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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Cold Storage Business Plan , Earn good money by doing cold storage business. Cold Storage Business

Nowadays, many such businesses have come, by starting which you not only earn money, but with the help of that business, you are also able to contribute in the development of the country. 'Cold storage' is one such business. Cold storage is not a small business, but it is a very big business, in which the cost comes not in lakhs but in crores, so if you are thinking of starting this business then keep in mind that it is a very huge business.

What is Cold Storage Business?

Before starting any work, it is important to understand what that business is and how it works. So you must have read or seen many times in the newspapers on TV that even after good yield of crops, there is a lot of shortage of fruits and vegetables in the country because this yield got spoiled due to some reason. In which reasons like weather effects, rotting of fruits and vegetables are included. The main reason behind the spoilage of fruits and vegetables is our inability to preserve that produce. In such a situation, when fruits and vegetables get spoiled, due to their shortage, their prices jump across the country. And the cost increases.

So to protect these fruits, vegetables and dairy products from spoilage, cold storage comes in handy. Cold storage is the place where these fruits, vegetables and meats etc. are kept and the temperature of that place helps to increase the life cycle of fruits and vegetables, thus the fruits and vegetables are kept safe for a long time and There is no shortage in their supply. Due to which the inflation in the country also remains under control. In simple words, when the production of any fruit, vegetable exceeds the demand, it is used to avoid the loss due to spoilage of that material and to meet the supply of that material in future. For this they are kept in cold storage.

Scope in Cold Storage Business – Cold Storage Business Scope 

There is a lot of scope in this business because right now there has been a lot of increase in the demand for cold storage in India and the government is also giving a lot of support to the entrepreneurs in promoting this business. If there is a shortage, it can prove to be a very profitable business on its own.

There are two types of cold storage business

You have learned about cold storage, now you should know what are the types of cold storage:

Cold Storage for Vegetables for Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage for
Milk Products, Poultry Products

How much investment and subsidy will be available in cold storage ?

Cold storage business is one of the little big business and not everyone can start it as it requires a lot of investment. The capacity of cold storage is about 5 thousand tonnes, which means its entire investment comes to around Rs 3 crore. And in this, 40 percent i.e. 1 crore 20 lakh subsidy is given from the National Horticulture Board. There is a provision of subsidy on the amount up to 10 crores from the government in cold storage. The government also provides a subsidy of up to 50 percent to encourage the opening of cold storages. This makes the path of the entrepreneur a little easier.

How to choose a place for making cold storage ?

Cold storage is one of the big business which requires enough space to do business. Your cold storage should not be in very crowded places.

Which machine is needed to start cold storage?

To start a cold storage business, you need to get many types of machines. You are going to get all this machine from country to abroad, we have told you earlier that a lot of money has to be spent for cold storage business. Therefore, due to the cost of cold storage machines, the present government has also run a good amount of subsidy scheme to start cold storage, which will help you a lot.

I am going to name some of the cold storage machines, so that you will be able to get the machine.

Single Stage
Three Stage
Reciprocating Compressor system
Centrifugal Compressors
Rotary Compressor
Refrigeration System
Aqua Pump
Distillation Column
Expansion valve

Is it necessary to get a license for cold storage business?

Cold storage is a business that cannot be run illegally. That's why I have told earlier that permission has to be taken. And after that a government license is also needed. For the license you need to approach the local office of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. Remember, it is very important to do all the work legally and properly in this business, so that you can run the business of cold storage for a long time. And keep one thing in mind, definitely get the insurance of cold storage done.

Infrastructure for Cold Storage Business

The work of cold storage is to keep things like fruits and vegetables comfortable, so when it is made, a lot of attention is also paid to its infrastructure. The 2 most important things that you should keep in mind while making this is the cooling system and the second is the storage system. Refrigeration and compression system comes in the cooling system . Its job is to keep the place cool, the second is the storage system, it is made in the manner in which things will be kept in the cold store.

While building cold storage, make sure that your infrastructure is very good. The crop is transported to the cold storage in several processes like firstly the crop is brought from the field to the cold storage, where the good and bad crops are separated from them and the crops (fruits, vegetables) are good. Stored in cold storage.

Cost and profit of cold storage

The cost of cold storage depends on its storage capacity, but the cost of building an average cold store can range from around 50-60 lakhs to crores. This includes the cost of all the machines, cost of manufacturing etc. On the other hand, if we talk about the profit of this business, then the profit in it is very good, apart from this, this business is more beneficial than profit. In this you are serving the country. 

How to get money or loan to start cold storage business?

Unemployment has increased so much in our country, due to which the government also wants you to do your employment and give opportunity to the workers to earn money. Therefore, the government has given permission to take business loans from NBFCs along with government and private banks. Which makes it easier to do business.

If you have money, you can easily manage your expenses.  

Those who do not have money, so talk to them about the loan by meeting with the bank branch near you. 

Which bank gives loan and how much?

Yes, there are banks that will give you a loan, that too in a good amount, which will help a lot in your business. So know which are the banks that help in doing our business. 

ZIPLOAN is a non-banking financial company of the country through which one can get business loan up to Rs.7.5 lakh. Without making any agreement. If you want to take a quick business loan, then with some papers you will get the loan easily in 3 days. ZIPLOAN is such a bank from which you can take loan for small to big business.

There are certain conditions for taking a business loan from ZipLoan 

Yes, you all know that there is no unconditional work, so in all the work, one thing has to be accepted. 

Required documents to be submitted for business loan from ZipLoan 

What are the main advantages of taking a business loan from ZipLoan?

The design and requirements of cold storage should be taken into account 

Learn how to start Cold Storage Business in India.Earn millions with cold storage business.Know the initial investment and license details

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