Ladies Undergarments Business? Low Cost,Big Profit Details

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

How To Start Ladies Undergarments Business – In present times more people want to have their own business. But due to not having much capital, they are not able to make their dream come true. But today we are going to tell about such a business idea which can be done by investing very little capital. And this is also the best business for women. Today we are telling about Ladies Undergarments Selling Business. This is a business in which lakhs of rupees can be earned by investing less capital.

By the way, this business has been going on in western civilization for a long time. But how could India remain behind, so this business is flourishing very fast in India too. And in this episode, many foreign companies are also giving a chance to do business in India with them. In this episode, we will tell you about the complete details, cost and profit about Business J.

What is Ladies Undergarments Selling Business

In Ladies Under Garments Selling Business, you can pick up the goods in bulk from the wholesale or manufacturing company and sell them with profit through small shopkeepers in the market. If you want, you can also sell it by opening your shop in any market.

How to start Ladies Undergarments Business 

1) Know the Local Market Competition – To start Ladies Undergarments Selling Business, first do research about the market competition of the area in which you want to start this business. Because in the present time there is a lot of competition in every field, so before starting the business, do research about the market competition, find out how many sellers are there already.

2) Choice of the right place –  You can start this business in two ways, firstly, if you want, if you want to pick up the goods in direct wholesale and sell them to the shop to shop local shopkeeper, then in this situation you have only one store. You will need a room which you can take anywhere or you can make a store room at home, then from that you can sell your goods to the local shopkeeper.

The second is that if you want to sell it by opening your shop, then in this situation you should choose a place where the local market competition is less and your shop should be in a main market where you will be able to get maximum customers so that your sales are good. And you will be able to earn good profit.

3) Complete the legal process –  To start a Ladies Undergarments Selling Business, some legal process has to be completed such as Business License, GST Number, Retailer License, etc.

4) Selection of the right manufacturing company or wholesaler â€“ From  where you will pick up the goods in bulk, for this you should meet the maximum number of wholesalers or from the manufacturing company, and compare the rates of all, pick up the goods from where you get the goods for less With this you can earn maximum profit in the market.

5) Pay special attention to the collection of ladies undergarments – Women take special care of their choice while taking undergarments . Like color design of undergarments, latest fashion etc. So that's why when you pick up the goods in bulk, take special care of the preferences of women. Whose more demand in the market, keep the same type of goods with you.

6) Keep in mind the size and rate – Keep maximum variety of sizes in your undergarments collection because it is very important to have the right size in undergarments wear. And keep all types of rate goods in your collection so that you have All types of customers can come.

Types of Ladies Undergarments

Chest binder
Lacy lingerie
Regular panties
Animal print lingerie
T- back
Silk and cotton lingerie
Drawer underwear
Edible underwear
Low rise briefs
Boy legs
Boxer briefs
Wired brasseries
Non wired brasseries
Kinky underwear

Similarly, many types of undergarments are available in the market. But while taking you have to keep in mind what kind of demand is high in your area.

Cost and profit

Talking about the cost, this is such a business that you can start with minimum investment to lakhs. Why Women's Undergarments are in the market from 8 to 10 rupees to thousands. So it depends on you that how much bulk goods you can pick up and sell.

There are some wholesalers in this business, with the help of which you can start this business even with zero investment. For that the wholesalers give you the goods and make the bill. When you sell those goods with profit, then you have to pay their bill so that they will give you the goods again. In this way you can grow your business with zero investment.

How much will be the profit

Talking about profit, it also depends on you that for how much you can sell it. For example, you have taken goods from a manufacturing company for 100 rupees, after that it depends on you that how much profit you can sell it in your market or shop. By the way, the profit also depends on whether you are selling branded or non-branded products.

Because according to the people associated with this business, there is more profit on non-branded than on branded. This is because the rate of non-branded products is 25 to 30% less than that of branded ones. And it sells with 7 to 8% more profit than the branded ones in the sale. In this way, there is more profit on non-branded products.

Where to buy goods to start your Ladies Undergarments Business

You can buy Ladies Undergarments from Delhi (Address–1338/5 Gali No 45,Main Road JafrabadDelhi) Here you will easily get the materials from the market at a very affordable price. Variety of all types of undergarments are available here, from cheap to expensive. Prices will be easily available here packing facility is also available wherever you want through transport through this courier key through wholesaler will get you easily delivered to your address

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