DTDC Franchise Opportunity,How To Apply For Your Pincode

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

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dtdc franchise instructions

DTDC Franchise Program - Cost,Investment,Profit,Online Application & Contact Number

DTDC is a premier courier supply chain in India.Everday thousands of shipments are delivered across India.They have more than 10,000 franchises to run the business 24/7 hrs.No matter where you want to send your parcel whether it's domestic or international.You will get the best price and reliable service from them.DTDC offers Indian citizen to start their franchise in your city.We will help you to Get franchise approval from them.Read rest of the article before you decide to start a logistics business in your area.

DTDC Franchise Opportunity - Become Partner

Main benefits of DTDC franchise 

Franchise benefits matter for all business as it decided whether you are about to make profit or not.Therefore it is recommended to check all core benefits of any franchise benefits.

What are the different franchise models are provided?

DTDC currently offer 4 main franchise models.These are as follows

Single Unit Franchisee - It is most common and basic franchise startup.It is limited to particular Pincode or territory.One can request this franchise if they have limited delivery scope.

Master Franchisee (MF) - This type of franchise is little broader than the single unit franchise.The master franchise can be operated within the city of regional offices.It helps to operate and develop other franchise.

Super Franchisee (SF) - It represents independent territory or districts.This type of franchise mainly takes care clients, franchise development, and operations.

Corporate Franchise (CF) - The CF franchise is provided to a highly experienced individual.The company select franchise owner manually and promote business.This franchise model requires good investment, good infrastructure and communicating tools.

Franchise Scope & Selection Process:

The appointment takes total 15 days to complete from the beginning.Through these procedures, your application will be verified.

Franchise Training and Development

The most important part of the franchise is training and development.Without proper skills and knowledge, one cannot get success in this field.To make sure DTDC has the unique training program for each applicant who gets approval from them.The company organizes training on several products and services.Besides this, you can attend meetings, be part of one-on-one interaction & download online modules.Even some additional supports provided by DTDC.

Some recent franchise training programs are :

Channel Partner Induction Program, Incubation Help Desk(IHD), Continuous Learning and Development

Schemes/Investment required to start the franchise

As we mentioned earlier that DTDC offers different franchise model, therefore franchise fees depends on the category you select.Get a basic idea from below investment scheme

Total Investment
Category A: Rs.1,50,000
Category B: Rs.1,00,000
Category C: Rs.50,000
Area required
Ground Floor premises facing road
Franchise Fees
No Fees. Only Security Deposit and Set-up Fee
Royalty Fees
10% of turnover
Marketing cost (Percentage of sales)
The company does (5%)
Working Capital (per month)
Category A: Rs.1,00,000
Category B: Rs.50,000
Category C: Rs.25,000
Return on Investment
> 20%
No. of employees required to run a franchise unit
Category A: 4
Category B: 3
Category C: 2
Expected break-even time
> 20%
Average business from a Franchise unit
Category A: Rs.1,50,000 p.m.
Category B: Rs.75,000 p.m.
Category C: Rs.40,000 p.m.

How much storage space required?

For logistics or delivery business the storage space helps you to manage parcel.You require minimum 300sqft to 450 sqft area for better courier management.However, you should directly discuss with franchise service provider.

Documents that need to be submitted

  1.  Demand draft for the security deposit & establishment fee
  2. Individual Identity proof - You can submit voter card or Government issued Aadhaar card
  3. Address proof - For address verification, you need to attach ration card or electricity bill
  4. Premises/office ownership agreement.For rented place (rental papers are vital)
  5. Bank passbook or bank statement
  6. Letter of reference

Basic tools for starting the franchise

You need to buy printers for printing receipt, orders or generates tracking label, Computer, high-speed internet, barcode reader, motor vehicles, packaging label, adhesive, staplers, pins and so on.

Franchise Agreement and term details

To be associate of DTDC courier you need to accept the basic company rules and formalities.All terms and conditions are described to you at the time of contract.The common franchise agreement period is between 3 to 5 years.Some companies they extend up to 10 years in a single unit franchise.

How to apply for franchise

DTDC does not have online application process.They verify step by step through their internal program.We have made a special guide which will show you how to approach,all office address and approval process.

Note: All DTDC franchise dealership information are provided here is based on the official website.We are not the official website and if any trademark used here,it is completely own by them.Thanks for understanding.

DTDC Franchise business .DTDC courier franchise investment, commission basic requirements.Learn how to apply for DTDC franchise program - Become DTDC partner and serve 10,000 locations across India.Connect with more than 10,500 franchises today

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