How to Start Car Bike Washing Business in India

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Start Car Bike Washing Business

Everyone is fond of taking any vehicle, but for its long life that maintenance, washing, cleaning, maintenance is very important, cars and bikes are the most used in vehicles, their washing business is also present today. I have a good business option.
So today we will know the main information related to car and bike washing business will be given.

What is car bike washing business ?

Car and bike washing business is the business of earning profits by doing the work of maintaining their maintenance by cleaning, washing, and cleaning them to give a long life to the car and bike.

Today everyone has bikes and cars, which are used by people for commuting, so due to the increasing demand for their cleaning and washing, their washing business is also becoming the choice of the people.

What do you need to start a car and bike washing business? 

If you also want to start a car wash business, then you will have to gather some resources for this. First of all you have to take a place to open your shop to open car wash business. Always remember one thing in the choice of place, where car parts etc. are found or where vehicles are more frequent or there is a garage, take the place for car wash in such a place.

After taking the space, you will have to park the car and erect two walls for washing, so that the entire car can be easily washed. After doing this, you will have to arrange water there to wash the car. If you want, you can get a tank built there or if you want, you can get a boring one built there. Along with this, you will have to buy some resources, from which you will wash the car. To wash the car, you need to gather these resources-

The machines necessary in the car and bike washing business are necessary to do this work.

To wash the car, you have to collect all these things, then only you will be able to start the business of car wash. Here you have to keep in mind that buy only shampoo made for washing the car and do not buy any other than this. Use whatever shampoos are available in the market for car wash.

How much does car and bike washing business cost ?

If you have your own land and it has all the facilities, then you will not have to spend anything special, but if you do not have this land, it is not your own shop and there is no water facility, then you will have to arrange boring water and A shop will also have to be built, but initially it is better than spending so much that you start the business by renting a shop, after that you will have to get the machine for washing the car and all its accessories, you can also buy them from online india mart.

If you can arrange water properly by making a tank, then this cost can be saved for you, but in that too you can adopt a method that does not get boring in the beginning, but works by getting the tank built in the beginning. Along with this, you will have to have at least two workers for help, if you can manage it alone, then you can.

Cost of machinery and essential materials-

machinery/raw materialprice (invest)
water motor10000
heavy duty machine8000
8m pipe1200
Shampoo 5L1200
Total content cost20400 cost

In this way, the cost of all the materials and machinery together is about 20400.

Apart from this, if you keep 20,000 in the setup of the shop, 5000 in the electricity connection, then the business of washing car and bike can cost around 50,000 to 1 lakh in the initial business.

How to wash car and bike ?

You do not need any training to learn how to wash a car, because even a small child can do it very easily if taught to it. To do a car wash, first you have to park the car on the walls built in your shop. After this, first of all you have to clean the soil on it with a clean cloth. Once the mud is cleared, you have to close the glass of that car so that the water does not get inside the car.

After this, once you sprinkle water on the whole car with pressure. Now you have to mix car wash shampoo with water in a bucket. After mixing it well, you have to soak the sponge in that awake water and spread it all over the car. Keep in mind that no corner should be left and you have to clean every corner from the tire to the bottom of the car gate.

Then you have to start the car wash machine and wash the entire car thoroughly under pressure in such a way that along with the soil, the car wash is completely clean. After all this, wipe the car well with a towel and after drying, apply car polish on it properly, the car will be well washed.

How much is profit in car and bike business ?

Profits can be earned more in the business of car and bike, the profit in this business depends on the size of the business and the way of marketing, the more good marketing skills will be used, and the work will be done right, the more customers are attracted. And profits will also increase.

For washing a bike - Rs 80 

If 10 bikes were washed, then 80 × 10 = Rs 800

Washing a car - Rs 200

If 20 cars were washed, then 200 × 20 = 4000

Total Profit – 4000+800 = 4800 /day

So the total profit for the month will be 144000 income, out of which 

Shampoo in 4000 months, electricity bill around 5000, and as if there is a shop on rent, then 15000 rent.

So final profit = 144000 – 24000 = Rs 120000 profit is profit in washing business of a car and bike.

The most important thing in this business is that there should be more cars and bikes around you, that means where you are starting a car washing business, then more cars and bikes pass through that place and then there. This business can run well only if it is already present, if your car and bike washing shop is inside a big city, then it is near the highway then your business will be able to run very well if it has all these facilities then you can do car washing business. can earn good profit from

How to promote car washing business ?

The success of your business depends on how you can promote your car washing business, if you know how to promote your business in a better way, then your car washing business will be 100% successful to promote your business. For this, you can take the help of social networking like facebook, twitter , share about your business everywhere, if you want, you can get pempletes made and distributed in all homes and shops, the more you promote your business, the more your business goes forward. will grow


Q: Is car and bike washing business profitable?

Yes, car and bike washing business is a low cost and profitable business.

Q: From where to get automatic car and bike washing machine?

Today, we can easily take automatic car and bike washing machines online by visiting some sites and wholesale market of big cities from there.

You can buy online from indiamart.com 

Q: Does manual car wash damage the paint?

Yes, sometimes it has been reported in many places, that cleaning the car by hand due to not having the right quality of the material, many times there are many scratches on the paint of the car.

But this does not happen if the right use and good quality goods are used.

Q: What is the advantage of car and bike washing business?

Benefits in car and bike washing business

Starting Car Bike Washing Business is a great decision for those who looking for very low investment business.Get details about vehicle Washing Business and earn money.

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