Species of Fish for Fish Farming (Fish Breeds in India)

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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Information about the species of fish for fish farming – It is very important for fish farming to get information about the species of fish that we can earn maximum profit by rearing which species of fish, although there are many species of fish. If we have to follow the species of fish found in India, then it can easily adapt to our environment and which has good growth potential.

Species of Fish

Today I am going to tell you about the species of fish that people mainly like for fish farming, in your previous article, I told you the complete method of how to do fish farming, today I will tell you about the fish farming. I am going to tell about different species, which breed of fish can increase your business and earn maximum profit.

Major breeds of fish found in India:

1) Rohu fish - This breed of fish  is considered to be one of the very popular fish in India, this fish  is found in the rivers of South Asia, it is an important species of fish of the carp family.

This breed of fish is also known as Rohu, Rui, or Roho, this fish is mostly water-borne plants, it survives by eating vegetation, their length is up to 1 meter.

Rohu fish  become ready for breeding during the second year. It lays eggs in the time of April-September. This breed of fish  naturally breeds in rivers and in bunds under special conditions.

For fish farming, this species of fish produced seeds can be easily reared in seasonal or perennial unnecessary ponds, these fishes  increase more than 1 kilo in a year.

2) Catla fishes – This breed of fish is considered to be the Indian major carp species, it is the fastest growing fish breed, this fish is considered very beneficial for fish farming.

This breed of fish is very popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. It is also known by the name Bhakura in our India. Its body is wide, its head is long and its fins are black, it eats its food from the upper surface of the water.

Katli fishes are ready for breeding during monsoon. They lay eggs once in a year and it lays more than 75000 eggs according to its body weight.
These fishes breed naturally in rivers and dams during monsoon season can arise even under control conditions

You can grow these fish comfortably in clean and deep water tanks and ponds for fish farming, the weight of these fish increases very rapidly from 1 to 1.5 kg in a year.

3) Silver Carp - Silver carp fishes are originally found in South and Central China, but now this fish is also available in our India. Is

It is easily digested by eating plants growing in water and a mixture of rotten nettle oil cake and rice.

It takes about 2-4 years for these fish to mature in China, while in India it matures within 2 years. It becomes ready to lay eggs in the month of May and June, it lays 90,000 to 1 lakh eggs according to its body weight,
in a year of fish rearing from the pond, their weight becomes 1 to 1.5 kg.

4) Common carp – This species of fish is especially carp native to China, but now these fishes are considered to be the most domesticated and cultivated carp species in the world, this fish always digs the bottom of the pond in search of its food. Is.

This habit of digging at the bottom of the pond greatly helps in maintaining the productivity of the ponds and hence it is very beneficial to breed common carp in the pond along with other fish species.

These fishes are mostly deep underwater species, which survive by eating rotten gully fruits and plants. During fish farming, it weighs more than 1 kg within a year.

The color of these fish is deep golden yellow and their length ranges from 10 to 14 inches. This fish lays eggs twice a year. It lays eggs in March to April and September to October. These fishes are more than 85,000 according to their body weight. Lays up to 95,000 eggs, 20 thousand common carp can be reared in one acre for fish farming.

Know which fish species can be followed for fish farming which can give more profit.

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