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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Mineral Water Business Plan - Profit,Cost details

Today we are going to give complete information to you people on how to start mineral water business, please read our article carefully and get more and more information  friends, most of the diseases which are spreading nowadays are due to impure water and There is air. Due to increasing pollution, harmful elements get mixed in the water filled in the pond etc. When we use that water for drinking in homes, our health gets spoiled. Not only this, impure water leads to many serious diseases, in which many people reach the verge of death. That is why nowadays mineral water is being used more in homes.

Not only this, mineral water is used in shops, hotels and in every office today. Imagine you went to a shop to have breakfast and you started drinking water there and if there is dirty water then you will never go there again. That is why nowadays mineral water is being used in shops too. Many mineral water plants remain open in cities. The use of mineral water is increasing not only in cities but also in villages. In such a situation, if you are thinking of opening a business yourself, then you can earn a lot of profit by planting a mineral water plant.

What do you need to start a mineral water business?

To set up a mineral water plant, you have to first arrange the place where you will plant the mineral water plant. Now in this also you have to think about some things in selecting the place and that is that you should plant the mineral water plant at a distance from the whistle. After selecting the place, some necessary licenses also have to be taken, which has been mentioned further.

Water is the most important thing in a mineral water plant. If there is water then you will be able to start this business or else not. Here you get two options, either you get boring made or you can store water from somewhere. But it will be beneficial to get your boring done here because by doing so you will benefit on the cost of water and storage.

Now after this your job is to filter the water. Yes, because you are going to open a mineral water plant and the meaning of mineral water is that you will filter the water, ie purify it and sell it. For this you have to buy RO machine to filter water . After the water is purified, your job will be to deliver it through cans to shops or homes etc. For that, you will need to have around 50 to 100 cans, 3-4 workers and loading auto in the beginning so that you can get the water to the right place at the right time. After making all these arrangements, you will be able to open a mineral water plant.

Machineries For RO Mineral Water Business

For mineral water plant, you have to buy one machine which we call RO machine. You get this machine according to the capacity of the water, but still you can easily buy this machine for 3 to 3.5 lakhs. Along with this, many machinery are available to filter water, but RO machine is the breast option for you. Along with this, you also have to buy some pipes and cans for filling water etc.

There are many types of mineral water machine available in the market, you can buy a good machine after getting information about the machine with the right knowledge and time, then by searching the internet, you can get information about the RO machine  if you want. By visiting the website of Online India Mart, you can contact their dealer after getting the information of the machine, in this website you will find many different types of RO machines.

Names of some equipment and machines used for mineral water:-

Treatment Tank
Chlorine Tax
Storage Tank
Sand Filter
Activation Carbon Filter
Chlorine Tank & Water Filler

What are the licenses required to start mineral water business? 

As you all know that some documentation and government permission and license are required to start any business in our India –

Mineral water To open this pure drinking water plant, you are required to get some necessary licenses. If you are starting a mineral plant then first you have to get your firm registered.

Small scale industry certificate
AOA and MOA of the business
Must have a laboratory report of your water test
Pest control certificate 
Must have permission from the food department

And at the same time, ISI license will have to be obtained from Indian Standard. You will also need the BIS registration certification which is mandatory for packaging drinking water in India. You will also need a Pollution Control Certificate from your state or local government certified or given by the local pollution board. Just by completing these process, you can open mineral plant without worry.

Investment To Start Mineral Water Business – Investment For RO Mineral Water Business

To open a mineral water plant, you have to rent a place along with you have to get a commercial electricity connection. You have to go through the process of registration etc. Workers have to be hired. Vehicles and machinery have to be purchased. For this, you will have to arrange a maximum of Rs 4 to 5 lakhs. You can start this business with an investment of 4 to 5 lakhs. Apart from this, you can also take a loan from the bank. Loan is also given by the bank for this business.

How To Build Customers – How To Increase Customers ?

Your customers will range from shopkeepers to hotels and homes etc. Not only this, mineral water is also used in temples, hospitals etc. You try to make contact with all of them as much as possible and along with this, distribute the pamphlet of your mineral water plant with the newspapers of your city by printing it. After doing all this, you can increase your customers. If you want, you can also advertise your business online through Facebook Twitter.

How much profit will be made in the business of mineral water – Profit From Mineral Water Business

By starting the business of mineral water, you can earn from 4 to 5 thousand rupees per day by taking out the cost. After that it depends on your customer and your machine production, how many customers you make by producing how much. But if you believe, you can easily earn at least forty to fifty thousand every month.

Steps from water system completion to packaging :-

Ro Machine: Which you will use to clean the water so that all the impurities in that water are removed and the water becomes
completely clean

Chilling Machine: Which is used to cool the water as well as it is helpful in converting water into mineral water

Electricity connection: You will need electricity connection for cleaning water as well as in other works, so you will have to take electricity connection from the electricity department so that you can get 12 hours of electricity and your work will not stop. 

Loading Auto: So that your water logo can reach easily without any hindrance 

Driver: Divers will be required to operate your loading auto.

Container or Jar: Whenever you buy a jar for mineral water, buy such a jar in which the water is visible as well as it should be strong so that it does not spoil quickly, in which you can reach your mineral water by container and can last longer and They are not broken.

Sticker or company name: You can print a sticker of your company's name on the top of your mineral water container, so that people will know about both your company's name and work, and your mineral water will reach the people without publicity. will reach which will benefit your business

Support Personnel : Although you will need a lot of staff and support workers from the purification of mineral water to packaging and delivery, but broadly you will need three support personnel, one who looks after your work and the other who will take care of the cleanliness of your company. Keep and the third one that reaches your water delivery people

Cartoons: So that you can containerize many jars and containers at the same time and it is also easy to reach the logo 

Pouch: You can also use sachet for mineral water, which you can get good income by selling to small shop etc.

If you want, you can also calculate your profit
Total profit = Turn over – Total capital invested in production 

In this way you can start mineral water business and keeping in mind your budget, you can start big or small mineral water business.

Learn how to start Mineral Water Business in India.Required licenses to start Mineral Water Business.Business profit and investment details

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