul Parlor written on the right side at the bottom and you have to click on Amul Parlor.
  2. On clicking Amul Parlor, a new page will open and on that page you will get to read all the information related to opening of Amul Parlor.
  3. On the Amul Parlor page itself, you will see 'Online Form for Amul Parlor' written on the third number and you will have to click on it.
  4. After clicking on the online form for Amul Parlor, a new page will open and in that page you will be asked to fill some information.
  5. After filling the information, you will see the submit written at the bottom of the same page and you click on it. With the click, this form will be submitted for opening your Amul Parlor.
  6. After few days of submission of the form, you will get a call from Amul Company. In the phone you will be told about the further process and after doing the further process properly, you will get the franchise of Amul Company.

Conclusion : Amul Company is one of the oldest companies in India, which is also known globally and in such a situation, you will benefit in joining with Amul Company. By working with this company, you will be able to get many information related to the dairy business, which will be beneficial for your future.

We hope this Amul Ice Cream Parlour Franchise information will help you to start dairy business.

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