Best Computer Courses For Sarkari Jobs (After 10,12th Pass)

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Best Computer Courses For Sarkari Jobs or Government jobs.

As you all know, today's era is the era of computer, and everything is happening with computer system itself, in such a situation, if you are thinking about a job in future, then whatever degree you get related to computer, you get a Will do good job in future, it is true. If you have been thinking that which course you should do, then I will explain you a little about the course below and I will also tell you about which job you can get from that course, you will get government job or private. Jobs in the sector will also talk about this. So let us know which computer courses to take to get a job that you can take the flight of your dreams.

Here find Best Computer Courses For Sarkari Jobs

1. Basic Computer Course –

It is for those people who do not know anything about the computer, under this it is taught how to start the computer, how to shut down the computer. How to copy paste a folder from one place to another, how to transfer a file from one place to another, as well as how to navigate in the start application and operating system in the computer. Under Basic Computer, you are taught how to run the Internet, how to search for something, send and receive email using the Internet, download a document and print it from a printer, etc. After doing basic computer course, one gets the job of attender in computer institute, which gets 10000 rupees per month.

2. Course on Computer Concept-

Under this, students who have basic knowledge of computer, it is used to develop a little in their mind, in this they give information about C and C ++ programming, as well as give information about some other programming which needs to be programmed. be easy. After doing this you can open your own computer choice cafe where you can make exam form, printing, xerox and government document and earn good.

3. Diploma in Computer Science –

If you want to do computer course after 10th, then this can be a great option for you, because you will get a very good job in future. If you want to become a computer engineer in future, then it will take you to a good level. This is a 3 year course, after that you can be a participant for whatever job vacancy you get for Junior Engineer, you will get a good amount offer after doing it. After doing this course, you get information about web development, application development and software development etc.

4. ITI in Computer –

If you are thinking of doing job through computer then you should do ITI after 10th, it is diploma certified course, it is of one year, ITI gets copa degree, it can become computer operator. Is. Vacancy keeps coming out from time to time in government and private sector for computer operator, in today's time many government vacancies ask for ITI degree with graduation, it will benefit you, you will get a good amount.

5. Graphics Design –

Today, computer is the most growing sector in the sector, if you have an interest in it, then you should do a course in graphics design, it is easy to get a job because in today's time everyone is fond of seeing good things, that graphics. It is incomplete without it, in such a situation, there is a lot of jobs in the private sector. There is a demand for people who have done graphics design courses in advertising agencies, media houses, print and publication houses, TV and multimedia production houses and graphic design studios etc.

6. Web, Software and Application Development –

If you have a lot of interest in computer then you should do these three courses, it has a little similarity but completeness is different from each other, the programming of all three is very different, will be fond of web development then this course after 10th Anyone can earn well by developing a website, inside this course you are given information about PHP and database along with HTML, CSS and Java Script. If you are fond of software development, then you can do software development course after 10th, it can get you a good job. If you are thinking of doing application development then you can do it because in today's era of digital, if you book something then you are doing it through application, it has almost the same education like web development, But the concept of both is different. In all these three, you will get jobs easily in the private sector and government sector, as well as the salary will also be good.

Which computer course to do for job after 12th:

1. Tally computer course –

Tally is an accounting software, in which billing related information has to be submitted, in this course you learn to do billing, after learning which you learn to make financial statements and invoices. You can do it after 12th and want to do it in advanced form, then you can do Tally ERP 9 software course in Diploma in Finance and Accounts, after doing this you will be offered a job as an accountant in private company and government sector. After doing this job up to 20000 is available in the initial time.

2. Cyber ​​Security –

In today's time, you all know how fraud is increasing, in such a situation, if you want to reduce cyber crime, then you should do cyber security course, this is a diploma course, in today's time you pay any bill online. Surveillance does cyber security which does not have any kind of fraud, if you do this course then you can get a chance to work with the government and also earn good income.

3. DCA –

Its full form is Diploma in Computer Application, in this you read about computer application, it is a one year course and get diploma degree, after doing DCA you become eligible for many jobs after doing DCA. You can become a Patwari, 12th and DCA is required for Patwari, thus there are various government and private jobs, if you have done DCA, then you can do PGDCA after graduation, after that your promotion will be done soon.

4. BE व BTech –

If you are thinking of doing computer course after 12th, then you have a very good option that you can do Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, in today's time the demand of computer engineer is very high. It is more, your job becomes 100% sear, they are in demand in all IT fields, along with railways, airport authority, government of India, state government and private sector etc. From time to time, a large number of posts come out, 1 lakh per month. The salary is higher than that, placement is easily done in any private IT company.

5. BCA व BSC –

It is a bachelor's degree in both, done after 12th, BCA means Bachelor of Computer Application and BSc means Bachelor of Computer Science. Both are three years course, in this course a bachelor's degree is available. After doing this, jobs are easily found in the government and private sector and the salary is only above 30000, if you know about the application, then you can master the teaching line.

6. Microsoft Office and Typing –

This is a kind of basic course, you are told about typing and programming in MS Words, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and MS Paid etc., from which you can increase your typing speed, this is a short course. You can easily get the job of data type writer. Data typing vacancies are always coming out, job vacancies in both private sector and government keep coming from time to time, after learning programming, you can open your own choice center, and private work in government work contract basis. .

7. What is VFX & Animation Computer Course?

You can do this course after 10th, today is the era of entertainment, in such a situation, if you are thinking about computer courses, then VFX and animation are very demanding courses, in which you can do visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics. Work in skills like film making, design etc., there are many private companies to do this course, you can do advanced and graduate courses according to time and interest, after that the job is also good, the salary is also good. You can work in the film industry, you can also open your own editing and recording studio, it will benefit you a lot.

Best Computer Courses For Sarkari Jobs right after passing 10th or 12th standard.These courses are very important and one can get job in Govt sector

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