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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Computer Repairing Business Guide

How to start a computer or laptop repairing business – In the present time, technology is expanding very fast. Due to which it is common to have a laptop or computer in the house. Laptop or computer is such a device that has been used for official work for years, such as bank, airport, railway ticket counter, in all kinds of business, in education related work, if spoken, computer and laptop in every field. The demand of Ka is increasing day by day due to which many businesses related to it are also increasing. 

A business related to this is Computer and Laptop Repairing Business Day by day due to the more demands of computers or laptops, more employment opportunities are being created in it. It is said that if you have talent, then success will find you. So you too can do this business by learning skills. This is such a business that any person can start this business by learning skills. If you are not even educated, then you do not have to worry. If you are at least eighth or even tenth to do this repairing course, then you can do this business. There are many such institutes in the country that conduct computer or laptop repairing courses. It does not cost much to do this course.

How to start Computer Repairing Business ?

To start this business, first of all you should have complete knowledge of computer and laptop repairing.

How to learn computer or laptop repairing work

There are many institutions in India that teach computer or laptop repairing, from where you can start your business by learning the work of computer and laptop repairing. For admission in computer and laptop repairing course, you must have passed class 8th or 10th. This course ranges from one month to one year.

Talking about the fees, the fee of this course varies according to the different institution, although the average short course which is of 2 to 3 months, its fee can range from 10 to 15 thousand. After doing computer and laptop repairing course, you get experience working with someone, which will give you maximum ideas for business. After learning the job, you will first need a shop.

Required space

It is very important to have the right location for computer or laptop repairing business. While choosing the place, keep in mind that the place is in a main market or in a place which is known for repairing computers or laptops. Try to have at least 100 square feet of space where you can set up equipment and have enough space for storage etc.

Necessary equipment

The list of equipment used in laptop or computer repair is long, but the names of some of the main equipment are given below,  although all the materials that are suitable during training are told. Some of the main tools are as follows.

• Tool kits
• solding iron
• Micro solding iron
• Multimeter
• BGA Machine
• DC Supply Machine
• Frequency counter
• Cathode ray Oscilloscope
• SMD (Surface mount device)
• Hot Air Gun
• De soldering pump
• SMD tester 

Some of these tools are more expensive, so if you want, you can contact any other repairing person and you can take the work of that equipment through them, for which you will have to pay some money. You can get all these items from the wholesale shop of any city, you can also buy them online if you want.

How much will it cost ?

First of all, it will cost you to buy a shop, the cost of any shop depends on the area. All these are different rates for the area or city. Talk about the cost of equipment, there are some laptop equipment whose rate is in lakhs, such as BGA machine, the minimum amount of this machine is around 80,000 which comes to 2 to 3 lakhs. If your budget is less then you can leave such equipment and contact a repair person who has all these equipments. Then you can buy all these equipment as your business grows. In this way you can start this business at low cost.

You can take loan from the government

If you want, you can also take a loan under the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana for computer or laptop repairing business. Or on the basis of the certificate of training you have taken, you can apply for a loan in any bank. The loan limit can be from 25 thousand to 2 lakh.

Opportunities to take Authorized service center of a company

Every company gives a warranty of few days to its customer on taking laptop or computer. Under this, if the laptop or computer gets damaged during the warranty period, then the company repairs it for free. For which it keeps its service center in every city. In this way, if you want, you can open a recognized service center of any company. For this, you have to find out which company's service center is not in your city. And you can open a service center by contacting that company.

Some special tips for running a business

Initially, keep the service charge less than the market charge, which will lead to more and more customers. The customer repairs the product at the given time. While taking laptop or computer from the customer for repairing, make a Rashid and give it to the customer what you have received. Do more branding of your shop. And so on.

Start Computer Repairing Business.Get ideas about Necessary equipment for starting pc repairing business.Know investment and profit details

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