Mobile Recharge Business and Sim Card Selling Business Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Mobile Recharge Business Plan - Full Guide

Today, through this article, we are going to introduce you to a business that you can start at low cost and establish your image as a successful person in the future. The name of this business is mobile recharge and sim card selling.

This is such a business that you can get to see it in every street corner. In this era of telecommunications, mobile phones are seen in everyone's hands and most of these consumers are prepaid cards which have to be recharged again and again. This is a business that can be sustainable in a short time and a single person can easily run it. The biggest thing is that no special technical knowledge is required in this.

To give complete information about this topic, the topic has been divided into two parts, one is the business of SIM card selling and the other is the business of mobile recharge.

Mobile recharge business

This is also a similar business that is related to phones. To take advantage of the facility of whatever SIM has been purchased by the people, they have to put money in the SIM from time to time, which is known as mobile recharge. Only after getting recharged one can enjoy internet, calling facility, message, ringtone etc.

Low investment in mobile recharge

Mobile recharge is a business that can be started with very little cost. In the beginning, this work can be started with only five to six thousand, with the help of which a person can earn a great income in no time. Mainly the work of mobile recharge is done in four ways.

This is how mobile recharge works !

To do mobile recharge  business , first you have to connect with those people who provide recharge facility to the people. But the thing to note is that from which provider you are doing the recharge. Today there are many people in the market who are working as mobile recharge services provider. But you only contact people who are trustworthy. For this, you can also check some providers online and you can also see the feedback of common people about their work online.  

In which plan should you work?

Retailer Plan – You can start business as retailer plan for mobile recharge. For this, you have to spend only Rs 299, in which the provider provides you the service of mobile recharge, DTH, data card recharge etc. This work is also completely commission based. The bigger the plan you recharge, the more profit the company gives you. For example, if you have put a balance of Rs 1000 in the company, then the company gives you a balance of Rs 1030.

Distributor Plan – Under this plan, you can join the company by paying Rs 9999 to them. In this plan, the company gives you a benefit of 3.5 percent. By which you become eligible for any type of recharge. In this category, if you have put a balance of Rs 1000 from the provider, then he will give you a balance of 1035.

Master Distributor Plan – This is a plan in which the company gives you a profit of four percent. To join this plan, a person has to pay Rs 15999, so that you are able to get connected with the company. If you recharge 1000 rupees from the provider, then the provider gives a balance of 1040 rupees.

Best place for mobile recharge business

This business can be done at any place, whether it is a rural area or you can also have a shop in any area in the city. But if you do this business near a society or where most of the population lives, then you will get more benefit from it.


Advertising is very important for mobile recharge business because the more attractive offers related to recharge posters in your shop, the more customers will be able to connect with you. Various companies give you information about offers for advertising,  from which you will always have to be updated, only then you will be able to connect customers with your business.


With the work of mobile recharge, you can earn about 10,000 to 15,000 thousand in a month and can also secure yourself financially in the future.

2) SIM card selling business

What is SIM card selling business?

Small sim used in your phone or dongle etc., which are of different networks like jio, airtel, bsnl etc., which people take from shops. The business of selling the SIMs of these networks is called SIM card selling business.

Know how to start SIM card selling business?

To start SIM card selling business, you have to come in contact with various companies. They have to give all the proper information related to their work. For this, you will have to interact with the employees of all the companies yourself in the beginning. After which he will make you aware of the rules and regulations related to his company. Also you will become a member of that company without any problem.

These conditions have to be fulfilled

After becoming a member of the company, the employees there will ask you to complete some paperwork and you may also have to answer some common questions. During the paperwork, you have to fulfill the following conditions such as:-

The person doing business must be from India and he should have general knowledge of Hindi and English language along with local language. Also, the most important condition is that there should not be any legal action against the person, if the person is in the grip of any kind of illegal case, then he cannot do the business of selling SIM card.

After filling the form, you will also be asked about your educational qualification. To do the business of selling SIM cards, it is advisable for a person to have at least twelfth pass and maximum graduation education. It is mandatory for the applicant to pass during his education and not to have good marks.

After doing all the formal proceedings, you are all set to sell the SIM. Now the question arises that what is the proper place for business. By the way, you can do this work in any small shop or even in your home, but there are some places which are perfectly suitable for this, such as outside the college or in the local market or even near a park where a shop can be opened where It is enough for people to come and go.

Also, put up posters etc. related to whichever company you are selling the SIM, on which the offers given by the company should be the center of attraction.

SIM card selling is a business that is based on all commission, whichever company you sell the SIM to the customers, the company gives you some percentage commission for that. This can be easily understood with an example like if you have sold the SIM of any company for 100 rupees, then the company will give you 5 percent commission for that. In such a situation, the number of companies whose SIM you sell, the company will give you that much profit. Along with working in this process, you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand in a few months.

In this way, with a small step, you can grow into a big business, which can give you financial security and respect.

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