How to Export Fruits and Vegetables?Registration and Risk Factors

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Export of fruits and vegetables. How to Export Fruits and Vegetables From India

Today, we all go to the market to buy our needs, like if someone wants to get an apple, he goes to the market and goes to the apple shop, there the apple seller says, this is an outside apple, this is an apple. That's why, have you ever thought about how outside apples or any vegetables reach our country, so today we will know about all the information related to the movement of fruits and vegetables from one to another, the main of which is-

What is export, difference between import and export, which certificates are required to export fruits and vegetables, export of fruits and vegetables to which countries How fruits and vegetables are exported

What is Export ?

Sending any service or goods to be sold in foreign countries is called export.

Different countries in the country export those things, whichever service and goods are not in their country or there are different goods from their country.

In this way, in any country, the goods which are in demand of that country, and are not there, import those things and services, and in this work the exporter does the work of export, and the importer does the import.

Sending goods and services to sell in another country = export

Difference between Export and Import ?


* Export is to send goods to another country and sell the best service.
Exporting country is called exporter.
* Exporting people are called exporters
* Export is done to those countries, where there is a demand for any goods and services.


* Import goods and services are to be taken from other countries
* People who do import work are called importers.
* Import is of the same service or goods, which are not in that country.

Which certificates are required to export fruits and vegetables?

To export fruits and vegetables, any exporter needs these documents or certificates-

* IEC Registration Certificate (Import export code) – Certificate is necessary for export and import.

* APEDA Certificate (The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) –
This certificate is a necessary certificate for the export of any fruits and vegetables.

* NPPO Certificate (National Plant Protection Organization)- This certificate is necessary for any export, which makes it eligible for export work.

In which countries are the export of fruits and vegetables done?

Main countries of export of fruits

United Arab Emirates
United state
Saudi Arabia
United kingdom
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa

Main exporting countries of vegetables-

New Zealand
Hong Kong
United state
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia

How are fruits and vegetables exported?

There are main posts of export of fruits and vegetables, which are as follows-

Finding out the market demand

It is important to have complete information about how fruits and vegetables are in demand in any country and how their products are in high demand in foreign countries, who are profitable, about all these.

Sourcing of fruits and vegetables

After knowing the demand and market, to find a source by which that demand is to be met, which can do that work in a better way.

Sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables

It is very important to sort out any fruits that are turning black or anything that is spoiled and put them in a correct order, so that our fruits and vegetables do not look bad.

Packing of fruits and vegetables

Packing of fruits and vegetables is very important, the packing should always be such that soft fruits and vegetables can be kept safe, and those fruits and vegetables can be exported to other countries in the right way.

Keeping fruits and vegetables in cold storage before export

(Precooling of fruits and vegetables)

To avoid spoilage of fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to keep them in cold storage near them.

Putting Fruits and Vegetables in Export Containers

(Refer in a container)

It is important to pack fruits and vegetables properly and keep them properly in the container, so that their box is not overloaded, and can be exported safely.

Exporting fruits and vegetables according to the health standards of different countries

(Export according to the health standard of other countries)

Keeping fruits and vegetables in containers and exporting them properly according to the health standard of the country, so that they then fulfill the demand of goods and services of their country and give profits to the exporting country.

These positions are necessary in the export of fruits and vegetables, and so is the work of export.

What are the things to keep in mind while exporting Fruits and Vegetables?

* Keeping information about the demand in the market, what kind of guides and services are in demand in which country.

* Keeping information about the health standard of other countries, which will help in exporting.

* It is necessary to have all types of certificates for exporting to other countries, to be aware of it.

* Having accurate knowledge of packing for export, which packing is used in which type of product.

* Professional agent or source information, so that in which country, how the work can be done, how it can be done, and how much demand is there, all this can be found in the right way.

To be aware of the risks and profits associated with exports.

What is the risk in the export of fruits and vegetables

* The profit is not fixed in the export of goods and services in the open market of another country, due to which there may be less profit according to the demand.

There is a risk in the export of fruits and vegetables that if they do not stay true for a long time, sometimes they are sold at a lower rate than the market.

* Agent's commission is fixed, be it profit or loss of the exporter, it does not affect the commission of the agent.

Efforts have been made to give all these important information related to the export of fruits and vegetables in Hindi, by which an exporter can do both the work of export with better profits and work in the interest of the country, and make his future better.

Learn How to Export Fruits and Vegetables from India. Know mandatory license requirement. Main exporting countries of vegetables

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