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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to do Business of Mobile Accessories Complete Information – A few days ago the Government of India had launched a scheme called Digital India. The objective of launching this scheme is to make people more and more digital. This scheme is an initiative by the Government of India to connect people online through government departments and people through electronic means. Under this scheme, people of particular rural areas are being connected with high speed internet.

For all these facilities, people need to have a mobile phone. That's why it is common to have a mobile in the house at the present time. Everyone keeps a mobile phone according to their budget. Mobile phones have also played an important role in making the telecommunication medium easier.

Due to the advancement of technology, low cost mobile phones are present in the market. If we talk about normal mobile, then 800 to 1000 is available. And smart mobile is available in the market for 4 to 5 thousand. This is the reason that people of every budget keep mobile phones with them.

Due to the increase in the prevalence of mobile phones, employment opportunities are also being created in many areas related to it. One of this employment is Mobile Accessories Selling Business . That is, the business of mobile parts.

What is Mobile Accessories Business

Mobile Accessories business is the business of selling mobile parts, in this business you can sell all kinds of accessories related to mobile . Such as Mobile Charger, Earphone, Mobile Back Cover, Tempered Glass, USB Cable, OTG Cable, Mobile Repairing Part and Mobile Repairing Kit, etc., you can buy and sell things in bulk with profit.

What will be needed to start a Mobile Accessories Business

1) Having a shop -

To start a mobile accessories business , you will first need a shop which should be at least 10×10 feet (100 square feet), you can also open your shop in any small market. For this, it is not necessary to have a shop in a big market like other business. Because mobile phone users are everywhere. You can rent this shop

2) Choosing the right distributor and wholesaler

After taking the shop, you will need Mobile Accessories , for which you will need the right distributor or wholesaler who can give you the goods at the right price. For this, you can adopt two methods, the first is that you can pick up the goods in bulk from the market yourself. The second is that there are distributors in every market who bring you mobile accessories to your shop.

So you can get your goods ordered through distributor. Which will also save your time. Apart from this, you can also do that when you need more goods, then you go yourself and get the goods in bulk. Take the rest of the minor items and small items from the distributor. Because the price of the item given by the distributor is slightly higher than the market price.

3) Having the right collection of Mobile Accessories

Different features and different types of mobiles are available from many companies in the market. And there are some accessories that are different for every mobile such as back cover, facia, tempered glass, mobile display, etc. Every mobile has different accessories .

Therefore, keep maximum types of mobile accessories in the shop . Along with this, also keep in mind that which company's mobile is running more in the market. Apart from this, keep information about new mobile launches and maintain its accessories .

4)  You can keep all these accessories in your shop for Mobile Accessories Business-

Mobile Back Cover
Mobile Cover
Mobile Case
Tempered Glass
Mobile Charger
USB Cable
OTG Cable
Mobile Display
Mobile Power Bank
Wireless Charger
Mobile Leather Case
Selfie Stick
Memory Card
Mobile Battery
Mobile Repairing Tools
Mobile Repairing Part etc...

How Much Will the Mobile Accessories Business Cost

Talking about the cost for the mobile accessories business , first of all it will cost to take a shop, which you can also take on rent. For which the Shop Owner can take some Security Money from you. How much this cost will depend on the area. Every area is different.

After this, you will have to do decoration and furniture work , for which you can take up to 20,000 for 100 sq. After this you can keep a good collection of Mobile Accessories by putting 40 to 50 thousand . If your budget is less, then you start your business according to your budget and then gradually move it forward.

How much will you earn ?

I had told about the Ladies Garment Business in the previous post where I had told that there can be a margin of up to 100% in the clothing business . So understand that according to the margin, the mobile accessories business is also the same. In this business also you can get margin up to 100% . I myself have seen this business very closely. so let me give you an example

A charger comes from Robotech company, which is 2.4 amps, which charges all types of Android phones. The wholesale price of this charger is 160 to 165 rupees, but in the market these chargers are easily sold for up to 300. Similarly, most of the accessories are sold by this margin. So you can understand how much profit can be made in this business.

Why are there more opportunities in this business

There are more opportunities in the Mobile Accessories business because the mobile user is growing very fast day by day. And mobile is an electronic item. Which also keeps getting bad and more people get it made when the mobile gets damaged. Or if someone buys a new mobile then he has to take some accessories like back cover, tempered glass etc. Accordingly, the chances of success of this business are high.

Where to buy Mobile Accessories cheaply (Wholesale) to start your business

Friends , the largest wholesale market of mobile  accessories in India is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, here you will get mobile accessories very easily at a very cheap price. Address – (Manish Market, Unit 2, Ramabai Ambedkar Marg, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Area, Fort, Mumbai, 40000l Maharashtra)

Mobile Accessories Business opportunity in India.How to start cell phone Accessories Business.Know profits and Investment details.

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