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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

CCTV Camera Business Guide

How to start CCTV camera business? - At present, unemployment in our country is a serious issue. Due to less employment opportunities, its impact has been directly on the youth of our country, who do not get good employment even after getting good education! Having more employment in any country plays an important role in the development of that country. If you are also troubled by unemployment and want to do your business, then we have brought business idea for you so that you can earn millions by buying your company. Today we are telling you about the business of CCTV camera. The security of home, shop, bank etc. has always been a matter of concern and news like theft and robbery always comes in the headlines, but with the advancement of technology came a device that gives you 24 hours security, which is known as CCTV camera. know.

The full form of CCTV is "Closed Circuit Television" . Which is a kind of camera. Or rather, it is also like a mobile camera, but this camera is connected to a computer server, which displays every small and big activities in front of the camera live on the computer. And saves it from computer to your hard disk. Its biggest feature is that it does not require a continuous man to operate it. And you can remove the video of any event at any time. CCTV cameras are mainly installed at the main gate or where there is a lot of movement of people. Where the CCTV camera is installed, you must have seen a logo on which it is written "Under surveillance area" which means that you are inside the CCTV camera. is under surveillance.

Earlier CCTV cameras were mainly used in places like government offices, airports, banks, army camps, etc. But in the present time, CCTV cameras have become very popular in view of security. Now it is used in Dokan houses, parks, malls, railway stations. Traffic signals, schools, colleges, etc. have started being done at places. According to one figure, CCTV cameras are used for 87% commercial and 13% residential purpose . It has yielded very good results for the last few years. And security agencies have also got a lot of help in solving many incidents. At present, it remains the first choice of people in view of security. Due to which more employment opportunities are being created in it.

Why is the business of CCTV easier than the rest of the business-

If we talk about any other business, first of all there is a need for land or big store room, due to the high rate of land at present, 70 to 80% of the business goes to the land itself or to take the store room. But this is not the case in the business of CCTV cameras. According to the Union Ministry of MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises), Government of India, you can start this business by taking 100 yards of land i.e. 900 square feet of land. You can also take this land on rent.

Start like this :

To start the business of CCTV camera, you will need 900 square feet of land, you can also take this land on rent. After this you will have to get the furniture electrification done. Along with this, you will have to take the equipment and raw material related to the machinery used in the CCTV camera. Following are the names of machinery equipment and raw materials used-

Machinery and equipment

1. Oscilloscope (10 MHz) 2. CCTV Camera 3. LCD Monitor 4. DC Power Supply (30V, 2A) 5. Analog Multimeter 6. Digital Multimeter (4.1/2 digits) 7. Bench Drilling Machine 8. Portable Grinder 9. Tool kits etc..

Raw material FOR CCTV Camera Business

1. Hard disk
2. PCBs with electronics
3. Components
4. Display low control panel
5. Electronic connectors or switches
6. Socket
7. Metallic case with clamps
8. Connecting cable
9. Soldier soft
10. Screw
11. Packing material etc.

Financial Analysis

According to the data of Union Ministry of MSME (Micro small and medium enterprises) , Government of India , the business of CCTV cameras is growing at the rate of 30% per year. And in India it will be up to 16 thousand crores by 2020. According to MSME, if you want to make 6000 CCTVs annually, then its cost is as follows. More than 1 lakh will be spent on machinery and equipment. Office equipment like furniture, electrification, fixtures, etc. will cost more than 1.50 lakhs.

Apart from this, the cost of the first month's work including raw material cost will be around 22 lakhs, thus the total cost of starting the unit will be around 25 lakhs. According to the Union Ministry of MSME (Micro small and medium enterprises) Government of India , the total cost of manufacturing one year's goods will be 2 crore 78 lakhs. If the cost of one month's work will be 22 lakhs, then the total cost of 12 months will be 2 crore 64 lakhs. Apart from this, the total cost of one year will be 2 crore 78 lakhs, due to interest, tax etc., 14 lakhs on investment.

How much will you earn

You have seen that the total cost of installation of 6000 CCTV cameras annually on the project of one year is 2 crore 78 lakhs, according to the report, the cost of installing one CCTV is also fixed at 5200, then the total turnover of one year will be 3 crores 12 lakhs. . The annual total cost is 2 crore 78 lakhs and the annual total turnover is 3 crore 12 lakhs. In this way a total profit of 34 lakhs was made during the year. That is, quarter to three lakhs of a month. The cost of installing CCTV depends on the monitor, wire, and hard disk used in it. The cost of installing a CCTV camera in a small house or shop is according to the channel.

What is channel

This is a setup that comes in multiples of 4 such as 4 channel setup, 8 channel setup, 12 channel setup etc. If you have 4 or 3 cameras installed then to monitor all at once you need a 4 channel setup. If you install 5 or 6 cameras then you will have to set up an 8-channel setup.

CCTV camera manufacturing process

First of all, after purchasing the raw material from the market or importing it from abroad, this raw material is inspected. After this, the process of mounting is done, that is, connecting the CCD camera, PCB circuit, socket, switch, etc. to each other. After connecting them all to each other, they do internal connecting.

After linking the CCD camera, PCB circuit, socket, switch, etc. to each other, its quality is checked. After passing the investigation, these manufactured CCTV cameras are packed and dispatched to the market. This is a very good business, if you want, you can earn good profits by investing 20 to 25 lakhs. Its growth rate is also very good and its demand is also increasing day by day.

Some types of CCTV cameras and their uses.

1. Dome camera

This is the most used camera, this camera is mainly used in people's house, shop, bus, car, etc. places.

2. IR CAMERA (infrared Camera)

This type of camera is also called night vision camera, it is used to keep track of night activities.

3. Waterproof camera

This camera is used in open places, it is mostly installed on signal and road side, this camera has special covers which protect the camera from water. These cameras are very strong.

4. Internet Protocol camera (IP CAMERA)

This type of camera can be linked to mobile through internet.

5. PTZ Camera

This is a special kind of camera, by this camera the direction change or zoom can be done. This camera is used in TV studio or playground.
6. Day and night camera

This camera does color videography in daylight, and black and white videography at night or in low light.

CCTV Camera Business Plan in India.How to make money from this business.Know the Raw materials and profit details - Start Business

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