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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

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Mobile Phones-"No longer used only as a means of communication"

Mobile Store Franchise

It is true that the above statement is not just used as a source of communication for today's mobile phones, but as a status symbol for society. In addition to this, people are ready to buy the latest mobile phones regardless of price. This also led to the emergence of new, state-of-the-art mobile phones.

Huge market demand for India's mobile sector

India's mobile sector is growing significantly compared to other sectors. One of the main reasons for this growth is the increase in income that leads to an increase in people's consumption power. Therefore, the mobile sector is seen as a new area of ​​franchise business opportunities through franchising. In addition, many foreign mobile retailers are entering the Indian market through franchises as the government encourages foreign investors to set up offices in India. In addition, domestic mobile retailers are adopting franchise routes to expand their operations in a variety of other large and small cities.

Franchises have many benefits, including: Properly secured, there is no dead stock, goodwill of the company remains intact, and it has proven to be more profitable than start-up businesses. In addition, by identifying the benefits of various franchises, local businesses are also choosing franchise routes to grow their business.

Mobile Sector Franchise-Bright Future

The mobile franchise is not a one-time service, but a relationship between the customer and the mobile store franchise. Once a customer purchases a handset, they still need support. Therefore, franchisees play an important role in providing after-sales support services for purchased mobile phones. Therefore, both franchisors and franchisees are an integral part of the franchise model.

The prominent players in India are:

1) Mobile magic:

When the world began to benefit from the mobile revolution, three young people in Nagpur thought about establishing a large retail chain of mobile phones and accessories. But the concept was new and people were hesitant to accept the idea. Nevertheless, they have moved forward and started Mobile Magic. This is the largest and fastest growing chain of mobile phone and accessory retailers. It is a one-stop shop that brings together the mobile world. The first store opened in Nagpur in July 2004 and successfully operated the first store. The company has decided to expand its business nationwide. Today, Mobile Magic is India's largest chain of franchised mobile retailers.

2) MobileNXT Teleservices Private Limited:

It is one of the first and broadest retail chain to offer mobile phones, connectivity, operator services, value-added services, accessories, replacements, and after-sales services. MobileNXT is headquartered in Bangalore and currently has stores in Armadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Hubli, Hyderabad, Colkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Manipal, Mysore and Salem. Covers all regions of India.
3) Mobile store:

It is part of the Essar and Virgin Mobile Group. The mobile store format is a one-stop mobile solution shop that offers multi-brand mobile, accessories, connections, repairs, value-added services and more. Mobile Store is India's first national chain of multi-brand and multi-service telecom outlets. The mobile store caters to Indian consumers and offers the widest and most comprehensive mobile phones with special offers from all major brands available worldwide.

Big boom in mobile industry

The huge market demand in India's mobile sector shows great potential in the field of mobile franchises. Today, Indians are ready to follow foreigners in terms of mobile market share.

India's mobile sector is slowly moving towards becoming the next booming industry. In addition, the mobile sector is expected to generate more production, which has proven to be a profitable franchise business in the coming years. As a result, franchisees can reduce their investment and get high returns.

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