How to Get Courier Delivery Boy Job? Eligibility,Earning Per Delivery

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to get Courier delivery Boy Job / Courier Service Job / Gati, Ecom express,ekart, bluedart,Amazon,Flipkart

Hello friends, all of you are warmly welcome in my website, today we will talk about courier boy through this post, what is courier boy and how do they get courier job, today we are going to point to point through this post. Point will talk about this. In today's time, all the people have started shopping online, in such a situation, courier boys do not have the same delivery company but in less time and easily, today we will talk about courier.

In today's modernity, any person doing business wants to sell his goods online, in such a situation, there are many e-commerce companies that work between the customer and the shopkeeper, and deliver the goods from one person to another, so come We know about how this happens. In today's time everyone is doing online shopping and you are thinking of becoming a courier boy, then you can easily become a courier boy, today many courier companies take out vacancies for courier boy, you have to take care of some things. Then you can easily become a courier boy.

What is a Courier Boy?

In today's modernity, we buy any goods, then we differentiate between the rates of both the market around us and the online market and we like to buy goods from where we see the benefit. In today's time, there are many business companies that sell their goods online and the customer buys it after seeing the discount, but the company or shop does not come to deliver the goods directly to the customer, for that the help of courier is taken, any goods from outside. Comes and after coming to the city, someone comes to drop the parcel to the customer's house, he is called courier boy.

In today's time, there are many e-commerce companies which are doing the work of mediation between the shopkeeper and the customer and the shopkeeper's goods show in his website which the customer likes and buys, in such a situation the e-commerce company's It is an obligation that they provide their goods to the customer, in that case delivery charge is also taken, and care is taken that the goods are delivered on time. The job of a courier boy is to deliver the goods to the customer as soon as the company sends them, for this many courier services are running in India like Gati, Ecom express, Ekart, Bluedart, Amazon, Flipkart etc., which are used for door to door shipment. Works for consignment.

How to apply to become a Courier Boy ?

• First of all you should think about which company you want to serve, for that you should know about courier boy.

• To become a delivery service partner of any company in which you want to become a courier boy, you can apply by going to the link of that company's official website like amazon, flipkart, ekart, etc.

• Click on the link to apply and register by entering your email id and password.

• After registration, verification code will come in your mobile number or mail id, verify it.

• You can also apply offline by visiting the nearest courier center in your city.

• As soon as you fill the form, then your ID card is generated and you become a courier boy. 

• After this there is training for a few days, then you are sent to the ground field.

• After that you become a courier boy and do door to door goods shipping and consignment.

• As soon as you work as a courier delivery boy, then you can earn more money by doing extra work together.

Eligibility to become Courier Boy:

• You should have 10th pass mark sheet.

• You should have knowledge of riding a bike and it is very important to have a driving license.

• Your age should be minimum 18 years and maximum 35 years, then only you can give service as Courier Boy.

• You should have knowledge of bilingual Hindi and any other local language.

• You must have your own motorcycle.

• You must also have your own smartphone.

• Must have Aadhar Card and Identity Card.

• It is also necessary to have an account in the bank.

Working Hours of Courier Boy in Days :

By the way, for door to door delivery of goods, you will have to leave once or twice a day with all the goods but your working period will be around 8 to 10 hours, as well as if you are a temporary courier boy, then in case you are 4 Can provide service only for 5 hours. The working period may be less, but you have to do very little work in this, by cross checking the list which is available, you have to take your goods which you have to deliver from the city office and then give it to the address given by the customer. In today's time, through location, you can easily find the place where you want to leave the goods.

What is the salary of courier boy ?

In today's time, no job is big or small, if you have passion to do something, then you can do it easily, the salary does not matter for this, if you want to become a courier boy, then their salary is about 10 Thousand to 15 thousand as well as you can get 10 to 15 rupees in a day, if you deliver around 100 per day then you can also earn 50 thousand to 60 thousand per month, as well as if you are in small town If you work in I, then you get less reward and incentive because there is not much crowd that you can take extra income, so you will have to work in less salary.

Benefits of becoming a courier boy:

If you want to become a courier, then you will have one advantage that any company you work for has a fixed location where you will have to deliver the goods in a fixed time, so the work load on you will be less, you will easily can work with. You will not need to take out the goods from the garage, for that there are already people who work, so you should be free for this. You have to take the goods from the garage, then add it to your cart and deliver it door to door, this is a very easy task, you can do it easily and earn a good amount of money for a month. Also, the courier company insures that nothing untoward happens to you, in this way you can easily earn money by doing a job.

What is the job of Courier Boy?

By the way, you must have heard about the postman, in the same way there is a courier boy, in the earlier times, the postman used to do the work of transporting any important document and letter from one place to another, in today's time the online market is growing, so door For two door service, there are courier boys who transport goods from one place to another, in today's time it has become easy to order any goods, in such a situation, the job of the courier boy is to deliver the goods in safe hands, whose parcel The courier boy has to take care of this thing only to give it to him.

Is the job of courier boy permanent?

You can do the service of courier boy in two ways, either you can work permanently or you can work part time, it depends on you how you want to work. This is not in any way permanent or on contract basis, you can leave the job whenever you want, if your performance is poor, then in the event the company fires you, this job is not permanent in any way. The job of courier boy depends on how many days you are able to do in your work. Many people do part time along with studies, in such a situation, the job of a courier boy is good, you can earn a good salary by working less time as well as you can continue your studies.  

Which company to join for courier boy job?

If you are thinking of becoming a courier boy as well as thinking about the company which company to join, then let me tell you, whatever courier company you do, you will have to do the same work in almost all and also salary. It is almost the same, in such a situation, you can join any company according to the convenience of your time and become a courier boy. There are some famous courier company in India which you can join and you can earn a good salary, that is Gati, Ecom express, Amazon delivery boy, Flipkart delivery boy, Bluedart and Ekart etc. Will guide you well how to work, salary is also good here. 

How to become Courier Delivery Boy Job in India? Eligibility details,Working Hours of Courier Boy in Days .Logistic job details

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