House Rent Business,How to Start? Important Facts and Tips

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

House Rent Business Plan

How to earn money by renting your house - Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a very good business idea, which you can earn a good month's money by doing it without hard work and easily, that is renting your house. But to earn money by giving , man has many ways to earn money. Nowadays man is earning money in many ways. Nowadays many people need to rent a house. Do not think that people with money do not need to take house on rent, if you think so, then it is wrong. Because every person with money or poor has his own need.

If you are going somewhere for studies or you have been transferred from your city to many other cities, then you have to take house rent. Many people are earning a lot of money by giving it the form of a business. Because people coming from outside even pay the asked fare. In such a situation, if you have a house where you have more rooms than you need or you have any other house, then you can earn a lot of money by starting house rent business.

How to give my house on rent ?

Hello friends, if you want to rent your house then there are many real estate websites online like 99acres.com, magicbricks.com and makaan.com which provide this service for free. All you have to do is to register in this website and upload the complete information location and photo of your house, after doing all this you just wait, if any person has to rent your house then he will contact you directly.

To whom would it be right to rent your house? 

You should think a hundred times before renting out your house. The reason for this is that many criminals think of taking room rent for fear of doing illegal work and hiding from the police by doing illegal work and hide there. In such a situation, after their escape, the police catch you, then you get caught in the confusion. That's why if you can, give your house on rent to the middle class family who need it, who has a good personality or someone who is studying or doing job.

What to do when renting out your house

While giving your house on rent, you always have to keep one thing in mind. Many people forget this thing and give it on house rent, due to which they have to suffer huge damages for this mistake. Always remember that whenever you give a house on rent to someone, then definitely take a copy of his identity card or identity card from him. 

Who also have a house to pay to rent his Id Proof nearest police station Verify Krwale where this Vkhti his document submitted pudding and of course Dede informed the police station we are at your rental house  so that no legitimately do here Can live with house rent. Many times the landlord does some wrong thing, they then run away with the rent and if you come to know that the brother-in-law was a fraud, then it becomes a big deal. That is why you should always take care of this thing and give it on house rent only after complete verification.

How much to rent house

You have to keep the house rent according to the convenience of your house, as if your house is well furnished and in a good location where all the facilities are available around then you can get a good rent of the house if you have three rooms, one kitchen and let If you give bath etc. on rent, then you can keep its monthly rent from 8 to 10 thousand rupees. After this, you can keep electricity expenses and water expenses included in this. It is up to you whether you can satisfy the other person or not. If he says that we are ready to bear these expenses separately, then you will not have any problem, you will get five thousand. But if they do not agree, then you have to bear this expense in those five thousand.

Is it reasonable to rent a house?

Yes, it is reasonable to give it on house rent. Well it depends on different circumstances. Like if you have a house built according to your need and you are thinking that we will earn good money by paying house rent, then it is not possible. It is advisable to give on house rent when you have more rooms than you need.

Your duty after letting the house on rent

After giving the house on rent, you should not think that your work is complete. No, because you have not sold the house you have given on rent. You have some duties related to it which you should never forget. For example, if there is any repair cost in your house, then you will have to do it there, you cannot impose it on the tenant. That property is yours, all the responsibility of repairing it becomes your own. Always remember this thing.

Keep these things in mind while giving on house rent

There are many things to keep in mind while paying house rent. You kept on monitoring your house etc. If there is any damage in your house, you should get it repaired. Keep in mind that if you have complete arrangement in your house like separate – lettering bathroom etc. then only you should rent your house. If there are no facilities in your house, then no one will take your house on rent. The most important thing is that while giving the house on rent, you must make a lease agreement so that later you do not have to face the problem if you want to get it vacated, for all this you can take help from a legal expert.

Some things to keep in mind while signing a lease agreement

1) name address father name both landlord and tenant must be in the lease agreement

2) House rent rent, the date in which payment is to be made, the payment will be done by cash, all this must be in the lease agreement by check

3) Who will pay water, electricity and maintenance charges, all this is necessary in the lease agreement

4) The lease agreement must mention how many days it will be of the year

5) Be sure to register your lease agreement

House Rent Business starting guide in India.Know the important tips before giving rent your house.The business profits and legal papers.

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