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Updated On : 03-Mar-2024

How to Start Coffee Shop Business (How to Start Coffee Shop or Cafe Business)

More people in the country want to do their business but due to lack of sufficient capital or information, they are not able to do their business. Or there are many such people who do their business but due to lack of sufficient information and not having the right business plan, they are not able to be successful in business. So we always keep coming up with new business ideas for such people,  where we keep giving you all kinds of information related to business. In this episode, today we are again present with a new business idea. Today we are talking about coffee shop business. Coffee is such a name that the whole world is crazy about it.

It is a drink (Drink) which is famous all over the world. Coffee shop business is such a business that big business can be done in a small space at low cost. Coffee is being produced in India since about the 18th century. And fast India has made its own identity in the coffee industry of the world. India is the only country where every type of coffee is produced, there are a total of 16 different types of coffee produced in India. The largest production of coffee in India is in southern India. India exports coffee to more than 45 countries. And it is growing at the rate of 14.7%.

What is coffee shop ?

You must have seen cafe or coffee bar written outside a shop. These are coffee shops only, different types of coffee are available here. Or simply understood, it is like a tea shop, but its shop or standard is different and is in a big place or city.

Importance of coffee shop

In today's time, coffee is everyone's first choice, everyone needs coffee with breakfast or snacks, the importance of coffee shop is increasing today, as the demand is increasing, cafes are opening, coffee shops are common in cities. It is becoming increasingly common, and the caffeine content in coffee is why everyone is attracted to it. There has been an increase in the number of coffee drinkers in India, according to a survey, there has been an increase of 11%, the coffee shop is now much more expensive than before, the demand has also increased, so if you are a coffee shop pourer If so, then you have to take care of the following things, let us know.

How to start ?

To open a coffee shop, you do not need to have a lot of knowledge or have a big degree like the rest of the business. You just need to have some information related to coffee shop like, about different types of coffee. Coffee making process. And about the equipment used in it. You can get all this information from the people associated with this line. Or you can hire staff who have worked in a coffee shop before.

Choosing the right place

It is very important to have the right location to start a coffee shop. Because still people who drink coffee are mostly in big cities. That's why you choose any big cities to open a coffee shop. Or near a railway station, mall or a place where student people live more.

Nice company name and logo (LOGO)

Keep a good name for your company and get good people designed. Because for a coffee shop it is necessary to have a good name and attractive logo.

Required licenses and legal process

To start a coffee shop, first you have to do company registration where you have to choose what type of business you want to start. Like pvt.ltd or LLP etc.

This is a very important license to start any food related business and it is mandatory to take FSSI license to start any food related business . The full name of FSSI is Food safety and standards authority of India FSSI is also known as Food License. It is the responsibility of FSSI to look after the quality of food items etc. Therefore it is mandatory for any food item related business.

There are 3 types of FSSI license which depends on the turnover of KAMPANI.

  1. If the annual turnover of the company is up to 12 lakhs, then for this the basic registration process will have to be done to get the FSSI license.
  2. If the company's annual turnover is 12 million to 20 million its state license must complete process FSSI for a license. 
  3. If the annual turnover of the company is more than 20 crores then its central license  process will have to be done to get FSSI license.

GST registration GST is mandatory for every type of food item or whose turnover is more than 20 lakhs .

Apart from this, some other licenses that can be needed for this business â€“

How to Decide Coffee Shop Menu?

Coffee shop for coffee and together with you have tea , pizza , burgers , cakes , pastries , pasta , noodles , sandwiches , Mncurian , soup , Momojh ice cream , cold drinks , Disrts , fritters and Falooda etc. The Different Different Variety kept , such as - 

  1. Coffee for you cold and hot both kind of coffee stored , such as cold in chocolate cold coffee , chocolate crunchy cold coffee , cold coffee with ice cream and cold cream coffee etc. cold coffee in place can have. The hot coffee into hot coffee , Nes Cafe ' Coffee , Tra coffee, Special coffee , instant coffee and dark coffee so hot coffee to keep you have.
  2. Hot tea, masala tea, instant tea, sugar free tea, and cold tea can be kept in tea.
  3. Sandwiches and burgers to you vegetable sandwiches , jam sandwich , egg sandwich , cheese sandwich , toasted vegetable sandwiches , grilled sandwiches , maiksikana sandwiches , chocolate saindavica , Haji Ali cheese sandwich , Bittu burgers , pesto burger and Little Dragon chicken burgers , etc. You have to Is.
  4. Noodles in you instant Maggie , spice Maggie , Egg Rmen , Hakka noodles , chowmein and veg mix Rmen etc. keep can do.
  5. Pizza for you margherita pizza , Russo , your cafe 's Special pizza , 13 seconds flight , Wedge loaded , onion and Tmeto pizza , and cheese dip pizza etc. You can can have.
  6. Veg Manchau, Mix Veg, Cheese Dip, Tomato, Veg Noodle Soup, Mushroom Soup, Corn Soup and Sour Soup can be kept in the soup.
  7. Ice cream and cold drinks market 's demand for tailored keeping can have.
  8. In pasta, you can have white pasta, red pasta, simple pasta, gnocchi, linguine, buccatini, pappardelle, cavatelli and ravioli.

Necessary equipment

Talking about equipment, the list of equipment for a coffee shop is long, such as cleaning equipment, different types of utensils, storage related equipment, etc. But here we are talking about some of the main machines which are used for making coffee or for other purposes.

Coffee making material

How much is the investment and profit in the coffee shop?

Talking about the cost in the coffee shop, it depends on itself what type of business you are going to start. This is such a business that you can start by putting up a stall anywhere from 50 thousand to 1 lakh, or if you want to start by taking a franchise of a big company or open your own big shop, then in this situation you will get 5 lakhs. 10 lakh investment is to be made in this interior design and logo and look of your cafe is decided and you can also decide the menu of your cafe in this range.

You will get 50-70% profit, you have to keep in mind that what the customer is demanding, you provide it, then you only have profit, there is no loss, you buy the product from the whole seller, it will benefit you a lot. You will have to keep the location in mind at the time of investment, you should give the look of the cafe the way the demand is.

How to connect your coffee shop to e-commerce food website?

You can register your coffee shop online, in today's time everything is being sold online, so why should you lag behind. In such a situation, you should deal with your contract with online website, such as partnership with Zometo, Swiggi, Food Bazaar, etc. After joining e-commerce, customers will also be attracted to your cafe, home delivery will also start.

What to keep in mind for a coffee shop: 

Which challenges do you have to face?

How to increase Sales?

If your business is running well. So you can open your own shop in chain . That is, you can open your shop more than one, then keep increasing it gradually and later you can open your shop chain in different states also. Right now there are many such companies in the market whose business is spread all over the world. Apart from this, to increase your sales, you can take orders from them on the occasion of any party or function.

Learn how to start Coffee Shop Business.Coffee Shop initial investment and setup guide.Necessary equipment - Profit details

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