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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to open Mobile Shop Business ? (How to start Smartphone Business)

Day by day new Smartphones are entering the market and people want to buy a new phone by changing their old Smartphone. If someone has a damaged smartphone then he needs a new phone. There are about 400 million Smartphone users in India which are increasing day by day and it is estimated that by 2022 their figure will cross 65 crores.

Looking at the demand and sales of mobiles, doing business of a mobile phone can be very beneficial. If you want to open your mobile shop then this post is going to be very beneficial for you because today in this post we are going to tell how to open mobile shop. Here we will tell you some such tips that you can follow to open a mobile shop.

What is a mobile shop?

A mobile shop is a shop where many problems related to a person's mobile are solved. You can also keep accessories connected to the mobile in the shop, which includes mobile charger, data only, earphones, back cover, screen glasses etc. All these items are called mobile accessories, along with all types of SIMs in the mobile shop. Recharge etc. is also available, arrangements for mobile repair etc. also remain in some mobile shops. 

What is the future of mobile shop business?

If you look at the future prospects of mobile shop business, then it looks good. There are some reasons behind this. Today, India is the second largest country using mobile phones in the whole world. It can be guessed from the fact that China comes at number one. It is that today the reach of mobile phones has reached many people.

Now this question may also be arising in your mind that when everyone has a mobile phone then who will come to buy new phones, and how will the business go, it is not a matter of whether everyone has a phone today or not. Everyone has got used to the mobile phone without it, no one can imagine life, although there is no relation between life and mobile phone, yet it is a major part of people's life now you also know that today mobile phone Most of the new inventions are happening in the field of phone, every day some phone is being launched, that too with some new technology.

That's why today no one wants to run their phone for more than 1 year because by then a better new phone comes in the market, and people start getting attracted towards that new phone, but now it is important to understand that people use the phone. They do not keep it only for fulfilling their needs, but they keep it for their hobby, this is the reason why people become the basis of mobile shop business.

What is needed for mobile shop business ?

First of all, to start a mobile business, it is necessary to take the license you have to take for an electronic store. You can apply online to get it. After this you will need a shop to sell mobiles. But remember this shop should be in your running market.

Along with this, you need to make tables in the furniture, counters for you, glass boxes to keep the phone safe, etc. You will now need the goods of the mobile, whichever company you want to sell. Along with this, you will also need a computer for your calculations etc. If you buy this then it is good.

Apart from this, you should also install a CCTV camera so that the security of your mobile shop remains. You will also have to hire one or two workers according to your work and to tell the customers mobile and to consult in a better way. After all these arrangements you can start work.

Investment for Mobile Business – Investment for Mobile Shop Business

To estimate the cost of mobile shop business, we have to divide the expenditure into different parts, before that one thing must be kept in mind, never start your shop by keeping the same half incomplete, it will cause you a lot of loss. Also you can lose many customers

When the customer comes when the goods are incomplete and he does not get the goods he needs, then there is a feeling in his mind that all the goods are not available in this mobile shop, after that no matter how big your shop may be, he The customer will definitely think before visiting your shop again

Now let's talk about the total cost, then it may cost you about 30 to 35 thousand rupees in the manufacture of furniture etc. It may also cost around 40 to 50 thousand.

We simply tell you in simple words that if you want to start a mobile shop, then you have to invest 4 to 5 lakh rupees. If you are not able to arrange for this, then you also get a loan from the bank at a low interest rate. Apart from this, the company whose mobile you want to sell also helps you for mobile business.

Which company is good to sell mobiles ?

In selling, you can sell any type of mobile. Which can have Chinese and brand mobiles. But it would be better if you sell good brand mobiles. You SAMSUNG, MI, NOKIA, JIO, MOTOROLO, SONY, OPPO, VIVO  is such that even the best companies to keep their mobile more. Because it is important to keep only such mobiles which have more sales.

If you want that you want to sell mobiles of only one company, then you can contact the related company for this. Apart from this, there are many such mobiles which are sold only online, so you can also sell them.

How to Increase Sales of Mobile Shop ?

To increase the sale of mobile, put posters and advertisements of any brand of mobile you sell outside your shop. Along with this, you can sell mobiles by giving discounts or offers on the occasion of Diwali and festivals. By doing this you will be able to increase the sales of your mobile.

Along with this, you can keep all types of recharge which you can easily do online. Apart from this, you can also do mobile repair work together. For this you hire a repairer. Starting the work of mobile repair together will increase sales.

Also you provide good service to customers. Give them the bill by giving proper information about the warranty or guarantee etc. By taking care of all these things, your customers will be satisfied with you and will like to buy mobiles from you.

What is the location for opening a mobile shop?

When it comes to the location of the mobile shop, then many things have to be taken care of here, for example, if you start your shop in an area where the financial condition of the people is not so good that they can change the mobile phone. , then your sales will be less, so the location should be chosen very carefully, the location should be such, where there is more movement of people as well as people understand the importance of technology. 

Along with this, if you have your own land, then you can build a shop there, but in most places it is seen that mobile shops are mostly opened on rent, the reason for this is that in rental shops, you can choose the location of your choice. You can choose the one that is best for your business and whenever you want to change the location of the mobile shop, that is also very easy.

To start a mobile shop business, a room of 10 by 15 square feet is fine, after that it is the turn of the decoration of your shop, in which you can get some important things like good chairs, a good furniture, AC etc. Is 

Use Glass Furniture for Mobile Shop

You must have seen Glass Counter in many stores. Before opening the shop, you have to make a glass counter in which you will keep the mobile phone. You will also have to make wall furniture which has glass in its front. You have to keep a computer system or laptop and a printer on the counter. So that you can print the bill to the customer and give it.

Looking for distributor for mobile shop

If there is a most important link in a mobile shop, then that is the relationship with the distributor, after the basic things of your business are completed, you will need the same for your shop, for your same need, you will have to find a distributor, which will help you. Make good phones available at cheap price

Distributor has an important role in mobile shop business, never let a good distributor go out of hand, after that you have to keep these phones in your shop in such a way that it feels good to look at it and also keep in mind that all Phones must come in the eyes of the customer, for this you can use more and more transparent things

How to market mobile shop business ?

To make your mobile shop business successful, it is also necessary to do a successful marketing, in today's time the competition has increased a lot, so whenever you start any business, then you should definitely invest something in its marketing in your mobile shop shop. You can also promote in many ways

Just like you can get the paper printed and distributed with it, today is the age of technology, you can use many new technology for your business, which includes facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp etc. With this you can join the Fm channel of your city. You can also promote things related to your business, the more and more people your business reaches, the more your chances of increasing your customers also increase.

Open Mobile Repairing Center with Mobile Shop

If you are opening a mobile shop, make sure to open a mobile repairing center along with it. With this, your customer will not have to go anywhere else for service if the mobile is damaged. For this you will need two people in your shop. One is the repairer who will repair the mobile and one who will sit at the counter and deal with the people. You can hire a staff to do mobile repairs. If you want, you can give him a monthly salary or keep it on commission.

Provide finance facility

There are many people who want to get a new Smartphone but they do not have full money. They want to pay the rest of their money in installments. In such a situation, if you provide the facility of finance for mobile, then there will be convenience for the customers. After purchasing the phone, installments will be deducted from the customers' bank. Another plus point of finance is that people also like to take an expensive Smartphone according to their hobby, because they do not have to pay all the money at once. If you provide the facility of Mobile Finance, then more phones will be sold from your shop and you will also have more profit.

Select the right Brand and Products

Market research is essential before starting any business. It is necessary for you to know which brand of Smartphone is used more in the market. Keep the range of Value for Money Smartphone as much as you can. You can keep products like newly launched and better brands in your mobile shop. If you provide the right mobile phone to the people in the market, then after a few days your mobile shop will be running and you will also be able to earn good earning.

Provide mobile related products

You also make sure to provide other things like Mobile Cover, Earphone, Screen Protector Glass, Data Cable, Charger etc for your customers. With this, your customers will not have to go to any other shops and customers will keep coming to your shop even for small things. One thing should be kept in mind that customers like to shop only where everything they need is available. If you are just providing the phone and if the next shopper also has other things available then the customer will prefer to buy from that next shop.

How much profit will be made in the month from Mobile shop 

In the mobile business, you will have less profit in the beginning. But when your business starts running well in few months then you start getting good profits. Before knowing the earnings of the month, you need to know that how much profit is there in selling mobile and other goods.

If you sell a company's charger, then you get a profit of Rs 100 in it, you can make a profit of Rs 1500 to 2000 by selling a smartphone, this earning can be up to 150 in the battery, you can easily earn Rs 100 in the mobile cover. Can be 100% profit in local charger, it can be up to Rs 30 in SIM

In mobile data cable, this earning can easily range from 70 to 80 rupees, in this way if all extra expenses are removed, then you can earn up to Rs 40000 a month from mobile shop business, after that the profit depends on the number of mobiles that you have. How many price mobiles do you sell?


Here I told how to open a mobile shop or start a mobile phone business. If you liked this information told by me, then share it on social media and if you have any question then tell us by commenting.

Learn how to start Mobile Shop Business in India.Know mobile shop business opportunity,marketing strategy investment and profit details.

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