How to Start Mini Dal Mill Business (Lentils) in India

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Nowadays most of the people want to do that business in which there is a lot of profit. Whether they have an understanding of that business or not. In this affair, he also causes a lot of harm to himself. In such a situation, if you want to do any business, then do some work in which if there is not much profit, then there can be no loss. Today we will talk about one such business, by starting which you can easily earn a good amount of money without any big investment, that is “ Mini Dal Mill Business”.

Mini Dal Mill business

Lentils are considered to be the best source of protein in Indian cuisine, which is also an easy task to cook, due to the specialty of pulses, people are earning thousands and millions of profits by doing pulse milling business, so today we are going to start a business related to pulses. Will take information about the subject, in which mainly the following things will be discussed-

What is lentils ?

One of the major sources of protein in Indian cuisine, lentils are one of the cereal ingredients that are popular in Indian cuisine. Lentils are used plain, fried, used in sambar, used in pakodas, used in dosa, are used in many Indian dishes.

What is pulse mill ?

In such a place, raw pulses are made edible and prepared, that place is called pulse mill.

What is Dal Mill Business?

Today we are talking about pulse mill business. Dal business is a business in which different types of pulses are prepared with the help of machines. Either the mill owner can prepare and sell pulses himself or he can earn money by preparing pulses for someone else. In the second case, on the number of kilos of pulses that are prepared, a certain amount of money goes to the mill owner, that is, the entrepreneur. It is a very profitable business as it can be started with low cost.

Considering the benefits of pulses and being a part of food in Indian culture, there has always been a demand for it, and if its business does not give profit, then there will be no loss, the business of pulse mill comes under such business. That is, according to the increasing demand, pulse mill business is a better option to earn profits.

Scope in Dal Mill Business

Dal is such a thing which is eaten with great fervor everywhere whether it is village or city with roti and rice. The demand for pulses often increases. This is something that does not spoil quickly. Even if it is not in high demand at some point of time, it still has advantages because it is a food item which is used by almost every household.

That is why it will definitely come in demand in the future. The pulse mill business does not sell pulses, but pulses are prepared in it, but if you want, you can start selling pulses along with the pulse mill. For this, you can buy only the pulses brought to you here. There is a lot of profit and scope in the business of selling pulses and pulses. Because the things which are in high demand in the market always prove to be beneficial.

What are the necessary precautions and information to be kept before starting pulse mill business ?

How to start dal mill business ?

If you have made up your mind to do pulse mill business, then let us know how you can start it? It is very easy to start and operate the pulse mill business. If you want, you can also do it part time, but when you start making good profits in it, then you can do it full time. 

There is a complete process to start any business, according to which the whole business is setup and worked.

Choosing a place !

Now if you are completely ready to do this business, then first of all you will need a place for your business. This space may not be much, but it should be enough in which you can easily keep all your machine setup and other chambers and materials and equipment related to pulse mill. The place should be such where there is a means, it is easy to reach the raw material to the customers and the mill. It should be close to 2000 to 2500 square feet, in which everything should be done well, the place should be such where the market is close and there is demand for the mall whose business is to be done.

License and registration

Registration and license is necessary for the business of pulse mill, so that the business can be recognized legally.

Following are the necessary licenses and registrations in the pulse mill business-

All these licenses and registrations are necessary for the pulse mill.

Buy machines

In pulse mill, pulses are prepared with the help of necessary machines, these machines are as follows-

These main machines are used in pulse mill.

Apart from these, three types of machines are used in the pulse mill-

The work of these machines is to prepare pulses.

Setting up the business

The machines and the necessary materials and equipment are setup in the right place in the mill so that the work can be done easily.

Hiring a workers

To run the business, the help of machines and workers is taken, initially the work can be done by keeping about 10 to 15 people in the business and the number of workers depends on the machines (manual, semi automatic, full automatic).

Manual- more worker than
Semi automatic- less than manual
Full automatic- less than semiautomatic

Preparation of pulses with the help of workers and machines in the raw pulse procurement mill

They buy raw pulses from farmers and wholesalers and bring them to the mill, and with the help of machino workers, prepare the pulses in an edible form.

Make profit by selling pulses

By preparing pulses, he earns profit by selling it to his fixed customers, wholesalers and hotels, restaurants.

How to prepare dal in pulse mill ?

It is very easy to make pulses in the pulse mill because most of the machines are automatic, you only have to put the raw material which is the crop (pulses) in the machine. But the raw material is first kept soaked in water for some time. After which it is put inside from one end of the machine and the prepared dal comes out from the other end. However, that dal is dried for a day or two. And if there is a manual machine, then different machines like removing the peels in the peeler, drying the pulses in the dryer, for polishing the pulses in the polisher, and for packing the pulses in bags in bag packaging.

What is Fully Automatic Dal Mill Machine ?

In Full Automatic Dal Mill Machine, all the work like peeler, dryer, polisher, all are done together, and we get the finished pulses from the other side of the machine, which with the help of bag packaging can print our trademark and brand and make it ready for sale. It is taken, which is sold in the market to earn profit.

How much does pulse mill business cost ?

In the pulse mill business, the cost is incurred in the machines and setup and raw material, the cost of raw material is accounted for every month, but the one-time work is mainly done in the setup and purchase of the machines. 3HP machine full automatic costs around 70,000 to 80,000.

6hp machine full automatic can take around 150,000 to 2 lakhs. 1 lakh should also be invested in the maximum starting business in raw material, and in the set-up around 1 lakh, the entire cost can be up to about 4 lakhs. If you take manual and semi-automatic machines, then their cost will be less, then if you look at the approximate cost, then it can cost up to 3 lakhs in the beginning.

How much profit is there in pulse mill business ?

Profit in the pulse mill business depends on the production. If 3 HP machine is giving production close to 100 kg in 1 hour and each kg is making profit of Rs.

If the machine runs for about 8 hours in a day, it will produce 800kg, the profit for 1 day can be around 1600, according to this, the profit of the month can be around 48000 to 50000.

If the machine is of 6HP then production will produce around 300kg in 1 hour, profit can be around 2400 profit in a day, 72000 for a month.

In this way, a person interested in pulse mill business can start a business by taking information about this business and earn good profit and can improve his future by taking forward the business.

Where do you sell pulses?

If you want, you can sell the pulses prepared in your mill yourself or you can easily sell it to the traders in wholesale. You will have to make more pulses to earn good profits, as well as transport that made pulses to the right place, only then you will be able to earn good profits.


Q : What is the full automatic pulse mill cost?

Full automatic pulse mill cost is around 70000 to 80000 of 3hp.

And the cost of 6HP machine is 150000 to 2 lakh approx.

Q: Is pulse mill business profitable?

Yes, pulse mill business is a good profitable business, because the demand for pulses is always there in the market.

Q: What is Dal Mill Subsidy?

According to the Deputy Agriculture Director, 9 mini pulse mills will be arranged in each district by the government to promote employment under the National Food Security Mission.

Under this, 50% of the government will give grant, and 50% of the beneficiary will have to do it.

Q: Which machine is used to clean pulses?

Cleaner machine is used to clean the pulses.

Start Mini Dal Mill Business in India.Know the initial investment of lentils business.Learn how to setup and license and registration required in India.

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