Dried Flower Business,How to start and Profit

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Dried Flowers business has been growing significantly and the demand is even greater abroad from the country. Due to high demand, India has reached the first position in export of dry flowers. Dried Flower Technique is so simple that anyone can easily start their own business by learning it.

Dried Flower Business

What is this dry flower technique?

By Dried Flower Technique, the blossomed flowers are mixed with perfume before they wither and are preserved by packing them in polythene bags. Apart from this, many such products are also being prepared by drying flowers and its petals, which not only enhance the beauty of the house, but on export, dried flower products can also become a means of earning. In this era of rising inflation, this technology can also prove to be a source of additional income for the women sitting at home. The products made with this technology are best for export and give more profit in less cost. Through this industry, farmers can increase their income and lead a happy life.

Why dry flowers?

There is a good demand for dried flowers in the domestic and foreign markets. It is exported from India to America, Japan and Europe.

Dry flower does not mean only flower, but it also includes dry stem, seeds, buds etc.

About Rs 100 crore worth of dry flowers are exported from India every year.

They are used in the manufacture of handmade paper, lamp shades, candle stands, jute bags, photo frames, boxes, books, wall decorations, cards and other gift items.

The use of waste materials and dry flowers lying in the house increases both the beauty and the benefit of the product.

All the products made with this technology are best for export and give more profit in less cost.

Which flowers are used

In this, more than 300 varieties of flowers are dried. For example, the demand for dried roses, dried lotus, cotton flowers, lavender and daisies etc. is very high in the markets.

Dried flower products

Dried flowers of different colors can also be used to make dry greeting cards, covers, bouquets, frames, candle stands, wall pictures, calendars, wall hangings, paper weights, scenery, coasters, table mats, pen stands, book marks etc. can. There is a huge demand for them in the market. Most of them are used in the decoration of big hotels, malls.

how much will you have to invest
You can start this business in a small amount of land too. For this you have to plant a flower garden. To start this business, you will have to invest 1.5 lakh rupees in the beginning.

How much will you earn ?

By doing this business you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month. The market price of a pack of dried flowers is Rs 400. If you sell even two packets daily, then you can earn 24 thousand rupees in a month. As your business grows, your profits will also increase.

Required permits and licenses

It is very important to obtain permits and licenses for dry flower business. If you start this without a license, you may have to pay heavy fines, or your business may be closed. So do not start a business without a permit.

Get business insurance

If you want to keep your business safe then you need to get insurance. So take a good insurance according to your business.

Where to sell dried flowers

First create a business website. This will help people to know more about your business and your products. If you want to spread your business then social media can prove to be a good step in this. Because nowadays people like to buy everything on digital platform only. So make maximum use of it. You can also easily sell them on amazon.com and alibaba.com. Apart from this, you can easily sell your goods by going to the export house of dried flowers or you can apply your products in handicrafts fair.

How to start Dried Flower Business in your area. Know Dried Flower Business profit and initial investment. Who can start this business in India ?

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