How To Start Car Driving School Business in India

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Today, it is very important for everyone to have their own means, so that people can go anywhere with the family when needed.

Car Driving School Business in India

To operate the instrument, he should come to drive, for which many car driving schools are being run today, today we will talk about the information related to the business of car driving school.

What is car driving school ?

Car Driving School Schools that are made for learning car, many people learn to drive their car by learning car in this school. In these schools, training is given to teach cars, in these schools, the skill of driving is taught by giving different facilities.

What is car driving school business ?

“Right investment and understanding is the cornerstone of business.”

Car driving school business is called car driving school business to earn profit by teaching people to drive.

Today this business is increasing a lot in the cities, today everyone needs vehicles at the time of their family needs, in problems like happiness and sorrow, in going to office, school, going on trip, going anywhere. , so that it can be easily reached in less time, it is very important for the family today to learn car driving, so that the whole family can easily go when needed.

Today car driving school business has become a very good option of business due to its demand, which people are earning profits by doing.

How to start car driving school business ?

Car Driving School Business According to the rules of their own state government, there are rules to open them, by which anyone can do the business of this car driving school.

There are some important posts to open a car driving school, through which this school can be opened-

How much space is required for car driving school business ?

To start a driving school, you have to choose the right place, you can open a school by taking space on rent, but you have to keep in mind that wherever you are taking a room on rent, it has at least one office and one classroom. There should be space as well as parking facility and vehicles will have to be arranged, if your market place is in this market area where there is a large population of people, then you can get more benefit from it.

What registrations and licenses are required in car driving school business ?

Car driving school business requires some necessary licenses and registrations, because any business is only a document and license to be in accordance with the rules of the government, which saves them from legal business related troubles.

These registrations and licenses are the main ones-

After doing all these registrations, the criminal background check is done and the license is obtained.

How many vehicles or cars are needed for car driving school business ?

For car driving school business, you can start this business with at least 3 cars in the beginning, and as the business grows, you can do the business on a large scale by taking more number of cars.

What is the qualification required to open a car driving school ?

To open a car driving school, it is very important to have some core qualifications.

These qualifications are as follows-


Minimum 21 years, who have applied for the training.


Must be 10th pass, so that he can use to handle that school.


To open a car driving school, the applicant should have good vision, so that he can learn driving carefully by looking at the distance, nearby vehicles, and people properly in teaching driving.

Physical and mental examine

For Car Driving School, the applicant is physically and mentally examined, due to which it is considered most important to run the school, because there is a possibility of getting training due to mental depression and physical problem.

Background check

Only after checking the background of the person applying, he is given a license, that is, after checking criminal record, police case, etc., he is considered valid to run the school.

Driving record 

Only after checking the driving of the applicant, he is given a license to open a school.

Without these qualifications, the license is not given, due to which a person will not be able to drive a car driving school.

Some important things to know before starting driving school

1) Driving School Business Plan –

Before opening your driving school, it is very important to have a business plan, in which place to open a driving school, how many more driving schools are already open in that place and how people are running their school, how to advertise to open the school, How much will be the cost, how much will be the profit, what should be the number of vehicles etc.

2) Create a start-up budget for your driving school – 

When you have planned your driving school properly then you need to make a budget to start your school. If you already have a working vehicle to start your business then you need to do location advertising, vehicle maintenance, and diesel. You have to prepare a budget, you cannot open a new driving school like this, for all this, first you should make your budget so that you do not have any problem in the future.

3) Build your driving school's service and price list –

 Now you have to make a service and price list for your driving school, how much price should be given to your school and what service should be given to your customer, for this you should go to another driving school and get some information from them, keep the price a little less than all of them so that your In driving school more and more people came to your school to learn the car

How to do marketing for car driving school ?

The main marketing methods for car driving school are-

Through all these methods, you can earn good profits by attracting customers by marketing the car driving school.

How much does car driving school cost

The initial cost for car driving school may be around 10 to 15 lakhs. In which the cost of office setup and vehicles is the main, even if one vehicle is cheap, even 3 lakhs, then even after starting a business with 4 vehicles, the cost is incurred in the setup of 12 vehicles and the rest of the school. This cost may also seem less, if you buy a second hand vehicle, then 2 lakhs will be taken for one vehicle, 8 lakhs will cost 4 vehicles. As the business grows, one can buy more vehicles and earn profits by taking this business further.

How much profit can a car driving school business make

Car Driving School, business place and marketing are its two bases, from which they can get good profits.

Profits in car driving school are around 3000 to your customers in the beginning and 10 people are coming every day, then after paying the worker for a month, the profit is around 20000 to 30000 in the beginning, and customer and marketing If it is better then this profit can go more than 50000.

As your business is recognized in the market, more customers will come, and profits in the business will also increase.

In this way, by doing car driving school business, you can easily take your future in a better direction by teaching the car to the people and earning good profits. So good profit can be earned by investing money in the right business.


Q: Why market research is necessary to open a car driving school?

In opening a car driving school, market research gives you the right information about the right place, marketing strategy, competitor's mistake and strategy, early payment from customers, etc., which can increase the chances of business success.

Q: Approximately how many months does it take to teach a car in a car driving school?

Teaching a car in a car driving school can cost around 3000 to 5000 minimum money.

Q : Approximately how many days is the teaching period in car driving school?

Car driving schools mostly have a car teaching period of about 15 to 20 days.

Q : Is Car Driving School Business Profitable?

Yes, in view of the desire and need to run the means on its own, the demand for this business is increasing in the future, due to which it is becoming a good profitable business.

How to start a car driving school business, what is the qualification required to open a car driving school.Get business investment,profit.

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