How To Take Gas Agency Dealership In India - Application Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Gas Agency Dealership In India

In the old times, the work of cooking food was done by burning fire through wood in an earthen stove to cook food, but today technology and development has affected our lifestyle, and everything, today we use gas in cooking. (Gas Cylinder), and work easily, you all know, what work has to be done by cylinders and gas people before this gas cylinder reaches our home? After all, how do those people start this work?, So today we will know almost all the information related to the business of gas agency which will be

What is a gas agency ?

The gas agency from where gas is supplied for our homes, with the help of which we can easily cook and eat food in our homes by getting gas cylinders. That is, the place from where they supply gas to the entire area is called a gas agency.

What is a Gas Agency Dealership

To supply any gas, the supplier must have the documents and license of his dealership i.e. proof of legally joining the company, it is called his dealership.

Only after taking a gas dealership, any supplier and dealer gets the right to supply gas legally, without which no gas can be supplied.

Who is a gas agency distributor

Those who distribute the gas are called distributors of the gas agency.

How many types of gas agency distributor are there?

Gas agency distributors are mainly of 4 types according to the place-

What is the eligibility to take gas agency dealership or what are the terms and conditions for taking agency dealership

To take the dealership of any gas agency, it is very important to have certain qualifications-

Apart from this, there is also term and condition-

Process to take gas agency dealership

There is a systematic way and process of taking any gas agency, by which any gas agency does this business related to gas supply, documents required for dealership, verification is the most important part, which is the most important part of dealership. Provides basis for approval.

The procedure for the dealership is as follows-

Apply by seeing the advertisement given by the company on newspapers and their websites.

After applying, the dealership will be interviewed.

On being selected, whatever details you have given, all those documents and details will be checked, so that it can be verified.

After verification, you will get the dealership.

Application for taking dealership of gas agency

Application for taking dealership of any gas agency is done both online and offline.

Offline application

Online Application

Today it has become very easy to do this work online in order to take the dealership of any gas agency.

Thus dealership is obtained by applying for dealership.

Bharat Gas Agency (Cook food. Serve food)

Bharat Gas Agency is the gas supplied to 42 million homes, and this company has given about 4044 dealerships for the gas business, due to being such a big company, its 12809 fuel stations are being run all over India today, Through which gas system and profit is being made to the people by easily supplying Bharat Gas in different districts, at present the company is thinking of giving about 1000 to 1200 dealerships, through which employment to the people, opportunity to the dealer to earn profit. are given.

There are two types of dealerships according to the distribution area

In urban areas , more space, more cost is required, easily available

In rural areas , less space, less cost is required. According to the location, the dealership is given depending on the requirement.

Eligibility to take Bharat Gas Agency

Documents for taking Bharat Gas Agency

Apply for Bharat Gas Agency Dealership

Location for Bharat Gas Agency 

Bharat Gas Agency Dealership Cost 

The cost for the agency is higher in urban and less in rural.

At dealerships in the city-

In dealerships in rural areas-

Profit in Bharat Gas Agency dealership

In the business of taking Bharat Gas Agency dealership / cylinder the profit ranges from 30 to 40 rupees.

And if you look for a month, then 100 cylinders in a day, 3000 in a month, then according to the profit of about 30 rupees, the minimum profit can be from 90000 to 2 lakh.

Indane Gas Agency Dealership

In the Indian population of 140 crores, 80% people use LPG gas.

Eligibility for Indane Gas Agency Dealership

Application or registration fee for agency/cost in agency

Application fee for taking dealership in Indane Gas Agency is applicable according to urban and rural areas.

                                             General (10000)

Application fee for urban areas OBC (5000)

                                           ST/SC (3000)                                      

Application fee for rural areas OBC (4000)

                                            ST/SC (2500) General (8000)

These fees are non-refundable, whether the dealership is available or not.

Security fees - 10% (5 lakhs - for urban areas)

Security fees - 10% (4 lakhs - for rural areas)

This security is applied after the deposit approval.

Indane Gas Agency Documents for Dealership

Personal documents like PAN card, Aadhaar, ID, electricity bill, bank account, email, and other important land and personal documents are necessary.

indane gas agency application

profit in indane gas agency

In the dealership business of Indane gas agency / cylinder the profit is about 35 to 40 rupees.

If 100 cylinders are supplied in a day, then 3000 in a month, then the profit can be around 120000 to 2 lakhs.

Hp Gas Agency Dealership 

In the year 1979, HP corporation started the company by doing HP gas plant, and today Hindustan Petroleum Gas has earned a lot of name all over India, almost a large number of HP gas is used in homes in India.

Hp Gas is one of the top 3 companies in India supplying LPG.

Eligibility to take HP Gas Agency Dealership

Documents required to take HP Gas Agency dealership

Land for HP Gas Agency 

For HP gas agency minimum 2000kg quantity can start from LPG.

Warehouse – 17m to 13m warehouse

Office – 3m to 4.5m 

Therefore, the requirement of land depends on the quantity of LPG and the size of the agency.

Application for dealership in HP Gas Agency

HP Gas Agency Dealership Cost

The cost for Hp gas agency is based on land, area, vehicle, security fess, application fees, worker, warehouse etc.

Security fess – 2 to 3 lakhs

Application Fee- 1000

Processing Fee - 500 to 1000

1 lakh to 15 lakh can be imposed on vehicles, it depends on your agency.

Therefore, you can take HP Gas dealership for the total cost of 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

Profit in HP Gas Agency Dealership 

Other Gas Agency Dealership Providers 

Names of companies providing dealership of LPG gas

All these are the main companies providing dealership of LPG gas.

In this way, by taking the dealership of gas agency, the dealer can make his future better by earning profit of lakhs of rupees.


Q : How do gas agency dealership companies advertise themselves?

The companies giving gas agency dealership keep giving their advertisement in the newspaper or on their official website, so that the interested person can take the dealership.

Q: How much is the / cylinder profit in the gas agency business?

In gas agency business / cylinder profit can be from 30 to 40 rupees.

Q: Can a physically challenged person take a gas agency dealership?

Yes, a physically handicapped person can also take a gas agency dealership, they are given some exemption by the company.

Q: What is the booking number of Indane Gas?

Indane gas booking number is 8454955555, booking can be done by giving missed call.

Q: What is the rate of Indane gas?

The rate of Indane gas was earlier 809, but currently its rate is being sold at 861 in Kolkata, and its rate in UP has been increased to 819 at present.

Its rate is slightly different in different cities.

Sold in Mumbai and Chennai for 834 and 850 rates.

Starting or taking Gas agency dealership is a very safe and lucrative business.You have safe investment and commission structure for each cylinder.

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