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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Mug Printing Business Plan

How to start T-Shirt / Mug Printing Business – If you are also looking for a new business, then you can start T-shirt and mug printing business, this business can give good profits at low cost. It is also very easy to start this business.

If this business is done in the city then it is more likely to run because the people of the city always follow the new trend and if you are also successful in creating your own trend then you will be able to run this business. So let's know how to start T-shirt and mug printing business.

Location Selection for T-Shirt / Mug Printing Business

The space required in this business is very less because with a small machine you can start printing on T-shirts and mugs. But keep in mind that this place should be near the city, it is not known whether this business will be able to run in villages etc. At the starting door, you can start this printing business from your home also, for this you will need a room in your house where you can set up the machine properly.

Machine Requirement for T-Shirt/Mug Printing Business

To start your printing business, you need some machine which you will have to buy when you have selected the place. After the selection of the place, you will have to buy the equipment related to this business, which you can buy online and offline from anywhere.

The equipments involved are as follows

A computer which will cost from 15 to 20 thousand  a sublimation printer it will get you comfortably from 9 to 10 thousand
a printing machine it can get you from 14 to 15 thousand  photo shop software for graphic design its free crack version You can also use it, then you can also buy it, its price is available from 5 to 6 thousand. When you have all these machines available you will need something similar for the next step of printing.

Required for printing

For printing you will need sublimation paper, Teflon sheet and plain t-shirt, plain mug . Sublimation paper is easily available in the market, its price can range from 5 to 7 rupees, it is used to engrave the design, so remember that you are going to need a lot of sublimation paper .

At the same time, the price of Teflon sheet may vary according to its length in the market. Apart from this, you will easily get plain t-shirt in the market for Rs 70-80. If you can't find it, try to find it and buy it at the lowest price.

How to make design on tshirt ?

Now that you have all the necessary things to make a design, then you can start printing. First of all, with the help of Photoshop software in the computer, you have  to create the design that you want to print on the T-shirt. Once the design is ready, you have to print that design on the sublimation paper .

After this the printing machine is started, after starting the T-shirt is placed in front of the machine and the sublimation paper is placed on top of it where the print is to be taken . After this the tshirt is pressed with the machine for some time the machine is kept in the same state then after 30-40 seconds the machine is removed and the upper part of the sublimation paper is removed from the top of the tshirt and our tshirt is ready with print It becomes

How to make design on mug ?

It is also very easy to make a design on a mug, it can be done by anyone, once after getting complete information, like we print in T-shirts, similarly it is printed in mugs too.

1) First of all you have to prepare the design through software in your computer which design you want to print in mug

2) After the design is ready, we save its JPG file on our computer. 

3) After this, you have to print through the sublimation printer, which remains a mirror image, when we print in the mug, it goes straight.

4) When the design is printed on the sublimation paper, then the sublimation paper is wrapped around the mug and the mug is affixed with the sublimation tape.

5) After this, the mug printing machine is turned on and left for a while, when the machine becomes hot, then the mug is kept in the machine and pressed, after pressing for a while, the mug is removed and the design on the mug gets printed

Profits/Costs in T-Shirt/Mug Printing Business

A total of 50,000 – 70000 can be spent in starting this, but if you do it correctly, then you can easily earn 30 to 40 thousand in it. Your cost to print a t shirt is only 10 to 12 rupees and a plain t shirt you will get 70 to 80 rupees in the market i.e. the cost is 90 to 95 rupees and you can get it in 150 to 200 rupees can sell

Suppose you sell a T-shirt for Rs 150, if you can sell 100 such T-shirts in a month, then you will earn Rs 15,000 in a month, similarly if you can sell 500 T-shirts per month, then your target of earning 25 to 30 thousand. Will be able to complete

You can also earn a lot of profit from mug printing because printing cost is very work in this, your cost to print a mug is only 7 to 8 rupees and the cost of a plain mug is 70 to 75 rupees ie. Your total cost is 80 to 85 rupees and you can easily sell it for 150 to 220 rupees, if you sell 150 mugs of the month, then you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand mug printing

Mug Printing Business Guide.Learn step by step business process.What is cost ? What is profits? Machine Requirement for T-Shirt/Mug Printing Business

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