Different types Breed of Goats - List Of Goat Breads In India

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Complete information about useful breeds of goats

Breed of Goats

There are many types of goats found in our country and which people have been using mostly for milk and meat for centuries. Before I am going to tell you about the goat people mainly like in goat farming.

We told you the complete way how to start goat farming business in your previous article, today we are going to tell you about the breed of goats, which breed of goat can increase your business by keeping it in your farm and get maximum profit. can earn

Some major breeds of goat – We will need good breed goats for good profit. Here we are giving you information about some good breed of goats-

1) Sirohi – 

These are some special types of goats, which are mainly found in Sirohi district of Rajasthan and Palampur in Gujarat. These goats are mainly reared for milk but these goats are also used for meat. The goats have a crest under their neck, which identifies this breed.

The color of the goat is mainly brown and there is a patch of light or dark brown color, very few goats are completely white and this goat has a lot of body hair and its hair   grows 3 cm every year

Sirohi offers twice baby Bkria year's race with an average birth weight of nearly 3 kg does this goat 30% single child give birth while 70% are the twin cases capacity milking it a bit less in a day Gives only half liter of milk and gives 65 liters of milk in 120 days

This is the special thing of Sirohi breed goat that it increases the moment comfortably in any season, it does not have much problem in rearing it, be it a village, it can be reared comfortably everywhere.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 60 50
Body Length (cm) 70 60
Chest Circumference (cm) 75 65

2) Jamunapari –

Jamunapari is considered to be a good breed of goats, the name of this goat is associated with the river Yamuna and this breed of goat is mostly found in the region of Jamuna, Ganga and Chambal of UP and one of the largest goat breed of India. One is that the body structure of their body is simple and the length of the breasts is more.

This goat's horn is small in size, its ears are 8 to 9 (inch) inches long and hanging, it has very long hair on the back of its pelt, its adult male weighs about 60-80 kg and the weight of the female 40-60 kg is only

Jamuna Pari Nestle goat gives birth only once in a year and its baby's birth weight is 2 to 3 kg. This goat gives birth to 70% single children, 30% of cases are twins.

This breed of goat is reared by people for meat and milk. The milking capacity of Jamnapari goat is also very good, it can give 2 to 3 (liter) liters of milk daily. This breed of goat is long and white in color.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 75-90 50- 70
Body Length (cm) 76 70
Chest Circumference (cm) 76 65

3) Barbari – 

Barbari breed is a dairy type goat which originated in the city of Barbera in the Somali land of Africa, this breed of goat has been brought to India, which is now found in abundance around the district of Agra, Mathura, Etawah Aligarh and Rajasthan of UP. goes

This breed is also considered good for goat rearing, the body of such goats are found to be small and small hairs, their legs and ears are also small and the ears are raised upwards. Their body color is mostly white and Brown spots are found, the weight of their adult male is 30-40 kg and the weight of female is 20-30 kg, such goats give birth to two or more children in a breeding.

The fertility of these goats is very good, mostly twins give birth to three children, it gives birth twice a year, it gives birth to 20% single children, 65% of cases are twins and 15% give birth to triplets.

It is a dwarf breed goat, which we can also keep in our house like a cow and hence are usually found in cities, people use these goats for meat and milk, this goat meat is very tasty and It gives 1 kg milk every day

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 25-40 20-30
Body Length (cm) 65.5 50.5

4) Boer -

 The Boer breed of goat was developed in South Africa for meat production in the 1900s. The word "Boer" means farmers in the Afrikaans language. This goat is used by people for milk and meat. This goat is used all over the world. Known as one of the popular breeds for meat

The growth potential of this goat is very high, it becomes 30 to 35 kg in three months and the biggest thing is that it has a wonderful ability to adapt to every season and fight disease.

Boer goats are mostly white in color and their head is brown and they have long hanging ears, the ability to grow and give birth is different from all goats Boer goats are mostly used for breeding, this goat is very expensive Because it is found very handy in India

In some states like tamil naidu,pune,ajmer.Up,rajasthan not much is found

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 100-120 80- 90
Body Length (cm) 96 75
Chest Circumference (cm) 90 80

5) Surti – 

The goats of Surti breed are mostly found in Surat and Baroda areas of Gujarat, it is found more in Surat, that is why they have been named Surti, this breed of goats are small, their size is not much bigger

They have small ears and hair, they are white in color and their body hair is shiny, their population is very less in India, it is found in a few states.

The goats of Surati breed are very popular because their milking capacity is better than other goats, most of them are reared for milk, these goats give at least 2 kg of milk daily, their walking ability is very less

It cannot walk very far, that's why people mostly raise them in their homes, it is very easy to raise goats, they grow in small places too.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 28-32 30- 35
Body Length (cm) 60 65
Chest Circumference (cm) 65.5 70.5

6) Beetal –

Beetal breed goats are considered to be very popular goat breed in our India and some Asian countries, their good breeds are found in Gur Daspur, Amritsar and Ferozepur districts of Beetal Haryana and Punjab Beetal goats are of other colors mainly They are black  (80%) or brown (20%) and have small white spots on their body.

These goats look more like Jamunapari goat, but they are different from Jamunapari goat, their body weight and height are less than Jamunapari goat, their ears are long, long and slightly wide, their horns are short and behind. the side is shaved

Beetal goats are mostly used for milk and meat, their milking capacity is very good, it gives milk from 1.5 to 2 kg daily, these goats give babies once in a year and their baby weight is 2 to 3 kg, 41% give birth to singles, 50% of cases have twins and 9% give birth to triplets.

Beetal goats are bearded and goats are not bearded, it can live in any season as compared to other goats, it is considered good for goat farming business.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 55-65 35- 45
Body Length (cm) 80 72
Chest Circumference (cm) 78.5 70.5

7) Osmanabadi –

 Osmanabadi goat breeds are mostly found in Tailgana, Karnataka, and some states of Maharashtra, Latur, Tuljapur, these goats are large in size, whose male weighs 30-40 kg and female 25-30 kg, 50 in female. % Goats do not have horns, these goats have low milk production capacity, they are reared only for meat, their color is 70 % black and 30% white, it is brown in color, their body size is large. and the legs are long

Goats of this breed give a child at the age of 16 to 19 months, it can give children 2 to 3 times in a year Osmanabadi goats are mostly used for meat and milk, due to their good fertility, it is very One of the popular goat breed is

These goats give at least 1 to 1.5 liters of milk in a day and they can live comfortably in dry conditions in any season, their meat is very tasty and this breed of goat is in high demand among people. The price of this goat ranges from 4 to 6 thousand, by rearing it in your goat farm, you can get maximum benefit from this goat.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 35-38 30- 35
Body Length (cm) 65 68
Chest Circumference (cm) 71.5 68.5

8) Jhakrana –

 The goats of Jhakaran breed are found in the nearby villages of Alwar district of Rajasthan. The goats of this breed are big and they are also used for dairy farming. These goats are black and long ears with white spots on the body.

Goats of this breed look very similar to Beetal goats, but their breed is bigger than Beetal.

These goats are used by people for milk production, it gives 2 to 3 liters of milk daily and the meat and skin of these goats are also very popular, these goats give babies once a year, their baby weighs 1.5 to 2 kg . and it gives birth to singletons in more than 70 % of cases, in 30% of cases there may be twins.

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 50-55 40- 45
Body Length (cm) 85 78
Chest Circumference (cm) 70.5 65.5

9) Sojat – 

Goats of Sojat breed are found in the small Sahar Sojat of Rajasthan, it lies in the middle of Pali Marwar and Ajmer road and this Sojat goat is found in the entire route. Phalodi, Pipar, Jodhpur 

Earlier this breed of goat was used by people for milk, but today people use it for meat also. And they have small black spots in their body, their ears are 8 to 10 inches long.

This breed of goat is used for goat farm, for those who are thinking of keeping goat, this breed of goat will be very beneficial for them, it is a very edible goat and it can increase by 25 to 30 kg in 3 months . This goat gives 2 times in 14 months and gives 40% single and 60% twins and this goat is suitable for all seasons, this goat gives average 1.5 to 2 liters of milk in a day

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 55-65 45- 55
Body Length (cm) 75 70
Chest Circumference (cm) 74.5 70.5

10) Black Bengal – 

Goats of Black Bengal breed are mostly found in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, the demand of this goat is very high in all these areas. This breed of goats are mostly black, brown, white and spotted, their lions are 4 Up to 5 inches large and protruding forward, the body of these breeds of goats is thick and thick, they have small erect ears, the weight of their male adult is 18-25 and the weight of female is 15-20 kg. it happens.

The special thing about these goats is that their fertility is very good, it gives 3 children in 2 years and some goats also give children 2 times in a year and sometimes they give 4 children at a time. Goats start giving children at the age of 15 months, due to their good fertility, their population is more than other goats.

The meat of goats of these breeds is also very tasty and their skins are better than all goats, people use goats of these breeds for meat. Goats of this breed are very special for goat rearing.

If you are thinking of rearing goat, then you can keep this breed of goat and goat because the bottom does not get too sick and it can grow easily in any season, their milking capacity is less, it gives milk. is it for their child

Size (Average) Goat Goat
Body Weight(kg) 20-24 16- 19
Body Length (cm) 65 50
Chest Circumference (cm) 64 55

Know the breed of goats and its specialty, where are they found in India, complete information. Different types Breed of Goats

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