How to Earn Money by Selling Photos Online ? Complete Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Know how to sell photos online - How to earn money by selling photos - In today's time everything has become digital and most of today's business is also moving towards digitalization. Many people earn money in different ways, one of them is by taking photos and selling them online. 

Selling Photos online

You may not believe it, but if you are a good photographer and you think that you take good photos, your photos are amazing, then you can sell them online and earn money by taking them. In today's post we will tell you Will tell how you can earn money by using your talent.

Tools needed for taking photos

To take photos, as you know, you only need a good camera and in today's time mobiles are not less than cameras, if you want, you can use any mobile as your camera to take photos. . Now if you are able to take a good photo, then it is your turn to sell that photo online. So let's know how to sell photos online.

How to sell photos online

You may not believe that money can be earned in this way, but this is the right way to earn money. There are many such websites on the Internet where photos can be bought or sold. You will also put your photos on a similar website. Where people can buy your photos.

We will tell you the name of the website at the end of the post. The criteria for uploading photos on different websites may be different. But if you want your photo to be bought as much as possible, then try to take your photo in good quality because people buy good quality photos quickly.

A big company needs good photos for their website, so in such a situation, you can earn money by selling your own drawn photos to them, nowadays many websites are available in the internet to sell photos online but all websites You cannot earn money from these, there are some websites that give you good money, so today We will tell you about those websites where you can sell your photos and earn good money.

Where to sell photos?

1) Shutterstock.com :

Through this website, we can earn money by uploading our own photos, so let us know how much money you can  earn from this website, your earning from this website depends on the download, as many of your photos people will download in this website. how much money you can earn

You can get 0.40 to 95 dollars from one download,  for this you go to Shutterstock.com website, after that you create a new account, after creating an account, you signin and after signing, the dashboard of the website will be open .

Go and click on upload photos and upload your own photo, remember that do not upload photos by copying others, upload original photos only here, if you upload photos from someone's website, this google, then this website will be your account. block Krdega

So keep this in mind that  after uploading your own photos, you have to wait for 12 hours Shutterstock.com will check your photos whether it is original or not, if it is original then you can start earning money easily from here.

2) Crestock.com

You can also earn a lot of money from this website, for this you need a smartphone, this camera, so that you can take good photos and edit your photos and upload it to this website and this website will give you money for it here.we will tell you how you can upload photos in this website and how much money this website will give you 

There are many websites in the internet where you can upload photos, but this website Crestock.com is better than all of them and is a simple site, first you have to go to this website and signup to create your account. You can do this again with gmail.

After creating an account in Crestock.com , you have to signin and go to the dashboard of this website, after that you will have to upload photos by clicking on Upload Photos, in this website you can upload only 10 photos in 1 week and You have to upload your own photos

copywrite photos you can not upload here After uploading photos Crestock.com will verify your photo and if this photo is original then it will make photos live in its website if any buyer liked your photos then that is your photo Buy it from the website and you will get a lot of money from them, you can earn from 0.40 to 120 dollars with a photo sale.

3) Istock

Istock is also a good website to earn money, here also you can do free registration, in this website you have to upload your own edited 3 original photos for the registration process , after uploading the photo This company checks the quality standard of all three photos .

If your photos meet the quality standard of the company , then what you have requested for registration, then your request is approved by the company, after approval, the commission you get for uploading photos from this website is 15 to 45%

4) Getty Images

This is also a very popular photo uploading website, here also you can earn a lot of money by uploading your own photos, the registration process in this website is very easy, you can easily sell by uploading your photos in this website and you website is just 20% the commission also

But this website is a very old website and the traffic of this website is much more than all the other websites and if the traffic is more then the chance of selling your photos is also more.

5) Stocksy

This website is also good, but registration is free , but you can upload your photos after the sale of photos, the commission you get here is up to 40 /50% , you can earn good money from this website too. Your own photo photo can be sold on all these websites.

Profits / Costs

In this work, the cost is only of the camera, if mobile is used in its place, then that too ends. On the other hand, if we talk about profits in this business, then there is a lot of potential for profit in it. Different websites give you different prices for photos. But on most you can sell photos for 0.20$ to 20$ or even more.

So friends, this was information about earning money by selling photos. If you liked it then do share it.

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