How to Start KFC Franchise,Fees,Profit - Set Up Guide 2023

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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KFC Franchise - Investment,Profit margin,contact number and complete application process.

KFC Franchise,Fees,Profit and starting guide

If you open KFC franchise in India, then it can be a profitable business for you. In today's time, KFC has maintained a good business in India.The are now the number one position in the food business in India. KFC is not a new company, it was started in 1932, while they started franchise program in 1952. 

About Company :

The KFC company main dish is fried chicken, which was made by the owner (Colonel Sanders) himself. Therefore, it was also named Kentucky Fried Chicken on the same basis, which is the full name of KFC.

KFC offers an opportunity to open a franchise to share its brand name. The way it does business, which is known as the KFC franchise. In other words, you get permission to use the brand to expand your business. 

KFC Franchise Opportunity

Eligibility to take KFC franchise 

Taking a KFC franchise is a difficult task, as KFC demands certain qualifications before it is distributed.It is divided into four parts. If you are going to apply to take a franchise , then keep these four things in mind.

If someone wants to take KFC franchise in India, then its net worth should be between 9 to 10 crores. Not only this, the property up to five crore rupees should be in the form of cash or there is some such property which can be quickly converted into cash. However, this limit can be more or less according to the place and size of the franchise. It is clear from these figures that you will have a lot of property, then only you will be able to take the franchise of KFC.

KFC gives its franchisees only to those who have experience in the field of restaurants Or have ever worked in KFC. Although it will give you some preference, having this kind of experience is beneficial but not necessary. Not only this, it will increase the chances of getting a franchise if your profile looks good.

The strong relationship with the market and banks means that you are not bankrupt person in your country.It ensures that you have not taken any kind of loan from the bank. Along with this, your name should be known in the field of business and no criminal record should be found against you. Your credit score should be at least 700, so that if you need money in future, then you can easily get a loan.If all these criteria fulfilled, KFC will give you the benefit of this and preference will be given to you first.

KFC is a big and world famous company for its recopies.They need franchise owners who can run the business for a long time. To keep the business running for a long time, the KFC company provides guidance to the franchisees.If you are committed and ready to work hard,you are welcome to start business with them.

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How to apply for KFC franchise ?

Franchise Investment in India

The approximate investment is 2 crores according to Indian rupees. People whose economic condition is very strong,they take this food franchise . Because it costs a lot in decoration and maintenance.

Collect the amount 2 to 5 crores and keep it in advance. Out of this one-third of the money goes to get the food and two-thirds of the restaurant ie KFC's franchise structure. Which  is more than the cost of opening a subway franchise

franchise fees and percentage formula

You have to pay the entire expenses for opening a franchise and building your shop. The fees depends on what category franchise you are taking.You have to pay 5% of the entire earnings as royalty and 5% as promotional fee. Not only this, after 2 to 3 years, you also have to pay franchise renew fee.

Documents required to open KFC franchise

Franchise disclosure document  

KFC demands FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) before awarding its franchise.It contains terms and conditions,franchise agreement, development agreement, financial agreement.Sign on agreement papers after verifying all details properly.

Other documents

In other documents, you have to give documents related to your franchise such as whose land is there and what is your right on that land. With this, you have to give a lot of proof of your property along with the documents related to your citizenship. If you are Indian, you may also have to submit Aadhaar card, PAN card and Voter ID.

Franchise Benefits

Zero Marketing  (You save money)

The second biggest advantage is to avoid marketing because KFC keeps promoting its brand by itself. The company promotes their brand and it helps you a lot.Although 5 percent is charged from the profits for marketing, but compared to the amount that KFC spends in marketing, this 5 percent is a very small amount.

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Franchise Precautions

Location selection

Take a complete review of the place where you are planning to start franchise.Take a tour of that place. Along with that, you will have to see what kind of people live. The place near any shopping mall, talkies, company or colleges can be very beneficial for you.

Take decision wisely

This business requires a lot of money, so before you invest in it, check your ability to invest money. Not only this, if your franchisee is not able to earn anything due to one year,take necessary steps to boost sales.

Choose People and staff wisely

You have to recruit people who have already worked in this field. You can also add experienced people from restaurants to your franchise. Once you select the people, the people you select will be trained. During training, they will be taught how to work.

Conclusion (KFC dealership)

Analyzing all these information, it is understandable that KFC offers its franchisees People who are strong both financially and mentally. Traders who keep a record of crores can take this trade i.e. franchise. You can multiply your wealth by investing money in it.

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