Medlife Franchise Opportunity 2023,Approval - How To Start

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

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Medlife Franchise Starting -Investment cost,contact number,Profit margin and application guide

medlife franchise starting guide

Medlife is India's largest online medicine selling platform. Their health platform let's every Indian citizen to shop and get best possible healthcare facilities. Everyday Medlife delivers medicine to millions of customers in India. Almost all category medicines can bewe ordered from their online portal. If you want to consult with their doctors,you can also purchase their consultation service. All medicines are fully checked and then delivers to their customers. Medlife appoints doctors for each prescriptions uploaded there, after verification through phone or email they confirm your order. Currently Medlife offering their services in 25,000 pin codes in all across our country. If you are interested to open medicine franchise, Medlife franchise can be great option. They are specilized in healthcare, Doctor E-consultations,Medicines, Lab tests, Health-Checkups.In this post we will discuss how to get Medlife franchise in your area and what are the eligibility criteria.

Why Medlife Franchise

When it comes to best Health Care service and on time medicine delivery MedLife comes first in India. They have made this platform flexible, accessible and more user friendly. Supply chain of medicine is often get delay and people are worry about medicine quality. To avoid such problem they offer guaranteed doorstep delivery and genuine medicines after cross checking multiple times.

Franchise Benefits

There are so many benefits that would attract you to start franchise.

Medlife franchise has very low investment which is very positive aspect for all beginners. They have powerful business model which will help you to build and manage medicine franchise.

Taking Medlife franchise provides you multiple opportunity and multiple revenue sources. Other medicine franchise they only provide facility of selling medicine and you get permission. Medlife has other sources, appointing doctor consultation services, lab testing and more.

Zero investment in stock also a great benefit from their side

For each business model, the most important factor is marketing skill. You cannot boost ups ales if you are not able to market your products or services. In this case you don't need to worry about the marketing. First of all, they are well known and very reputed in India. All comprehensive marketing is managed and supported by Medlife platform

If you open a franchise, you get exclusive territorial right which means, you have the full control to do business in that particular area. Other person cannot apply for their medicine franchise in the same business area of pin code.

You can start the business in rural area and as well as in urban cities.

If you are women entrepreneur,s you get special facilities from authorized team. This really inspires every woman to start their own medicine franchise business.

If customer makes payment through e-payment mode, you can offer 20% discount.

Fastest ROI

More than 100+ franchises doing successful business without any hassle. It indicates that it has very powerful and revenue earning opportunity.

Last but not the least this profession carry the pride, and you help patients.

Percentage that you can earn from multiple categories

You get flat 7.5% commission on successful medicine delivery.It is really good revenue if we compare percentage with other companies.

On the other hand, get 15% flat commissions from lab tests. This can generate revenue surprisingly fast.

You also get 15% flat Commission on Essentials product.

They offer rupees 25 for doctor consultation service.

For OTC, you get 5%. There is no limit of earning, the more categories you refer you get better chance to earn with them.

What is the investment required for franchise ?

Basically each company has their own franchise rules and policy. Depending on that, they mention their investment and fees. For Medlife franchise, they mainly focus on two things. These are as follows :

  1. One the state of the property
  2. The size of the property.

The approximate investment value between Rupees 1 lakh to 3 lakh as per their official announcement. Although this is not the exact investment amount, as we have said earlier that size and specification of business premises decides the final investment.

Franchise eligibility criteria

For starting their franchise, you need to fulfill their basic criteria. This can be explained in below section:

A person who has a physical Store and floor area size is minimum of 120 square foot, they can apply for their franchise.

Space for displaying Medlife signage = Minimum signage size: 2 x 1.5 ft. | Max. signage size: 6 x 3 ft.

Any individual who is dedicated, committed, and diligent can approach for their franchise.

For managing and operating the business, you should have some basic computer skills. It helps to take orders and fulfill the orders on time

How does the franchise program work

The program works following some certain steps. The process can be explain in five easy steps.

  1. You place order for your customer using their login credentials.
  2. Franchise owner collects RX from customers.
  3. The next job is to login in Medlife customer franchise portal to place an order. The franchise owner uses customer ID to place the order.
  4. Medlife sends OTP verification to customer. You get OTP code and enter on the portal.
  5. Particular order is then deliver the customer invoice by TSA.
  6. The franchise owner gets Commission on monthly basis on the net bill amount.

Locations for franchise operation

Medlife has no restrictions regarding their locations in India. You can start the business from anywhere,but you need to mention the particular pin code so that they can verify and let you know availability. If any case the specific location is not available for the franchise, they will suggest nearby locations so that you can start business.

Documents need to submit

Like all other business and franchise, you have to submit the documents to the team. The basic documents required like your identity proof Aadhar card, PAN card, voter card etc.

For receiving payment to your bank account, you have to provide the bank account details. It includes Bank IFSC code, Bank account number, Bank branch details.

Other things that you require like your premises property proof. Your property could be your own or in a rented place. For rented place, you have to submit all the valid rental papers. You can cross check papers with government agent for quick approval.

Does franchise owner get support from authorized team?

Yes, all the comprehensive marketing support are provided to there business owner.

Franchise training is provided to the stuff from the trainer.

Glow sign board.

If you perform well , they provide incentives and awards time to time.

Besides all these facility and support, they also provide operation support.

How payment is calculated and process?

How to apply for Medlife Franchise

For starting their franchise, all you need to do is to visit their official franchise page. There you can find a page which is called franchise application program. This page contains all relevant information regarding the franchise. There at the bottom of the page,you can find franchise inquiry form. This form has 5 mandatory fields. You need to fill those fields and submit.

Visit URL - https://www.medlife.com/web/franchise-program

  1. Full name - You need to enter the applicant name.
  2. Mobile number- Enter the active mobile number so that they can contact you.
  3. Email ID - enter your email ID.
  4. State that you belong - enter the name of the state
  5. Pin code- enter your pin code. The pin code format 6 digit numeric code in India

Few things to remember

Official Medlife website - https://www.medlife.com

Head office address : 5th & 6th Floor, Vaswani Centropolis, Langford Road, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027

Franchise Contact details : 08068400161 , Whatsapp +917259447952 (franchise@medlife.com)

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Medlife Franchise in India.Start medlife pharmecy franchise business.Learn how to apply for franchise,investment,profit margin,eligibilty & online process

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