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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

DJ Sound Service Business Guide - All Details

The DJ business has brought a new boom for the music lovers. This business is perfect for those who love music. Especially in the youth segment there is a lot of craze about DJ business and youth show more interest in starting this business. But yes, this business can be run successfully by those people who love music, they do not consider it a headache, they enjoy its tunes and know what kind of music people will like at what time. That's why you have a passion for music, then this DJ service business is for you. So let's know about the step by step process of starting DJ business-

How to start DJ Sound Service business

Before starting the DJ business, if you have not done planning-plating on paper about it or have not experienced it, then it can prove to be harmful for you. Therefore, before starting any business, a structure should be prepared about it and proceed with step by step, but the first thing that is required to start a DJ business is your experience in this field, so let's go Let's start from here-

Get Experience- Experience is very important in something because it prepares your mind to move ahead and make a career in this field.

To start a DJ business, first you have to get experience. For which you should work with an expert DJ as his assistant or assistant or play the role of DJ in a small party. With this, you will get to know its nuances and at the same time you can take lessons from the mistakes made and improve them. So that when you start your own DJ business, you are aware of the problems that may come.

Do business planning

After this we come to the planning of DJ business business. No business can be started without planning. There are three things you should keep in mind while planning your business. First budget, second target audience and third marketing. First of all how much money do you want to spend to start DJ business,

How to manage your budget Then who will be your target audience. Whether you just want to provide your services in a wedding or function or can become a DJ partner in a big event, how much manpower will you need in the beginning. The third number is marketing, which plays a very important role in establishing a business. How will you market your business and how much money will you spend on it etc. Plan all these things.

Shopping for essential equipment

To start a DJ business, mainly you need a CD player, laptop, channel mixer, amplifier, dj mixer, dj light, sound system, microphone, dj turtable, music tune, dj dance floor etc. You should take all these things from a good local market from three to four DJ equipment supplier and then choose them considering your budget and their features.

You can use Ahuja's products in the beginning. Its price is low and the sound quality is good. Nowadays, even in the world of online market, you get the biggest items available. But instead you should be more dependent on the local market. If you are thinking of starting this business then you can easily start it with an investment of 2 to 3 lakhs.

Register for DJ Service Business

If you want to start DJ service business then it has to be registered. Whether you want to start your DJ business as a company on a large scale or run it as an individual. For this you need to get a license and permission from the local authority. Many times customers trust you more on the status of your being registered, as well as you have to get GST done to pay the sure bill to your customer. Apart from this, you can also get your equipment insured, there is a risk cover if the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.

Sset your price

You should decide the price of DJ service according to the hour, time, day, distance, event, that is, you can decide the rate of DJ service according to all these things from the customer. That is, what is the location (near or far), how is the event (small or big), if you need more people in case of big events, then the service charge will come more. DJ service is needed during the day or at night, what system is required by the customer etc. Therefore, you should determine the price of DJ service according to all these circumstances.


Marketing plays the most important role in any business. Even though its number comes last, but a good marketing strategy can also establish your business and take it to the heights. There are many marketing strategies you can adopt to start a DJ business.

Give a good name to promote DJ. Names that easily sit in people's minds and prepare a shop. Where to put the small thick board and setup.

You can do marketing in that area by a marketing company through advertising, posters. Or you can target your audience in the social market and get it promoted.

You can increase your business and customers by connecting with event planners, wedding planners, catering business people of your area.

You can tie up with guest houses, hotels or tent houses in that area. So that if their function or party comes in handy then they can use your DJ service to DJ.

DJ Business Demand

Today, whether there is a wedding in someone's house or a seminar party, it is decided to have a DJ in everyone. DJ has now become a demand for big and big official parties from small functions of the house. In the last few years, there have been some services whose demand has increased a lot. DJ service is also one of them. Till a few years ago, the demand for DJ service was limited to a few cities.

But today people from villages to towns consider it proud to call DJ. Now party means DJ. People do not forget to call the DJ even in the small parties of their house. In such a situation, the area of ​​DJ business has increased a lot now. In such a situation, this business will not prove to be a loss-making deal for you today and in the years to come.

What will be the estimated income from DJ Sound Service Business

Now the work of DJ business is not limited to just wedding parties. Apart from marriage, there are many occasions in people's life when people organize a party to make these occasions memorable and if there is a party then it will be mandatory to have a DJ. Your income depends on the level at which you want to start your business.

But roughly speaking, DJ businessmen charge a rent of 8000 to 25000 for this. This fare depends on the service and requirement of the customer. Suppose you fix 10000 rent and you also get 120 days of work in 365 days of the year, then accordingly your earning for the whole year comes out to 1200000 (10000*120). In this earning, you will include many of your expenses like manpower cost, transportation cost and many other expenses. By subtracting which you can add your earnings i.e. profit.

If you want to start DJ business, hope we have provided all the information for you in this article. If you like this information then do comment.

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