How to Put Your Car in Call Center? Lease Car and Earn Money

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to Put Your Car in Call Center - Complete information on how to put a car in the company 

In today's time, we can do side business along with job or small business, with time, the number of people taking car rental is increasing, in such a situation, you can buy your car online or to any company. You can give for the night shift, just you have to take care of some things, which does not have any kind of problem. You can connect your car with online platforms like ola uber and rapido, you can also give your car to any company in the city for night or day shift as well as any call center in the city which gives car for rent. You can also do business together, it will bring your side income and maintenance of your car will also happen from time to time.

1) You can put your car in Ola

Adding your car to Ola has become very easy now, you must have heard the name of Ola a lot, and many cars in the city will see Ola Cab written in it, so why are you late, you should also buy your car with Ola Cab. Add it and bring good income from car.

There are three ways you can earn money from Ola?

1. Your vehicle will have to be registered with Ola Cab, and you will have to drive yourself, if you work with Ola, then whatever commission you will get will be yours.

2. You can do business together with Ola Cab, so you have to register your car and hire a driver, whatever commission you get from Ola, you will have to pay it to your driver.

3. You can take a cab from Ola on lease and Ola pays you according to your work. She will deduct the lease money and give you commission.

How to attach your car in Ola and required documents ?

• In Ola, you can register your vehicle for both self-driving and driver-led driving.

• If you drive yourself, then you have to submit your Aadhar card, bank passbook, PAN card, driving license, address proof, commercial driving license, vehicle insurance and service tax registration etc.

• If you drive with a driver, then you have to register for the driver's Aadhar card, identity card, vehicle RC, vehicle permit, vehicle insurance, fitness certificate, tax papers, driver's driving license, PAN card and police verification. You have to deposit the card etc.

• You attach the vehicle to Ola offline, then you go to Ola's office, take the registration form, fill it thoroughly, and attach the necessary documents and submit the form, then you get the registration number and you get the mobile in which Ola Business There is a partner application, then you can drive your vehicle in the market together with Ola.

• Another way is online, you have to login by going to the official website of Ola and register there and submit the required documents, your vehicle is checked by the investigating officer, then you will be given a mobile in which Ola partner application is installed. Yes, then you can do business with Ola Cab.

2) Put your car in Uber

With Uber, you can easily add your car, earn according to your time, and easily earn money by driving your car, so you do not delay at all, you can Uber your car immediately. Add with and earn a good price everyday. The demand for Uber is in all types of cities, small and big, in such a situation, you can do business with Uber, you will have advantages in it, the possibility of loss is negligible.

How to Connect Your Car with Uber and Required Documents:

• To link the vehicle with Uber, you have to register by going to the official website of Uber, upload the required documents there and generate your id, your vehicle is verified, you can drive Uber.

• If you do offline, then you go to the nearest office and register and attach the necessary documents, your vehicle gets approved in some time.

• Your Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Tax Paper, Required Document of Car, Your Age should be more than 18 Years, Address Proof, Service Tax Registration and PAN Card etc. as required documents.

3) Car can be installed in private company or call center

• You must have the necessary documents of the vehicle and it is necessary to have complete documents of your own, still you can register.

• You can join that company by taking the registration form of any company or call center, you will have to register there.

• After submitting the required documents, your vehicle is checked and then your vehicle is verified and your vehicle is hired.

. You can also give a car for a monthly basis in the company.

Benefits of adding a car to a private company or call center:

• Adding a car earns income from your parked car.

• You can earn more and earn a lot of money.

• You can choose the working time by yourself, you can hire a cab anywhere.

• Your payment is received every day or week. 

• You do not need to give your car on rent, the customer himself comes to you.

Online vehicle attaches with any company then there are many benefits, customer likes to drive, and easily you can earn good money in less time, if your service is good then you will also get prize from Ola or Uber. Get.

You  can put your car in IT company

You can attach your car in IT company, in today's time, people working in IT sector prefer cars, in such a situation, you can rent your car to them, you get monthly basis amount, and its registration is Ola and Mango Private Company. Happens like that. Those working in it sector need a gentleman and a good driver and car, if you have a car and know how to drive, then you can register, and earn a good income.

Learn How to Put Your Car in Call Center.You can put your car in services like Ola and make money. Required documents and Profit details

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