Mobile Phone Repairing Business,How to Start? Skill,Profit and Cost

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Mobile phone repairing business which is going to be very successful in the coming years.

By the way, in this dazzling world, no person is free, if someone does a job, then someone's business is going on, but if you do not get success in that business, then how will you feel, you are working hard in your mobile phone repair business. But you are not getting success or you are trying to start a new mobile business.

But are not able to think from where to start it and how to start it, so wait your search ends here, today we are going to tell you how you can give a new flight to your business. And apart from this, what things are very important for you to take care of, then let's read this article in which you will get complete information related to mobile phone repairing business.

How to start mobile repairing business?

Friends, you should be fully aware of the work you want to do or the field in which you want to make your career. For this, first of all you should understand about mobile repairing business, take experience. For this, you can first take training as a freelancer at any other mobile repairing shop. When you get this work done well, then you can start your work again.

There are many institutes that teach these courses in 2 or 3 months. If you go there and do this course then it will be very good for your business. You can choose government or private institute or ITI institute according to you. The certificate given in this can be of 3 months, 6 months or up to one year.

Know about the tools and equipments that come in mobile repairing. Find out what equipment you will need initially and buy them at the right price, both online or offline. Initially, start this work yourself in a shop and when your business starts growing then you can hire a helper.

What is the work in mobile repairing business

The main work in this is to correct the touch screen, installing Gorilla Glass, faulty charge pin, breakage of the screen, damage to the sound card, etc. With this, you can earn a lot of money by selling mobile covers, chargers, gorilla glasses, headphones as well. You can buy spare parts of mobile in bulk and then use it in repairing and earn a lot of profit.

1. Selection of suitable place:-

If you want to take this business to a different heights, then mainly before starting it, choose the right place. In today's digital world, every person keeps a mobile with him and before leaving home, he searches the complete information of any shop or service provider on Google Map.

Therefore, start this business in a certain and very crowded area as far as the common customer can easily reach, apart from this, if you are able to provide the facility of home delivery along with it, then this can also be done in your business. Don't forget to try it in your business if you add it to your business then the reach of your customers will easily increase to you and the business will reach the heights easily

2. Have Skilled Technician

Your business will not run by just the right choice of place, you need a skilled technician, who can repair the mobile phones of your customers, finding a skilled technician in the business of mobile phone repair is the most difficult task in this business, often the technician is more Keep changing jobs from one place to another for salary 

That's why it is necessary that you have a technician available in backup so that your business does not stop in the middle, if you do not keep a good technician, then you will have a customer once but that customer will not come again, so having skilled technicians is very important.

3.Kept all spare parts

Now after the selection of the site and the search of the technician, it comes to the spare parts. There is also a technician, but even if there is no spare parts, no one's mobile can be repaired It is very important to always have spare parts available with you in proper quantity according to your business, so that you will be able to fix the customer's phone as soon as possible and he will appreciate your work in his friends so that your business will be appreciated. There will also be promotion and in this way you will be able to attract more customers to yourself.

4 Quick Service

In today's modern and fast world, no person can stay away from his mobile phone for long, as soon as you repair the customer's phone and give it back, he will be as happy and will always come to you in himself and in his home. Regarding anyone's mobile problem, this will increase your customer base and your business will also increase, so in your business, definitely take care of how your service is and whether the customer is satisfied with your work or not.

5. Automation

From electricity bill to food delivery, everything is automated, you can always see in your phone where your food has reached, how long will it take, if you can tell your customer online in mobile repair. Your business will shine overnight, if you give such facilities to your customers, then customers will be more attracted to you than to come to any other shops

7. Marketing

In this digital age, it is very important that you promote your business, you can do this from any social media, you can also do it by creating an online Facebook page, it will not cost any amount from your pocket, the best marketing method is that you are from one person to another 

When you start your business, at that time you can repair the phone of your friends cheaply so that they will be happy to promote your business with other people. will be attracted towards you and it will prove beneficial for you

8. Feedback

This is an important part of any business, after all, take feedback from the customer, improve your service and improve it so that you can increase your customer base. and will be able to get information about the good 

Will it cost so much?

To start the business of mobile repairing, the cost is not high, it depends on the business of that trader, at what level he wants to run it, if he wants to start the repair work alone, then he has to start this business. Only a few thousand rupees will be required, whereas if he wants to do front sales along with repairing, then he may have to invest a little big amount in this business.

Mobile Repairing Business Disadvantages Fewer Advantages Many

If this business is started by a trader, then you can open a shop in mobile repairing business at a low cost and you will also get the equipment used in repairing cheaply. This business opens within 50 thousand. In this, you do not even need any major degree, just you should have knowledge of the hardware and software of the mobile. If you are computer savvy, then you can earn a lot of money by doing software update, custom ROM and rooting in mobile. Overall, this is a business in which the profit is very high and the cost is very less. And on the increasing number of mobile users, this business will never decrease, but it will continue to grow day by day, so there is no possibility of any loss in this while the profit potential is 100%.

The act of selling and buying old mobiles

Friends, there are many people in this world who are fond of taking the updated version of the phone. Or there are many people who sell the phone at a cheap price when there is a slight defect in the phone. You can buy this phone from such people and by spending a little bit you can sell the same phone to other customers with good profit. You will not believe but this business can also give you a profit of thousands of rupees every month.

Friends, hope that you have liked the article related to mobile repairing business, in which you know how you can start this business in less time and in less time and become a successful businessman. How you can earn money in other ways than mobile repairing. From where you can do mobile repairing course and get certificate.

Hope you have got all the fine details related to this field and with these information you can start the work of successful mobile repairing business. Keep visiting our website from time to time for such informative blogs.

Learn how to start Mobile Phone Repairing Business in india.Know the basic skill required,investment and business profit details.

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