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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Internet Cyber ​​Cafe Business Plan

How to start Internet Cyber ​​Cafe Business Complete information – Today's era is moving towards the cyber world, slowly today every work is being done with the help of computer and internet, so people also want to connect to the internet today. One of the main reasons for this has increased a lot, one of the main reasons for this is the availability of the Internet, but even after using the Internet on the smartphone, people still like to use the Internet on the computer, but not everyone has a laptop or desktop available. make up the shortfall Cyber ​​Cafe Cyber ​​Cafe is called a place where any person can access internet through computer in return that user pays certain fee to the owner of that cyber cafe

Is the business of Internet Cyber ​​Cafe right in today's time?

Today, almost every need of a person is from computer and internet only, whether to send documents online, copy photos, get any information, all this work is now being done with the help of internet, hence it is also called internet cafe. It emerged as a good idea to start a cyber cafe business from the vogue, but today's internet users have mostly moved towards smartphones, so everyone may have a dilemma whether to start a cyber cafe business at this time. will correct or not
some figures where the reason behind its 2008 close around 90% lived up cybercafé boards to the internet, the situation today is changing in 2015 , according to statistics, the figure of 70% is reached This is a matter of concern but it is also important to note here thatCompared to 2008 , today the users of internet are also bigger, whether they run internet from mobile or from computer, so the future of cyber cafe also looks right. 

Some things are important to keep in mind before starting Internet Cyber ​​Cafe 

There was a time when the result of any examination used to come, then the whole crowd of students used to gather outside the cyber cafe, but today the time has changed, today before starting the business of cyber cafe, some things must be kept in mind like cyber The place where you are opening the cafe is very important while choosing the place for the cyber cafe, keep in mind that it should be in a place where there is movement of people especially if it is in an area where the number of students If you live more, it will be beneficial like opening cyber cafes around schools, colleges and government offices, your cyber cafe can run well for many years.

How to start Internet Cyber ​​Cafe business in India? 

This is a very basic question but many people do not have a complete plan in their mind and they join this business with incomplete planning and also invest more money than necessary, you have to follow the following procedures to open a cyber cafe Have to go through. 

Arrange a room for opening a cyber cafe 

One of the important things required for a cyber cafe is a room, where you can start this business, any room can be said to say that but you want people to spend maximum time in your cyber cafe So you have to take care that the room should be such that it should be clean, ventilated, there should be adequate arrangement of lighting, if there is such a room available in your house, then you can start it from there as well, otherwise you can also rent a room. Is. 

Get your business registered with the city council 

The business of cyber cafe is a business that is related to communication etc. Therefore, during any kind of mistakes, legal action can also be taken against you, the best way to avoid this is to get this business registered with your city council etc. Also get information that and in which places this business will have to be registered so that you can start business in that area. 

Essential tools to open Internet Cyber ​​Cafe 

Equipment is the most important component in the business of Internet Cyber ​​Cafe because no matter how good the location is, without the necessary equipment you will not be able to take advantage of those suitable conditions, so before buying the equipment, collect all the information related to the equipment in a complete You will need the following equipment to open a cyber cafe.

A high speed Internet connection
Printers and scanners
Inverter or generator
Cubicle boxes 

Whenever you plan to buy these devices for cyber cafe, then one thing should be taken out of your mind that it is cheap, you have to keep in mind that you are not buying the computer for your use, if it would have been for yourself, then we You could compromise on the quality a bit, but your customers will not because you will have many competitors who will give better facilities than you at the same rate, then the customer will go in the same direction, so buy good quality equipment, while buying a computer, pay attention to its processor and internet connection as well. Must have good speed. 

How much money will have to be invested to open Internet Cyber ​​Cafe 

The cyber cafe chief investment computers and other related equipment will be much longer initial investment it would take much bigger this depends on whether you cybercafe size if you start to short you at least 7 - 8 computers must be arranged, if you start your business with so many computers, then the cost of 8 computers will cost you up to 1,60,000 , if the cost of printer, scanner and chair etc. is added, then this expense. It goes up to about 2,20,000 , after spending that
much all the needs of a cyber cafe are fulfilled, after that if you want to spend something else then you can use AC in the room.etc., but it is not an essential component, one thing to note here is that the price of the computer may be less if you buy parts of different computers instead of taking computer made from the market and get them assembled. By doing this, a difference of up to Rs 3000 can be seen in each computer . 

Profits from Internet Cyber ​​Cafe Business 

How much you will earn every month during this business, it largely depends on what is its location, but still talking about the normal situation, then you can earn at least 25000 - 30000 per month . 

Some important things related to Internet Cyber ​​Cafe business 

A common belief behind cyber cafe business is that for this business just a few computers, chairs, a room and a fast running internet bus are needed, but it is not so without complete planning and knowledge, you will also suffer losses in this business. can.

1)  Before giving the system to any user in the cyber cafe, keep his identity card with you. 
2)  If ever a user has come who does not have an identity card, then in such a situation the owner of the cyber cafe has to take a photo of that user from the web camera and keep it in his record. 
3)  The owner of the cyber cafe should have a log register on which he can write the names, addresses, phone numbers etc. of all the users. 
4) A soft copy of  this Log Register will have to be submitted to the Licensing Agency on the 5th of every month. 
5)  Minors will be able to go to cyber cafes only if they have a parent with them, it is their close relative. 
6) The height of the cubicle should be maximum 5 feet and the screen of all the computers should be in open environment. 
7)  the system is the responsibility of the owner of the cyber cafe there that anyone pornographic material, terrorist activities, and offensive content Access could not.

Internet Cyber ​​Cafe 's business also has many possibilities inside itself, just need to start this business with some precautions, once your business is ready, progress will kiss your feet.

Learn how to start Internet Cyber ​​Cafe Business in your city. Essential tools to open Internet Cyber ​​Cafe.Total investment required and profit

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