Employment Scheme by Government of India for Poor Women

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

The progress of society is impossible without the development of women. That is why all the countries are emphasizing on the development of women. The Employment and Training Cooperation Scheme for Women of India was launched in 1986-87. Whose aim is to develop rural and urban poor women.

Employment scheme by Government of India

Employment of women in India along with other countries of the world, he is focusing on women empowerment. Through various schemes, the government is becoming aware of the violence and discrimination against women. The Government of India is running various employment schemes for women so that they become financially prosperous and have respect in the society. These schemes are helping the suffering and vulnerable women.

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The schemes being run by the Government of India for women employment are as follows-

1. Women Self Employment Scheme-

In order to provide employment to women and to encourage their system, state governments have run Mahila Swarozgar Yojana. Poor women get employment through this scheme. This scheme is being started by the state governments so that after getting employment, women can afford their daily needs, so that women should not depend on anyone.

The main objective of this scheme is to make women self-reliant. This scheme was started in 2005, but due to some shortcomings in this scheme, its target could not be fulfilled, so the state governments made many changes to make this scheme successful.

Under this scheme, ₹ 2500 assistance was provided to women. Which has now been increased by the state governments to ₹ 5000. Women are given this amount to buy commercial machines. So that with this women can start their employment.

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Features of Women Self Employment Scheme-

1) Employment Opportunities-

Through the training given in this scheme, women get many employment opportunities like embroidery, weaving, paan, flower, fruit or vegetable shops, pickling, sewing centers etc. Is

2) Facility to handicapped and poor women-

Under this scheme, financial assistance is given to poor women, handicapped, physically disabled women. So that they can get employment by starting their own business.

3) Empowering women-

Through this scheme, the state has to provide employment opportunities to such women who belong to backward areas, make them aware so that they can be empowered.

Eligibility conditions of Mahila Swarozgar Yojana-

1) The age of the beneficiary should be more than 18 years to avail benefits from Mahila Swarozgar Yojana.
2) In the self-employment scheme, only poor women are given money for employment.
3) The annual income of the family should not exceed 35 thousand.
4) Only the women of the state can take the benefit of this scheme, the woman should be a permanent resident of the state.

Documents required for Mahila Swarozgar Yojana-

1) To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary for the woman to have a domicile certificate of the state.
2) The applicant should have a bank account cum passbook.
3) The applicant should have a certificate like Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Ration Card.
4) Applicant should have proof of income.
5) Applicant should have caste certificate.

2) Self Help Group Scheme-

Women are taught to save under Self Help Groups. Women keep depositing a small part of their savings in these self-help groups. If a woman wants to start her own employment then she is provided loan from self help group.

Banks provide more financial help to such SHGs. The number of SHG members should be at least 10 and maximum 20. With the money collected in the Self Help Group, women can start micro or small industries in the village. Due to which other women of the group also get employment and they get income.

Objectives of Self Help Group Scheme-

1) The objective of this scheme is to create mutual trust between the banks and the rural poor.
2) To encourage both savings and loan banking activities among rural women.
The objective of the scheme is to develop credit policies to meet the needs of poor women.

Benefits of Self Help Group Scheme -

1) Formation of self-help groups reduces the dependence of women on other institutions for money.
2) Self-help groups are given funds from banks, which makes it easy for money transactions.
3) Leadership is given to a woman in a self-help group who manages the entire group.
Women from this group can use the money from their small savings for their group work in case of need or emergency.

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Conditions for selection of Self Help Group-

1) The number of members of the support group should be between 10 to 20.
2) The bank should be satisfied with the establishment of the group and its objectives.
3) The group should keep common records with itself.

To take advantage of this scheme, a woman must have a domicile certificate of the state.

3) Free Sewing Machine Scheme

The Free Sewing Machine Scheme is being started by the Prime Minister of our country to provide employment to the poor and educated women of the country. According to the plan, the Government of India will provide sewing machines free of cost to more working women of the country.

According to the scheme, women will be able to get sewing machine free of cost and can start their own employment sitting at home with free sewing machine, so that they can get good income by sewing clothes, can start their own employment sitting at home with free sewing machine. From which she can get good income by sewing clothes.

Under the Free Sewing Machine Scheme, the government will provide free machines to more than 60,000 women in every state of the country. Under this scheme, the poor and willing women of the country who want to get that sewing machine will have to apply for it. Only women in the age group of 20 to 40 years can participate under this scheme.

Benefits of Free Sewing Machine Scheme –

1)   Under this scheme, poor women of the country will get employment opportunity.
2)   Women are motivated for employment so that they can become self-reliant by getting employment.
3) This scheme will provide sewing machines to women free of cost.
4) By getting free sewing machines, women can earn income by sewing people's clothes sitting at home.

Eligibility Conditions of Free Sewing Machine Scheme-

1) The age of the applying woman should be minimum 20 years and maximum 40 years.
2) The annual income of the husband of the woman should not exceed ₹14000.
3) Disabled widow women of the country are also eligible for the scheme.
Economically weak women can also apply for this scheme.

Documents Required for Sewing Machine Scheme-

1) The applying woman should have age proof, identity card, income proof.
2) If the woman is handicapped, a certificate of disability must be obtained from the doctor.
3) The applicant should have Aadhar card.
4) Must have passport size photograph.

Therefore, the main objective of the schemes being run by the government is to provide employment opportunities to women. Therefore, from time to time, the central government starts schemes providing employment to women, so that poor women can get employment and women can get income.

In today's time, many works are being done to provide employment to women and for their development. So that the poor, backward women of our country can become self-reliant. That is why the Government of India and the State Government are running many types of schemes. Any country develops only when the women of that country develop.

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