How to start Profitable Fish Farming Business in India

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

If you are also one of those people who want to make a good profit by doing your own business, then you can do this work by doing fish farming. In this business you raise fish and earn money by selling them. You do not need to make a big investment for fish farming and in this business you have to invest only once, after that you start withdrawing your expenses from this business.

What is fish farming self employment ?

Fish Farming is such a self-employment of fish farming, in which you can earn more profit in less cost. Many varieties of fish are reared in less space and profit is earned by selling them in the market. Fish is the best source of protein and vitamins. Once you start the fish farming business, your income keeps on earning continuously. Variety of fishes like Rohu, Silver, Grass, Bhakur and Naina fishes are reared more for fish farming.

How to do fish farming ?

The business of fish farming is done in almost all the states of India, about 70 percent of the people in India consume fish. We also call business fish farming in other language.

More than half of the population of India eats fish and the business of fish farming is even more beneficial for those areas where the area of ​​rivers, waterfalls, ponds comes, where the facilities of all these sources are good, there is the possibility of fish farming. Doing business becomes easier

In such a way, to do fish farming, you people also need some land and small ponds in which we can keep fish for a few days, no more capital is needed to do fish farming business if we If you want, you can start its business even in less capital and earn more profit from it.

Why you should do fish farming ?

One thing must come in your mind that why should we do the business of fish farming, what is it like, what is the benefit in the business of fish farming? Doing the business of fish farming, and many such things will be coming in the mind of the people who will be doing this business for the first time or those people who will not have any idea about the business of fish farming, then I want to tell you that

The business of fish farming is being done in India in a much higher percentage than it is happening in other countries also, the energy nutritious food from fish, which has many benefits in the form of medicine in our body and diseases. The demand is increasing day by day, nowadays people are promoting this business by making ponds or small farms at their own places, and earning more and more profit.

Even there are many species of fishes, each species has its own special qualities, they are more popular in the market due to their special qualities, people demand them more, all these benefits are of fish farming. Brings business to great profit

Which species (breed) of fish should be raised

If you are entering into fish farming and you do not have much information about which breed of fish should be  raised, then we tell you that you should start fish like Tuna, Silver crop, Rohu, Common crop etc.

Their demand always remains in the market, you can get fish from the Department of Fisheries to raise fish. It is available in most cities to help fishermen. By going here, you can get more information related to fisheries business.

Before selecting the species of fish, keep these things in mind

1) Ability to adapt to the environment of the pond – How is the pond that we have made for fish farming, water remains in it for twelve months, it remains water only during the rainy season, we have to keep this situation in mind.

2) Ability to grow fast –  We also have to keep in mind that if we are doing fish farming commercially, the fish species we are growing should have good growth potential, if the growth of fish is not good then we should fish There will not be much benefit in rearing and if the pond is seasonal, water remains in the pond only during the rainy season, if it does not last for 12 months, then we will have to pay more attention to the growth of the fish, we will have to follow that fish species in the pond. growth is good

3) Ability to eat the food available in the ponds – In  general, the permanent ponds of 12 months, in which some food is easily available, which is called fish and lives, but many species of fish are also like this. Those who do not ask for the food available in the pond, they have to be given food separately, we also have to take care of these things.

4) Ability not to fall ill quickly –  The environment in which we are raising fish should have the ability to adapt to that environment, so choose such a fish which can easily adapt to all environments and we can get maximum benefit.

5) Demand and price in the market -  This is a very important thing, after all, why are we doing fish farming for business and for profit, if the fish we are following and that fish is not in demand in the market, then we should There is no use of keeping fish, we have to follow those fish whose demand is always in the market.

How to prepare a diet for fish ?

Spraying cow dung - If you sprinkle cow dung in the pond where you are rearing fish, then when we put the seeds, then that abundant food is already available for them in 1 hectare you can get 1000 kg of cow dung. can sprinkle

Bran - It is also very good to give bran to the fish when we put the seeds in the pond, the size of the baby's mouth is very small and that bran can be easily eaten and digested.

Duck living in water - We can also keep ducks living in water because the fish eats the duck's beet and it has also been seen that the weight of the fish of that pond in the pond where the ducks live increases very fast. It is a very good idea if you are doing fish farming then you can also raise ducks along with it, you will get double profit.

Many merchants also give flour to the fish, making small pieces of it and giving it to the fish in the form of grains, there are many such food which we can provide to the fish, like earthworms coming out of the ground are also given to the fish. They are known to accelerate the development of fish.

You can do fish harvesting from April to June, at the time of fish harvesting, the weight of the fish should be 40 to 50 grams and their length should be 35 to 40 cm.

How much fish feed ?

When the fish is small, it can eat only 5% of its weight, and as the fish starts growing and becomes bigger, the percentage of their food is lost, they eat only 4% of their weight. may 

How much to feed fish ?

Those who want to do fish farming also have the problem that how much food should be given to the fish, so today I am going to tell you how much food per hectare you can give to the fishes.

In the first 3 months you have to give 3 kg of grain, in the second 3 months you will have to give 8 kg of grain, in the third 3 months you will have to give 16 kg of grain, in the  fourth 3 months you will have to give 24 kg.

When to take the fish out ?

The fish should be taken out only when it is 1 to 1.5 kg. Because if the fish weighs less than this then you will be at loss. So wait until the fish is that big.

Usually the fish becomes of so much weight in 10 to 12 months, after that it is ready to go out and sell, but to sell the fish, it will also have to be removed from the water properly. So a net can be used to get the fish out of the water.

It will take a lot of time to catch the fish one by one, so after putting the fish seeds which you took from your nearest fishery department in the water for 1 year, take the fish out of the water with the help of a net. Along with this, the fish will be marketed soon. Bring it to Because the fish gets spoiled due to being in the open space for a long time.

Profits and costs in fish farming

The cost of fish farming can be according to your requirement. Its cost can range from 3 to 4 lakhs by adding the number of fish and the money spent on their habitat. After this, you will have to wait for 1 year for profit. Meanwhile, the expenditure on fishes will come up to about 1 lakh.

Therefore, you should assume 4 to 5 lakh investment in the beginning. Friends, if we talk about the profit from fish, then we can understand it like this if we also spend 25 percent of 5 lakhs on land and 5000 seeds of fish and keep the fishes in ponds and tanks to grow up. Is

And remove those fish when their weight has become equal to about 1 kg and we also sell each fish for about 100 to 150 rupees, so you can imagine how much profit has been made, then we can see the fish business How much can we benefit from?

The profit in fisheries is very high, in this you can easily earn 4-5 lakh rupees every year, the more fish you keep, the more money you will earn. Good breed and good fish can prove to be very helpful in taking you forward in business, so give good food, clean water to the fish.

Training for fishing

There are also facilities for training by the government for fish farming. Training facilities are available from time to time in the Fisheries Department of the Government of India. Animal Husbandry Department, Dairying Department and Fisheries all three come under the Ministry of Agriculture. The government has launched many schemes at this time to increase the income of farmers and encourage the unemployed for employment and self-employment.

You get information about training from time to time in the website of Government Fisheries Department http://dof.gov.in/en. At this time, the government is encouraging and promoting the blue revolution in fishing farming. In the modern way, fishing farming can be done in small scale tanks as well. An initiative is being taken by the Government of India to develop fish farming in tanks or small ponds by new technology, which is being benefited by crores of fish producers. In the year 2018 by the Government of India, about ₹ 1 lakh 85 thousand lakh has been given in the fishing sector.

Many trainings for fisheries are also given by the Haryana government. 10 days to 15 days training is done on all these things from fish farming to pond cleaning and how to seed. You can get more details from the website-https://mahendragarh.gov.in/

Loan for fish farming

Loan for fish farming is given through Kisan Credit Card. This loan is also made available by local banks in low interest rates. You can rent or get your own tank installed for fish farming. 75 percent of the total cost of fish farming is given by the government in the form of loan, which can be easily repaid in easy installments.

To get a loan for fish farming, if you want to do fish farming from commercial aquaculture system, then a loan of ₹ 20 lakh can be obtained from the district fisheries department. But you have to invest five lakh rupees on your behalf with the fish farming plan. Small loans are also given for fish farming in the tank. You can contact the District Fisheries Department.

How to market fish ?

In such a way, in every city of India there is a haat to sell fish, where only fish market is established and in the village or their small market, you can also take and sell the fish yourself and earn good money in the village market. There is a good business of fish in many big fish farms, they supply fish even in simple or big parties and earn good profits.

How to start fish farming business at home

Fisheries of the business would be nothing more than to start at home, nor much of the cost is to find | To start this business at home, a tank is needed in which we can keep fish. You can also use tubs available in the market. But the water in them has to be cleaned every week so that the smell of fish does not spread.

Starting Fish Farming Business at home.Here follow our guide to start fishery business at very low cost.Fish farming investment and profit details.

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