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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Mobile Tower Installation: How To Apply And Start Earning Money

In the present era mobiles have become a part of every person's life. Without mobile, we cannot walk a step in our life, whether it is the field of entertainment, market, hotel, office, business, whether it is to travel. There is mobile use everywhere. In all places, be it village or city, country or abroad, it is used everywhere.

But somewhere the mobile does not work properly because there is no suitable network at that place. To overcome this problem, every mobile company installs towers for the betterment of their network. If there is no good network in your area. So you can also install mobile tower on your land. This will give you a fixed income. You can also get income from barren land. You can earn good money in the form of incentives from cell phone companies.

It is important that whether a mobile tower is needed at a particular place or not, it is decided by the telecom company itself. Telecom companies decide the location on the basis of RF (Radio Frequency) opinion. And she selects the place on the basis of RF's suggestion pariyam. They locate the place where the tower is needed. And they approach the owner of that property to install a tower on the roof of the tallest building in that area.

It is clear that you do not have to approach anyone to install a mobile tower on your property. If you are right in view of RF for mobile tower / coverage on your property then these private companies will contact you to install the tower. There are also some websites where private companies have given this facility that people can enter their property details on them. Or there are some mobile companies through which you can request for renting out your property.

How to install mobile tower?

If the signal comes less in your area, it does not come at all, then you can apply for installing a mobile tower, our brothers who want to install a mobile tower, who have a vacant space, which is of no use but Those people do not have the right information, due to which there is difficulty in getting those people mobile tower installed. 

Today I will give correct information to the people that how you can use your free space properly and earn some money. Nowadays many mobile companies have come in the market like Airtel AIRTEL, Vodafone VODAFONE, BSNL BSNL, JIO JIO, DOCOMO DOCOMO, IDEA IDEA  You cannot contract all these companies to install mobile towers, for mobile installation there are other third party (3rd party) companies that install mobile towers, you have to go to their website and fill up the online form Have to give information and tell your area

Hhow to apply for mobile tower installation ?

Today there are many such companies in India who do the work of installing mobile towers, but increasing fraud cases force every company to be suspicious, so if you trust those companies for all this work, then a famous, It is an old and established company because most of the companies either turn out to be fake, or are not able to do the work properly, so among many companies, we have selected three such companies, which are not only famous in this field, but also the old ones. is one of the companies

Below, I am telling you about some private companies that do mobile tower installation, you just have to go to their website and upload your details.

Indus Tower is the largest company in this area, its offices are spread all over the country. Its headquarter is in Gurgaon.
Talking about Bharti infratel limited , it is one of the old company in this area, it was established in 1976 by Bharti Mittal along with his brothers. Together,
ATC Tower is known as Ameriacan Tower Corporation, it is a big company in America, this company has a good influence in India too, towers can be installed by this company

Necessary rules for mobile tower installation that the company has set 

Everything has rules. There are also some rules for installing towers. To know how to install a mobile tower, it is important to know its rules.

1) If there is a hospital around your house, then you cannot install a mobile tower, mobile tower cannot be installed within 100 meters of the hospital.

2) You can also install mobile tower on the roof of your house, but for this it is necessary to have 500 square feet space in the roof of your house, only then any telecom company can install this tower in the roof of your house.

3) If there is already an empty plot lying in your house, then you can install a mobile tower in it too, the necessary condition for this is that the plot should be 2000 square feet.

4) Whatever building the tower is to be installed on this building, it should be 5 storeyed.

5) Wherever the tower is being installed, it should be at least 30 to 70 meters away from the surrounding houses.

6) If the people around you object by installing a tower, then you cannot get the tower installed on it, it is necessary to have the consent of everyone.

7)  If you want to install mobile tower in any village, then it is mandatory for you to have a space of 2000 square feet.

Similarly, there are some other rules which you will easily find in the website of the telecom company and if you violate this rule then you may also have to pay a fine. Before installing the mobile tower, you must know about all these important rules. 

What documents are required to install a mobile tower?

If any telecom company installs a tower at your home, then at that time it sees some important documents, only after having all the documents, the tower is installed.

Structural Certificate –  This is such a certificate, then it shows the strength of any building, whenever a tower is installed on the roof of a house or building, etc., it is kept in mind that that house or building bears the weight of that tower. Whether it is capable of being tolerated or not, thus this certificate attests that

No Objection Certificate –  Whenever a tower is installed inside the property on someone's side, the telecom companies demand NOC from the owner of that house, only after getting the No Objection Certificate, the further work proceeds.

NOC of Municipal Office –  You will also need a NOC from the Municipal Office of your city, this NOC will have to be obtained by the tower installer

Contract –  A contract is made between you and the company before the tower is installed, in which the owner of the house has to sign his

How much do you have to invest in installing a mobile tower?

You do not need to pay a single penny to install a mobile tower, it is just a rumor, you are giving your land, that is also like a money, so you should think that you are giving your land too, Then why would you give money? This is absolutely a fraud case, if you ask for money in return for installing the tower, then you can take legal help against that person.

How much profit can you make from mobile tower installation? 

Hello friends, if you have a good land, house plot and you follow the entire rules of the company, then the income from it depends on many things like if you install towers in urban areas, then you will have to pay for it differently. You will get the same, if you get this tower installed in rural area, then you will get money according to some different but if you look at the total tax, you can get 8000 to 50,000 rupees every month by installing mobile tower and this rate is not fixed if If your place is good, then the company can give you more money than this, so what are you thinking, if you have vacant land, then take advantage of it immediately.

How to Contact?

The best way for companies to rent your property for installation is to contact them directly. There are many options available on the web like Indus Tower, Bharti Infratel, Viom Retail, American Tower Corporation are responsible for tower development programs in many countries.

You can explore more options on the Government of India website, where you can share your property details and invite the company for inspection. Companies will contact you only if they find your property suitable according to their radio frequency analysis. After the site gets a green chit, certain MoU forms are signed, and then the property is offered to various telecom service providers.

What are the benefits of installing a mobile tower?

In today's inflationary era, every person thinks that he should have the means to get maximum income, he also tries many ways for that. He does a part time job, or does a business with a job, if you have a lot of space, which is not being used, then you can make money from that empty space, you just have to live in your home. You will have to apply for installing a mobile tower, after that you can get a certain amount of money every month, for this you will not even need to do any work.

Important information to avoid fraud in the name of mobile tower installation

This is a very important information, if you are thinking of getting a tower installed, then also know all this that a lot of deception is being given to the public in the name of tower installation, there are many such companies in the market which show you fake documents. Will tell you to deposit money and after getting the money, it will disappear from your sight.

Today, many such incidents are being heard all over the country that people are being cheated in the name of telecom company's towers, they are being charged money by asking them to install mobile towers, but it has become a completely wrong concept that mobile towers are being installed. In the name of companies, do not demand money in advance, remember one thing that wherever the work is being done properly, there is no rush of money, the same telecom companies do, they never ask for money in advance. So if you ever come across such an incident, then you should contact the police, and give information about the whole incident.

If any person demands money from you in the name of mobile installation, then you can immediately complain to the police station because mobile tower installation is absolutely free, if the company likes your area, then it will send its own team. The complete installation work will be done, you just have to go to the above given website and submit the form file. Thank you.

Mobile Tower Installation Guide.Learn how to apply to install Mobile tower in your land.Earn money passive - Step by step process.

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