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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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Ekart courier franchise business guide with security deposit money, Commission and contact number details.

Ekart logistics supply chain is now India's most preferred courier service. 10 million shipments are delivered on monthly basis. The company was established in 2009 and they have around 4000 serviceable pin codes in all over India. Popular services like cash on delivery, in a day guarantee, same day delivery services are available. They are the Flipkart's group. Besides that, they become an individual brand outside of the Flipkart group.For consistent delivery service, people are getting involved with their franchise business. The franchise program is very profitable and the company itself is a reputed company. Therefore if you are planning to start franchise business with EKart company, you have made the right decision. Before applying for their franchise application, you should have minimum experience in logistics industry. We will discuss all the necessary details and minimal requirements.

Ekart Logistic Franchise - Become Partner

Franchise expansion locations

Partner benefits
Before involving with any company, you should know the ultimate franchise benefits. It will help you to start and manage your franchise business. For Ekart business we would like to inform you that, eKart a simple secure and most reliable courier service provider in India. Therefore if you are applying for the franchise you will gain a number of benefits from them.

  1. They provide complete training and business support
  2. The investment cost is not too high, you can start with minimal security deposit money
  3. Simple terms and conditions helps you to understand their business policy
  4. Shipment services available in all popular cities in India
  5. Customer satisfaction is the main priority, therefore you get Express delivery service option.
  6. Get higher return from each transaction
  7. Best technology and computerized system maintenance

Franchise training location
This will be provided in your own City. Depending on your location they choose the particular training location.

Investment details:
Ekart lets you choose master franchise or subsidiary franchise. Both have good earning potential. But if you go for the master franchise it will cost little high as comparing subsidiary franchise. The investment cost according to some experts it is between 50,000 to 1 lakh. We can't tell you the exact amount, therefore, the actual deposit money could be different.

Agreement and term details
Like all other companies, ekart has their own agreement criteria. The standard franchise agreement lets you start the business instantly. The agreement period is between 3 to 4 years. You can renew the term at any time

Basic accessories for starting the franchise
The basic accessories you need like printers, computers, scanners, Barcode Scanner, shipping label, internet connection etc. These are some basic requirements that should be ready.

Storage space
You can apply for dealership if you have minimum 400 sqft to 600 sqft office space. This could be your rental place or your own storage place. For rental place, you need to show all the valid documents to the Ekart authority

Documents need for approval
Property paper for owner verification
Identity proof like voter card, Aadhar card
Bank cancel cheque or pass book front page copy for security deposit money purpose
Business verification - PAN card and GST details
There are some other documents you may require like electricity bill or driving licence

How to apply:
Since Ekart doesn't accept any online application form, you don't have any choice to send your franchise request.

Ekart customer service

Contact Number - 1800 420 1111

Official logistic website


Download App from Google play store

Head office address

Ekart Logistics Registered Office Address-
Brigade Manae Court, First Floor,
No.111, Koramangala Industrial Layout,
Bangalore- 560 095, Karnataka,

Franchise Related FAQ

How do I get a Ekart franchise ?

The main objective of this article to give you best information regarding franchise.According to Wikipedia, still now Ekart courier does not have online application form.You need to visit physical office address which we have mentioned in above.

Is this franchise Profitable ?

Any business whether its franchise or other retail business, the profitability depends on how you manage the entire work.Any logistics franchise business is highly profitable.You need to hire experienced people and deliver the parcels on time.The more shipment you deliver , you earn more profit from the seller.

How can I get Flipkart Logistic franchise ?

We have already explained in our previous post regarding Flipkart delivery franchise.You can jump to the article to find the details and how to apply.

Who is the owner of Ekart logistic company ?

The parent company of this logistic is Flipkart pvt ltd.The company headquarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.Almost 10 million shipments are delivered in a single month.

Is Flipkart franchise profitable ?

Yes,you need work hard and maintain good delivery reputation. You can arrange self training program to motivate your stuff.Process large volume shipment and you can earn very good profit.

Who can apply for franchise ?

Any Indian individual who has valid documents can apply for franchise.If you have previous experience in logistic field,it could be the best earning opportunity from their delivery job.

Is my city eligible to run the delivery business ?

As you know , the company expanding their services rapidly.Almost all major cities are now serviceable.But still some locations out of their services.You can send your pin code with full address while submitting the application for.The team will verify and reply according to the location eligibility.

How much time takes to get franchise approval ?

Each and every step is very vital when new franchise application is processed.Therefore the franchise authority takes time, we can't tell you the estimated time frame of getting approval.However , you can expect response from their side within 14 working days.




Starting Ekart Logistic Franchise business 2020.Ekart courier franchise investment,commission & basic requirements.Learn how to apply - Become Ekart partner

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