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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Kids Play School Business Plan - How to open , complete guide

Play school means a school for our little children or a school where children of 3 to 5 years of age are given education in sports. Play school is known by many names, such as kids school, pre school, also called nursery school.

Earlier such schools were not so much in vogue but they have become a special need of today's society and many people are earning good financial profit by opening play schools. Educated people can easily run these schools. Its demand is very high. Wherever there is a population, play schools can easily be opened for young children. All parents want their children to be well raised. They should be taught to read from a very young age. That's why he definitely writes the name of his children in the play school. In this article, we will give you complete information about opening a play school.

What is play school

Children of 3 to 5 years come to the play school to study. In this, children are taught up to Pre-Nursery, Nursery, KG-I and KG-II. In today's era, the biggest desire of every parent is to give better education to their children and to fulfill their desire these play schools are opened. Their aim is to inculcate good education and moral values ​​in children from the very beginning. Children are small so handling them is a special challenge. Children go on learning as they are taught. The aim of the play school (nursery school) is to give a good environment to the children. So that all the abilities of childhood can be fully developed in them.

Along with this, different types of games are also fed to them. They are taught through sports. Whatever things are taught to young children in childhood, they go on learning the same. This is how their personality develops. Good things are taught to young children in play school. All these things are taught how to talk to the elders, how to express one's point of view.

Play School Opportunities

No matter what the business is, a person definitely worries about its future before starting it. That is why let us tell that the future of play schools in our country is very good. Because the population here is very high. The field of education in our country is developing day by day. New schools are opening every day. New technology is being used in schools. In such a situation, if you want to open a play school, then this will be a very good business plan. The business of pre schools in India is estimated to be 20 thousand crores by 2022. This business is growing at the rate of 45% every year.

What to do or how to open a kids play school business?

There is neither a need to take a lot of hassle to open a play school nor does it require a lot of capital. For this, first a trust has to be formed in which it is mandatory to have at least three members. After that registration has to be done as per the Indian Trust Act. The land on which the school is to be opened must also have complete papers.

There is also a system of franchisees to open or start a play school. The capital required to start this school ranges from Rs 2 to 15 lakhs. Most of the people are also opening schools by taking franchises of famous brand schools. It is up to you whether you want to open a school by taking a franchise or not.

Some Famous Play School Franchises

1) Smart Kids India play school
Investment: 6 to 7 lakh
Space required: 2000 to 2400 sq ft
Contact: www.smartkidzindia.com

2) Kidzee play school
Investment: 12 to 15 lakhs
Space required: 2000 to 3000 sq ft
Contact: www.kidzee.com

3) Shamrock play school
Investment: 6 to 7 lakh
Space required: 5000 to 6000 sq ft
Contact: www.shemrock.com

4) Bachpan play school
Investment: 12 lakhs
Space required: 2000 sq ft
Contact: www.bachpanglobal.com

5) Little Millenium play school
Investment: 10 to 15 lakhs
Space required: 2000 to 2500 sq ft
Contact: www.littlemillennium.com

Which is the right place to open or start a play school?

The most suitable place to open a play school is a densely populated area where you have children to take admission in the school. Your school will make better progress in an area where there is a good number of children between 2 and 5 years old. Therefore, while opening the school, choose such a place where young children can easily find it and also there are no more number of play schools in that area.

If there are too many play schools in that place and the competition is very high then you should choose some other place. You should do an area analysis of that place. How much fees are being charged in other play schools, how much parents are satisfied with their studies, also find out.

What should be the building or building for the play school and what are the facilities in it?

The building or building in which the play school is to be run can be constructed or can also be taken on rent etc. It requires 2000 to 4000 square feet of space.

The decoration or decoration of the building or building should be according to the interest of the children. There should be attractive paintings on the walls. Such as pictures of trees and plants, other children's paintings, didactic pictures and other inspiring stories etc.

Children should have all kinds of items like tables, chairs, toys, black boards, books etc. Rooms should be open and ventilated. There should be trees and plants or greenery inside the school also. The provision of toilets for children is also mandatory. Banks like Mahila Bank and Punjab National Bank offer loans for opening play schools at 12% interest which is to be repaid within 5 years.

Choosing a Curriculum for a Play School

After the construction of the play school building and all other preparations are done, the curriculum is required to teach the children. For this, you can choose the course on the basis of other schools near you. For this you will have to go to other schools and inspect their books and decide the books for your school. Apart from this, you can take advice from Education Experts and Education Research Consultant about this. But during this the most important thing to pay attention to is that the curriculum of the children should be according to the social values ​​and ideals. The curriculum should be such that the seeds of good values ​​should be planted in the children.

Registration to open play school

You will need to register your school. If you are taking franchise of any branded play school then they will explain you the registration process.

Recruitment of staff for play school

Your play school is completely ready, then you have to recruit the employees working in it. Initially you can appoint 8 to 10 teachers. For this you can advertise in newspapers. You will get teachers easily. By interviewing them, you can appoint them by looking at the mark sheets of all their educational qualifications. Apart from this you will need 1 to 2 sweepers to clean the school who will clean the play school.

What to do to promote your school?

You can advertise your play school (nursery school) in many ways. There are many methods for this. By making attractive hoardings for the school, you can put them on the side of the roads so that the visitors can know about your school. You can tell people about your school by advertising in the newspaper.

By getting the pamphlet printed, it can be distributed in the populated colony. Apart from this, loudspeakers can also give information about the school to the residents of that place by speaking through the van. Nowadays “door to door campaigning” has become very popular. In which the teacher of the school goes to the houses of the people in the group and tells them about their play school. It also takes admission of children. This marketing strategy is very useful.

If you give good education to children in your play school then parents of children will tell their neighbors, friends and relatives about your school. Your school will also get good publicity through "mouth to mouth" publicity. People automatically get information about the play schools which are good. He becomes famous in that area in that place.

Nowadays the craze of online marketing has also increased a lot. You can advertise your school on other websites. From there people will also get to know about your school. You can do good publicity by creating a page of your school name on social media. Creating a school website is also a great option for online promotion.

Income from play school

You can easily earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees every month by opening Kids Play School. Nowadays, even in play schools, a huge amount is taken as fees. 500 to 2000 rupees are charged from the parents as fees. Within 1 to 2 years you can easily withdraw your working capital.

Some other important things for opening a play school

1) Open play school only when you have deep love and affection for small children, because there is a special need of affection and tolerance to handle small children.

2) To open a play school, you have to pay special attention to the safety of the children. You will need vehicles to pick up the kids. You have to pay a lot of attention to bring the children from home safely and drop them back home from school.

3) Opening a kids play school is a long time job. So you do it as a long-term. You must have sufficient amount of capital and space.

4) Your commitment towards education is very important. If you don't like to teach yourself how can you teach children? It is very important for you to be educated yourself. You should also have sufficient knowledge of the art of teaching children and the methods and methods of teaching.

5) Select teachers and other staff for the school wisely. Your teachers and other staff should be able to handle young children and be friendly with them.

6) You should also be skilled in resorting to new activities to attract children to school and keep them interested in the school.

7) You can also arrange capital for opening your play school by taking a loan from the bank, because many banks are giving such loans easily.

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