How to Open Medical Store Business in India,Profit Margin,Cost Details

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Medical store business | How To Open a Medical Store 

Nowadays, this question also comes in the mind of most people that we open a medical store, but most of the people do not have the right information about this thing, due to which they are not able to realize their dream, let us tell you that medical The shop is not like other shops, to open a medical shop, you have to study especially after which you can open a medical shop. Because often those people also come to the medical shop who need medicines for a particular disease. That's why first you have to study and tell well about all the medicines, only after that you can open a medical store. 

Having such a huge pharmaceutical industry in India and looking at its demand, you can assume that there are more employment opportunities in it. So in this episode we will tell about the business related to medicine. Today, through this post of ours, we are going to tell you that Medical Store Kaise Khole and Medical Store Kya Hai and Medical Store Kholne Ke Liye Kya Kare 

What are medical stores ?

The medical store is also like a common shop, just here the medicine is available as prescribed by the doctor or in other ways. All types of medicines, drugs , or all types of health related items are found here.

How to open medical store ?

If you want to open your own medical store then there are 2 ways to open a medical store. The first way is that if you want to open a medical store on a very large scale, then for that you can also hire a pharmacist, who can run your medical store but most of the people if their own medical store. If you want to open, then they do a special study for this, there are many studies after which you can easily open a medical store like D.Pharma, B.Pharma, M.Pharma these are all three courses, If you do any of these courses, then after that you can open a medical store, now we tell you about all these courses in detail.

Required courses to open a medical store

If you also want to join the medical business, then it is very important for you to know that what course you need to do to open a medical shop, without this course you cannot open a medical store and you cannot even get a license.

B.pharma –

You can also do B Pharma course to open a medical store, the full form of B Pharma course is Bachelor of Pharmacy, it is a pharmacy graduate course, you can do B Pharma course after doing D Pharma course, this To do the course, you have to first pass the competitive examination, because to take admission in B Pharma, you have to pass an examination set by the government, only after that you get admission in it, if any student Or any other person who wants to open medical, this is an essential course for them. This bachelor of pharmacy course is of 3 years duration. You can do this course from any recognized institute. After doing this course, it is mandatory for you to take 6 months training from any private or government company or hospital.

D.Pharma –

D Pharma is a course in which you get to know about medicines, this is Diploma in Pharmacy, which you can do after 12th class but you have to pass 12th class with Biology subject, and 12th class It is very important for you to get at least 50% marks in B.Com, and you can do D Pharma course from both private college and government college.

M.Pharma –

M Pharma course is a master course, after doing which you get so much knowledge of medicines, that you can open a medical store, apart from this you also have many such options from which you can earn lakhs of rupees in 1 month. Yes, the full form of this course is Master in Pharmacy, but before doing this course, you have to do B. Pharma course, after that or you can do M. Pharma course, or one such There is a course which not everyone can do, you have to work very hard to reach here, and to do M Pharma course, you have to pass the government competitive exam, only after that you are able to do this course.

Pharma D –

The full name of this course is called Doctor of Pharmacy. This course is of 6 years duration.

After doing any one of the above courses, you get a medical certificate with which you can easily open a medical key store.

After doing this course, register in the pharmacy counseling of the state –

When you do this course, after that you become a Registered Pharmacist, but after that you have to register with the State Pharmacy Council to open your medical store, which you can do through online. You can also register yourself by getting more information from YouTube, when you register here, you have to submit all your documents, then after that all your documents are verified by the government.

Rules for opening a medical store

If you are thinking of opening a medical store, then first of all you should have a certificate of D.pharma, B.pharma , or M.Pharma from a recognized college , on the basis of this certificate, state Drugs standard control organization and Central Drugs standard control. The license to open a medical store is given by the organization .

Selection of business entities

If you have certificate and you are going to open medical store then first you have to choose your business entities i.e. what type of business you want to start like LLP or pvt.ltd.

Choice of Pharmacy Type

There are many types of Pharmacy from which you have to select which type of pharmacy you want to run. Some sort of pharmacy.

  1. community pharmacy
  2. chain pharmacy
  3. hospital pharmacy
  4. clinical pharmacy
  5. industrial pharmacy
  6. compounding pharmacy
  7. consulting pharmacy
  8. stand alone pharmacy
  9. ambulatory care pharmacy
  10. regulatory pharmacy
  11. Township pharmacy
  12. home care pharmacy

There are 4 main types of these pharmacy that are most popular in India that you can visit.

In hospital pharmacy, you open a medical store in a hospital or near the hospital and the medicine prescribed by the doctor there is given to the patient of the hospital.

Under Township Pharmacy, you can open your Mefical store in any township and provide medicine to the people there.

Under Stand Alone Pharmacy, you can open your medical store in any residential area or any street locality and provide medicine to the people there .

In Chain Pharmacy, a single company has a medical store in many cities. Chain Pharmacy can be opened by taking franchise of any big company .

Documents required to get license

license process

After completing all these documentation process, apply with all the documents to the State Drugs Standard Control Organization of your state, where you will get a registration fee of up to 3000 . On successful completion of all the process, you will get your license at your given address within 3 months.

What else will be needed to open a medical store

Where to get goods for medical store

After completing all these procedures, it comes to keeping the storage of medicine in your shop, now where to get the goods for this, then you can take it from the wholesale market because there is a wholesale market of medicine in every city, so you You can take medicine from there. Also different company in every market MR are provided to help you make contact, you can get your shop on goods from them. Or if you want, you can also order the medicine online. BAHUT All the companies are such that take online order and send the medicine to the given address.

How to increase sales ?

How much will it cost to open a medical store ?

Medical store is such a business that it depends on itself what is your budget because medical store can start from low cost to high cost which has no limit. By the way, according to the experts related to this business, you can open a good medical store by investing up to 5 lakhs.

Profit margin from medical store 

After opening medical, if we talk about earning from it, then we can divide them into 2 parts, first of which is profit margin in generic medicines and ethical medicines like Mankind company products etc. If you sell generic medicines, then you have a margin of about 30-45 percent, while talking about ethical medicines, then the margin is decided according to the company, which remains between 10-20 percent. The advice is that you sell both generic and ethical medicines.

Monthly income from medical store

If you are also thinking of opening a medical store, then you also need to know that how much income per month you get from medical. Talking about the income of the month of the medical store, then you get about 30-45 thousand rupees from it. Earning from medical store depends on how many medicines you sell and how you sell.

How to run a medical store ?

If you also open a medical store and you do not know how to run a medical store, then we are telling you some easy tips so that you can easily increase your medical store and medical business.

Area: The medical store should be opened in an area where there is a hospital or a clinic nearby, because most of the patients go to the hospital, then it would be better for you to open your shop in a good and safe area.

Tie up with doctor: If your shop is near any hospital then it will be necessary for you to tie up with the doctor of the hospital because that doctor refer patients to your shop for you.

Tie up with local clinical: Just like you tie up with a doctor, you are advised to tie up with your nearest clinical as they also do customer referral for you.

Local Advertisement: If you want to increase your business, then you are also advised that you can do advertising and promotion in your local area, this will increase the visibility of your shop and local customers will also come.

How much area is required to open a medical store?

If you are also thinking of opening a medical store, you should take care of some things. Although there is no such fixed rule as to how much space you need for a medical store, but some tips that we are telling you must keep in mind.

If you are opening a wholesale shop, then at least 130 Sq. Feet A large shop is required if you are opening a retail shop, then for that you need at least 110 Sq. Feet shop required. Proper parking facility should also be there around the shop.

Can I open a medical store with someone else's medical license ?

If you also want to know whether you can open your own medical shop with the medical license of others, then tell you whether it is completely illegal or not legal. If you do not have your own medical certificate then you cannot open your own medical store. If you do this then it is completely wrong and especially in the medical line where you play with the health of the people. So do not do this at all and because doing so may lead to legal action against you.

Who can open medical and who can not ?

If you want to know who can open medical and who cannot, then tell you that to open medical, there should be a pharmacist's certificate which is necessary. It has been told earlier in this article that how you can get a medical certificate and what you have to do, you can read in the above topics.


We hope that you must have come to know about this Medical Shop Kaise Khole, along with this we have also told you that Medical Shop Kholne Ke Liye Kya Kare and along with this we have given you Medical Shop Kholne Ka Process In Hindi this Also told if you still have any query related to this article, then you can comment in the comment section. Thank you

Learn how to open Medical Store Business in India? Documents required to get license for approval.The profit margin and initial cost details.

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