How to Start Fertilizer Seed Store Business? Qualification,Profit details

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Fertilizer Seed Store Business

In today's time, if you are thinking of setting up your startup, then you have a unique opportunity and in such a situation, you can do the business of fertilizer and seed stock, in this you need to give less time and you have knowledge of seeds and fertilizers. Then you can sell the product, your product will be sold easily. You have to open a store of seeds and fertilizers in the rural area or it is very beneficial to open the shop close to the reach of the villagers i.e. farmers, you can also set up a shop near the market, just you need to store all kinds of fertilizers and seeds. It is very important to note this.

It is very important to take care of manure and seed, special care has to be taken of moisture and place while storing it, it also has to be protected from changes in the environment and 2 years license is given for manure, same for seed storage for 3 years. Even after getting the license, the license has to be renewed.

Educational qualification for opening a fertilizer and seed store?

Earlier, any person used to set up his own fertilizer and seed store, but in today's time, the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has issued a notice in which to open and sell pesticide, fertilizer and seed stock after 12th you have agriculture. It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree from the department, only then you can open a fertilizer and seed store, as well as if you have a B.Sc in chemistry or a graduate in agriculture, then you can apply for a license. Under the 2017 Act, it is very important to have a degree related to the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, and the age of studies has passed, so it is very important to have 10 years of working experience, otherwise legal action should be taken against your firm and shop. can.

Where to get license for fertilizer and seed storage?

• For fertilizer and seed stock, you have to apply to the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.

• To obtain a license, one has to write an application and fill the form carefully, and attach the required documents, submit the form.

• After submitting the application, it is reviewed, if all the information given by you is correct, then in a few days you get NOC for your license.

• If you are applying online then you have to sign in by visiting the official website of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department of Government of India, and fill the form after reading all your information carefully.

• After filling all the information, the required documents have to be scanned and uploaded, then there is a review and your license gets approved.

Documents required for fertilizer and seed storage:

• Aadhar card and voter ID card

• Residence certificate and PAN card

• 2 passport size photos

• Certificate of Graduation Pass

• Map of the shop or firm

How much to invest for fertilizer and seed storage?

The more you invest in manure and seed stock, the more it is beneficial, if you do 50 thousand to 1 lakh, then you cannot keep all the variety of seeds and will not be able to keep more stock of manure, in such a situation, you will have more stock. And if you want to keep different types of seeds, then you have to keep a stock of 1 lakh to 5 lakh, and to earn more profit, then you will have to invest 5 lakh to 10 lakh according to the demand in the market. In this, you have to focus on the margin, then you get a profit of 30 to 60 percent in every product.

Provision of loan for fertilizer and seed stock:

You can start your start up by taking a loan to start your own business, you can take a loan of 50 thousand to 10 lakh from any commercial bank under Mudra loan for fertilizer and seed stock and keep your fertilizer and seed stock. Can put Apart from the Mudra loan, you can also take a loan to open a small business under the self-reliant India scheme.

How to take care of the quality of manure and seed?

In today's time, people are again moving towards organic farming, in such a situation, you have to choose fertilizers and seeds according to the market, there is a need to keep organic manure, for this you need to ask for stock from the organic fertilizer producer around you. You have to deal before then only you will benefit. Seeds In today's time, there are both hybrid and indigenous seeds, in such a situation people want to buy both hybrid and indigenous seeds, in such a situation, you need to stock the seeds according to the demand. There is a possibility of all kinds of weather in India, in such a situation, seeds should be kept according to the season, and manure should be taken care of, fertilizer should be used in proper quantity.

How to promote your fertilizer and seed stock:

In today's time it is time for marketing, it depends on how you are promoting your business, you can promote your fertilizer and seed store in social media or through newspaper, also through magazine. can. You can create a page of your seed store on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and from time to time you will have to keep giving information about fertilizers and seeds along with the price, as well as get the pics of the field from a customer, then you will get promotion easily. And everyone will come to you to buy high yielding seeds. You can also do online paid promotion, create video of the farm, and guide the customer about how to use fertilizer, how to plant seeds, then it will be your benefit.

Start Fertilizer Seed Store Business with little money. Find seed storage business details with estimated cost, profit and set up guide.

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