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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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Jockey Franchise - investment,contact number,how to franchise application online.

Jockey Franchise,Cost,Profit - How to Apply 2020

Jockey is the world's prestigious company which produces all the innerwear, sleepwear, longwear and activewear of men and women. The company was renamed as the Cooper Underwear Company in 1971.Again for the 2nd time the company was renamed as Jockey International, Inc in 1972. Today it does business in many countries of the world.

Jockey Franchise Opportunity

About : In 1994, the company got license of Page Industries to increase its business in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and UAE. Later the company started doing business at a very large level within these countries. Today Page Industries within India has about 500 exclusive outlets open. Out of which 100 outlets are inside the mall and more than 400 outlets are above high streets within the market. The company is opening new outlets inside shopping mall for better marketing and sales. If you want to open Jockey Franchise, please read the entire post and follow the below steps.

Benefits of Jockey Franchise

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Why you should choose Jockey franchise ?

  1. The company already has 39 exclusive stores in reputed shopping malls across the country.
  2. They have more than 104 franchise stores located in various locations in India.
  3. You connect with a strong distribution network.
  4. The jockey brand has a very high rate of return and is improving organically.
  5. The franchisee gets 24/7 support from their team.
  6. You don't need to woory about sales and growth.Jockey spends a lot of money on marketing and product advertiesment.

What are the USPs of Jockey brand ?

Jockey is a successful brand in over 120 countries.The brand products are available in almost all multi-brand stores, high streets and malls around the world. The response to these outlets encouraged the company to open more outlets in emerging markets.

The company's USP consists of advertising and marketing campaigns that create good brand visibility for its products.

One of the USP of Jockey India is that they believe in the development,retention, empowerment and motivation of their employees.They fully ensure the value system of the company and the values of its employees with good relation.

Franchise Investment

According to official franchise requirement you should be ready to invest 45 lacks to 50 lacks minimum.There are some other invesment which also will be added.These are like :

Franchise Eligibility Criteria

Any individual living in India can start franchise.You have to agree with their terms and conditions.Here we would like inform you that they have basically two business models.If you are an existing outlet owner you can sell jockey products.However if you don't have any shop you can still apply for complete Jockey store.Here you have decorate your shop and need extra investment.

Mandatory Documents to open Jockey Outlet

Some of the documents which require for starting any business.Make sure that all these documents are ready and correct.

Identity Proof such as Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card
Address Proof : Ration Card , Electricity Bill.
Bank account details
Email ID and Phone Number.
Financial Document
Property documents
NOC certificate to avoid any future trouble from the local body.

Space required to start a Jockey Distributorship

You will get 3 different options regarding are size selection.It contains Carpet area in Sq.ft of the store.These are below :

Choose the best area size which you have from the list.

How to apply for Jockey Franchise ?

There are mainly two methods available to apply for franchise.

  1. Online method
  2. Offline method or by visiting head office address.

For online application please follow the below instructions :

  1. First of all go to the official website of Jockey https://www.jockey.in/
  2. On the home page, you will get the option of a contact Us, click on it.
  3. Now scroll down below and you will find option "Enquiry about franchise". Direct URL - https://www.jockey.in/franchisee
  4. Click on the link, you will be redirected to a new page.
  5. This page contains franchise request form.Now fill up all mandatory fields carefully such as First name, Last Name Address , Select State, City , Postal code, Email Address, Phone number Fax.
  6. After filling all the information, click on the Submit button below.
  7. Now company will receive all your information and contact you shortly.

How to find nearest Jockey store ?

You can find the nearest store address with their official store locator tool.You can visit the page following below URL


Where franchise available right now ?

Who is the owner of Jockey ?

The CEO of Jockey international is Debra S. Waller.Page Industries Ltd is the licensee of Jockey.

Is Jockey Franchise Profitable ?

Yes, franchise with Jockey is very profitable and gives you consistent earning opportunity with their brand value.They have been doing business more than 20 years.

How do you become Jockey Franchise ?

For apply online you can visit Jockey website and click on "Franchise" tab.It has franchise form and you need to submit details.You can read our post in above section.

What are the other cheapest franchise to start ?

The cheapest franchise defines where you invest low.There are so many good brands who provide low investment business opportunities.It is all about particular niche.You can start food business, clothing business,courier franchise and many more.Some of the growing franchise are like Amul icecream franchise, Jiomart Franchise, Yellow Diamond Franchise etc.

Ready to start Jockey Franchise in India ? Learn how to apply for Jockey distributorship online.Investment,contact number,profit - How to apply

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