How to do Mushroom Cultivation with Little Money

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Mushroom cultivation is becoming very popular in India because it not only fulfills our dietary requirements but it is also a means of earning for those people who do not have much land to cultivate. You can also cultivate mushroom from the comfort of your home.

Mushroom business is going great in India and outside India in today's time, if you are a farmer or you want to start some business then mushroom business is best for you, today we will know how mushroom Cultivation is done, from beginning to last I will give you information in one go

Types of mushrooms

Some species of these, according to scientists at the whole pie more species than 10,000 mushrooms in the world 5 Thus, in our food these are button mushrooms, Paddy Straw, esp mushrooms, drugs mushrooms, Dingri or oysters are mushrooms

But when a person produces it from a commercial point of view, he keeps in mind which type of mushroom is in high demand, as well as which mushroom gives more yield, according to this, there are only three species of mushroom, which give good yield. the button mushroom, Paddy Straw, Dingri or oyster mushrooms can be found the best output from the three kinds of mushrooms

Mushroom cultivation depends on their quantity and season, if you want to cultivate mushroom for 12 months i.e. throughout the year, then milky mushroom will be right for you, but if you want to cultivate mushroom in winter season. So you should cultivate button mushroom, oyster mushroom is cultivated in sunny season i.e. from January to July, you can cultivate mushroom throughout the year and you will get a lot of profit in it. 

What is mushroom business?

Many people have the illusion that a mushroom is a plant, because the same processes are adopted for its production, which are adopted with all other crops, but mushroom is not a plant, but it is very close to the plant. There is a fungus, which is being used in food everywhere today, when any person cultivates mushroom because of the reason that he can produce edible mushroom through it, this is called mushroom farming.

How to start mushroom farming business?

To do mushroom business, first of all it is necessary to have knowledge of all the small things related to mushroom cultivation, such as which method is used for mushroom cultivation, how to do business after mushroom production, your marketing for this. What will be the plans of this business, only after having knowledge of these things, proceed your hands in this business.

How much space is needed for mushroom cultivation

You can start mushroom cultivation from your home, if you have a space of 6 by 6 then you can do mushroom cultivation very easily, you can do mushroom cultivation at your home or if you have any outside. You can also do it in the field, if you want to cultivate mushrooms outside, then you will have to build a small wooden house or any kind of house there because if the sun's rays come directly and read on the mushroom, then the mushroom spoils. It is possible

Investments and materials for mushroom cultivation

If you want to cultivate mushroom, you have to spend at least 10,000 to 20,000, this is a home-starting business, that's why you get all the things around you, that's why the cost is very less. To cultivate mushroom, you will need these few things.

1) instead of 6 by 6
2) paddy straw
3) water spray bottle
4) mushroom seeds

How to start mushroom farming

First of all, you have to buy mushroom seeds from the market, if you want, you can buy this from any farming material shop near you or you can also buy it from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, if there is no such facility available near you. If yes, then you can also buy it online from India Mart, there you will find many mushroom seeds sellers.

Making compost

Compost manure has an important role in mushroom cultivation, you can make compost manure through money or wheat straw, for this you have to take about 1450 liters of water, in which you mix 1.5 kg formalin and 150 grams of Bevstein, add 1 quintal and 50 liters of water. Kilograms soak the chaff, after this this mixture is kept covered for some time, this process is done so that the chaff becomes pure. will not happen

Mushroom sowing

After the straw is ready for the mushroom, the turn comes, before sowing the mushroom, you have to take out the straw soaked in water and spread it in the air, so that the water and moisture present in it gets dried, after that you have to sow its seeds. For this, polythene bags will have to be taken, whose size should be 16 by 18.

First put the straw in these polythene bags, after that sprinkle the mushroom grains, after that once again put a layer of straw on these grains, then sprinkle mushroom grains once on this layer at least have to climb 4 times

In this polythene bag, you have to make holes on both the corners, so that the excess water of the straw can be removed. There is a slight difference in its sowing process, some mushrooms are such that for sowing the straw and the grain of the mushroom are mixed together.

Keep mushrooms out of the air

It is very important to keep the mushrooms out of the air in the beginning, otherwise they can get spoiled due to moisture, to protect them from moisture, keep these bags in a room, where the entry of air is almost prohibited, keeping them in a room for 15 days. Keep that room closed for 15 days, it can be ventilated, so now open the door, as well as arrange a fan in the room, so that these mushrooms can get air after 15 days of mushroom. white color can be seen

Methods of storing mushroom bags

For good yield of mushrooms, it is very important to keep their bags well, it is necessary to maintain them properly, to keep them, you can keep these bags in the room by making a bed of iron etc. Arrangements can also be made to hang them etc.

When should the mushroom crop be harvested?

If we look at the period of maturity of mushroom crop, then it is 30 to 40 years, in this period these plants are ready for harvesting.

Government scheme to start mushroom farming

The government also helps in relation to its cultivation. The government of Haryana has taken good steps for this cultivation. The government has decided to train the farmers for its cultivation. Promotion and dissemination of mushroom cultivation by the Government of India since 2009. It is being done, if you are female then you get 50% subsidy amount, if you are male then you get 40% subsidy amount, you will also get loan from one lakh to ten lakh by the government of India for this. Yes, if you want to take all these benefits and get subsidy then you contact Krishi Vigyan Kendra near you, if you are able to do farming without subsidy then you do not need to do any registration.

Training for mushroom cultivation

If you want to gain experience related to mushroom cultivation, then there are many universities and agriculture-related areas in the country that provide training related to its cultivation, along with more information related to its cultivation, you will also get more information related to its cultivation from the farmer help center of your city. Where you can get all the information related to its cultivation

You are given 14 days of training in Krishi Vigyan Kendra and you are also given a certificate at the end of the training, if after that you want to do farming, then you will get all the information about the facilities of the Government of India through Krishi Vigyan Kendra. is provided and all loan subsidy and document work is done there itself, you can also search online and get information about Krishi Vigyan Kendra near you and contact them and take mushroom training.

How to market mushrooms ?

When our mushroom is ready, now it is the turn to market it, if you want to earn profit, then you have to sell this mushroom, if the mushroom is left with you for more than 7 days, it will get spoiled, so you should get it as soon as possible. To sell, let's know how to market mushrooms

1) you can sell in the city around you
2) two-by Tanika four people you can sell go from village to village through those
three), or by home made pickles and papad of mushroom you shop You can sell at home
4) You can also sell your goods to any big mushroom distributor

How much will be the profit from mushroom farming ?

If seen, you can get a profit of two to three times in mushroom cultivation, if you start mushroom cultivation from your home, then you can earn a profit of 10 to 12 thousand in a month, if you are in a big place. If you do, you can earn a profit of 50 to 70 thousand in a month, there is a lot of profit in mushroom business, the more you work well, now you can earn so much profit, it also depends on your place.

If you liked this information of ours, then definitely share it with your friends and family, if you want to ask something about mushroom cultivation, then you can ask us by commenting below to answer all the questions related to your mushroom farming. 

Learn how to get profit from Mushroom Cultivation.Follow our Mushroom business guide step by step .Mushroom Cultivation profit,cost,how to market all details.

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